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  1. Looking far better than anything I could produce mate!
  2. Another pre-painted game system is one called Monster Apocolypse big monsters destroying buildings what would be more fun for young guys?
  3. Looks pretty good man, only thing I'd recommend would be some washes, just to bring out some of the details and to give some of the armour/weapons the look of being used. They are Orks after all, not exactly known for looking after stuff lol.
  4. The only new models High Elves are getting are the ones that will be in the new intro box. The High Elf range is staying untouched for the foreseeable future as far as I'm aware.
  5. It all depends on the units you takes, a mate of mine recently used Wood Elves in a game and used nothing but driads did pretty well.
  6. Looks pretty cool JoeK, could probably slip it into my Tau army as an Ethereal. Some quality painting there Ersatz, like what you've done with the bases and their front arcs, very smart.
  7. He's quite the delicate little chap isn't he? When the one for my mate arrived I took a quick look at it, almost scared to put it in my car to give to him, despite being wrapped in bubble wrap. lol
  8. Dude! It's a model of a dude! That is just so wrong!
  9. Impressive work there DavidB. It's something I'd never attempt.
  10. They generally expect you to know the core games (40K, fantasy and LotR) pretty well, or at least well enough to cover the basics in an intro game. If you don't know the games to well you may find our self out classed by some of the more experienced gamers in store. Obviously you need to know how to paint but you don't need to be 'eavy Metal standard, as you'll end up having to paint so much stuff your skills will just improve in time anyway (practise practise practise as they say). Staff still get 50% off any GW product, there's even a little button you can click when ordering online that just deducts the cost of your purchase off your next pay cheque. The negative side of it all is that you'll constantly be treated as a creche, you'll never get a weekend of major holiday seasons off and you'll be over worked and underpaid.
  11. Sorry I thought you were talking about highlighting the other colours (reds, greens, blues...), I've no idea how to go about highlighting white.
  12. GW paints should come off in warm water with a bit of elbow grease. Having said that I only clean my pallet (which happens to be a tea cup saucer) with cold water under the tap. Your horse is looking pretty good all things considered, neatness will come with practise. For making highlights I'd suggest (if you have it) using either bleach bone or deneb stone instead of skull white, it'll make the highlights a little softer and not to sharp. That Trygon looks awesome man!
  13. Chances are, you'll get a decent person working in the store and they'll just swap it without any hassle. As for alternative glues, gale force nine do a decent plastic glue, and a pretty good super glue as well with accelerant for instant rock solid glueing. As for the washes, you'd be surprised how well the washes work with different colours. I painted a test model when the washes first came out, painted an empire guy with the foundation paints, ugly little bugger, all sorts of random colours and then applied pretty much all the washes over him, turned out ok. Washes have an amazing power at unifying a model, it's almost scary.
  14. For palettes you can just use a plate (I do) but GW do sell palettes but they're really small, a bit naff and I've been told by ex staff members that they're a real pain in the ass to clean. So I'd either go for a plate or a wall tile of some kind. As for which colour to do for an undercoat, because you've got the foundation paints it doesn't make that much of a difference, as their pigment is no high it'll cover black easily, but if you want to save some time, then a white undercoat for lighter colours is perhaps better. Most of the time though it comes down to personal preference, some people swear by black undercoat, some white. I go choose depending on what colours I'm using. If you ever buy the spray paints though keep in mind that the black does provide a smoother finish than the white but as has been said, it is harder to see details with the black. Returns: They won't take the glue back if you say it was part of the painting set as they'd have to take the whole thing back and they can't do that because you've opened it. Without the receipt you'll only be able to get a straight up replacement or store credit (voucher) I believe. That is of course if you happen to get the staff member who follows all the rules like a pillock. Smile, bat your eye lids a bit and you should be fine, maybe mention you have boobs (if the staff member is really young)
  15. The GW plastic glue should be very liquid (as opposed to being more gloopy) the little metal pin should be in the lid, it's just there to try and stop the nozzel from blocking up completely. The foundation paints are a great way of getting a decent base colour before building up with the brighter normal colours. I'd suggest for your next paint purchase to get the wash set, it's a fantastic little set and it won't rob you blind like some of the other stuff in GW. God I sound just like one of them.... BUY THINGS PRETTY LADY! BUY THINGS!
  16. My local GW is open on Monday, so I can only assume that all GW's are open on Monday as well seeing as they're moving towards a centrally controlled, all stores are alike model.
  17. The Harlequins are all metal just so you know but generally speaking if you're just starting out then it doesn't matter what you go for model wise. When you finally decide on what to get first time you'll be looking at an extra £20 or so that'll include a can of undercoat, couple of brushes, glue, and a handful of paints. As has already been said, if you make it clear early on that you just want to paint models and have no interest in the gaming side, then the staff are generally speaking much more easy going.
  18. I've got JoeK's Elf model! *does a little dance* It looks fantastic, and comes with a little certificate of authentication (hand signed and everything). Still it's going to have to wait till I've got my big fancy Tigershark ax1-0 out of the way, painting competition entry and all that.
  19. Am I in the first or second wave JoeK? Just so I know what to tell my friend. It looks awesome by the way, can't wait to get my hands on it.
  20. Them Sanguinian guard chaps looks pretty funky. But end of the day they are just red marines...
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