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  1. Back in the day when GW cared about customer service that was indeed how things worked but since their focus changed to, "how much money can we get out of those money bags?" customer service has gone out of the window. Which is a real shame because GW's customer service was one of it's strong points.
  2. Stealth suits can be really expensive, my squad of five costs 217 points when I field them. But yeah xv8's are a better choice for the fact that they're tougher, have more wounds and can take more weapons. Have to be careful when talking about the stealth suits though, as there are two versions of them, the really old really small metal ones and the new slightly larger plastic ones, personally I really like the look of the plastic ones, but I know quite a few people who prefer the old metal ones. Anyway, broadsides, butt ugly but they do the job well, shame the forgeworld ones are so expensive, otherwise I think everyone would use them.
  3. You'll be wanting a lot of battlesuits to make successful armies, and make sure to take Broadsides instead of Hammerheads.
  4. RE: Grey Knights with Guard allies. As far as I'm aware (a little hazy on the allies section of the Grey Knights and allies) this isn't possible. I believe Grey Knights can take normal space marines as allies but not guard, which makes very little sense. I'm not even sure if Guard can take any allies (outside of doubles tournaments) as part of an official army list, but for just playing with mates and having a laugh you're good to go either way. RE: Guard command/troop choices They've sorted this out with the newest codex, you can just take a command squad as your HQ and two squads of 12 men as your troops I believe, if you take vets then you get two 6 men teams (I think) as troops, or they count as a HQ... can't remember. Either way at the end of the day in order to make a survivable army you'll needs lots of troops, as a 5+ save doesn't get used very much and you'll quickly find your guys back in the box once the game has started. Unless you go for a tank army...
  5. Looks ace man, can't wait to get my version in the post.
  6. Impressive, good consistent red. And a good layout for the models in the photo.
  7. Joek will hopefully back me up on this but dvanced Tau tactica is a rather good GW forum. Granted it's somewhat slanted towards Tau but the level of respect between posters and the accepting attitude to differing views makes it a quality place to visit. It's also rather good for learning about painting and game stratagies. I have to admit that I kinda like the new beastmen stuff, yeah even the minotaurs. I think the biggest gripe people have with them are that the paint job on the display models are abit naff.
  8. Looks pretty good to me and at around a tenner for a resin model I'd say that's a bit of a bargain! Count me in!
  9. I've found that with the staff if you visit the shop often enough then they'll remember who you are and remember that you don't go in for all that over-the-top-let-me-sell-you-things attitude. Of course getting to that stage can be a bit arduous.
  10. They are pretty big though but even for £27 it's a bit much.
  11. Indeed, brother. Prepair the rights of initiation! Demons are about as Chaos as you can get and they have some pretty cool looking stuff. Yeah it's huge and yeah it's £30 but it's a beauty of a model (there's a built model in the cabinet at my local GW) and for the £30 you get the option of making three different types of Trygon: the Trygon, the Trygon Prime and the Mawloc.
  12. They are getting the Hobbit License, staff member told me so today. Also he's not heard anything about GW dropping the Lord of the Rings, citing that last year the LotR stuff out sold both 40k and Fantasy combined. So.... yeah.... guess I'm gonna have to learn it after all... bugger.
  13. It's ok, I won't be one of those crazy Blue shirt guys, I still wear a blue shirt but I'll be, you know, normal.
  14. Cool, one less game to learn when I finally get a job there.
  15. New plastic nids is true, stuff just went up on the website. Some of it looks bad ass.
  16. Looking good man, very smooth paint you've got there.
  17. Sorry mate, can't think of anything. Might be worth trying to find a place that sells purses and stuff (thinking of small money bags) or maybe a jewellers. Otherwise I think the internet is your friend.
  18. One eeasy way of doing shipping is getting some boltgun metal, drybrush it onto a sponge (bear with me here) and then dab it onto the model. It's something they do on tanks to make them weathered but it really works.
  19. Your space wolf guy looks pretty good sweetdaddyg, I'd suggest breaking up the red on the chain sword some, its a bit plain as it is and over bearing.
  20. Oh lord! what have I done!? I've started playing Battle Fleet Gothic! Oh the humanity!
  21. A fucking icicle man! An icicle! looks good man, little bits of snow on the guy really bring it together.
  22. That is a nice looking army and if I was a beardy player I'd be commenting how he's only got 4 Stegadons when you can have 9 in 2000 points... oh crap...
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