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  1. Having a beardy army, or playing with a beardy list is like having a cheese army. Which is to say an army that is very powerful, exploiting lots of rule exceptions and stuff, generally not much fun to play against. I.E.: "I'll take this character because he gives me this and is hard as nails" "I'll use these units because they're hard as nails and with this character become even harder and count as troops!" "Oh look I've only got 10 figures on the board for 1500 points but you'll never kill them all!" For a decent all round straight up army, I'd suggest Lizardmen they're generally pretty hard but not dirty and are relatively easy to work with.
  2. Do you mean good as in to play with or good as in hard as nails and rather beardy?
  3. Some of it looks nice but ultimately, they're just yet more Space Marines. You seen one Marine you've seen 'em all.
  4. Random shot in the dark but did you by chance go into the Loughborough GW store today? I only ask because some guy came in asking about Spacehulk, "It's come and gone" said the manager. But I'm pretty sure they still have a couple of boxes left. Oh and awesome paint job bcofn, yellow is a real bitch to paint from what I've been told.
  5. No problem mate, glad to help. You don't really need anything other than a sharp knife or some clippers but if you want the models to stay in one piece then you'll need some plastic cement glue, just to keep the bits together.
  6. Yeah you're looking at £60~ just for the terminators. My local store (Loughborough) still has copies of Space Hulk, might be worth asking your local gw to get in contact with them. Or, if you're willing to pay a little extra for p+p I'll pick one up for you and send it on. But getting your local gw to get in contact and ask them to re-deploy stock will probably be easier and ultimately cheaper for you.
  7. At the risk of being an outcast, I'll say one word in relation to the whole, "GW costs way too much these days!" thing: Inflation. Think about it, that and nostalgia, and progress. Ok so three words, sue me. Please don't sue me.
  8. ZOMG! I actually beat someone to the punch! This calls for a celebration! Wench, hand me my Games Workshop tools and unmade models!
  9. Forgeworld stuff is also made from resin which is easier to work with (in regards to making moulds) but cost more to make than plastic. Plus it's not an authorised specialist miniature and kit maker, it's a GW sister company, it has it's own pot of funds but all profits and whatnot go into the same kitty as normal GW stuff.
  10. My local GW still has copies, they even shipped a load of space hulk to another store because they sold out, so it's definitely worth checking your local gw store.
  11. Always use the plastic glue for glueing plastic to plastic, as it actually melts the plastic slightly allowing it to then fuse together as it dries making it solid. Super glue will just crumble away after a few days.
  12. I'd go with a normal lamp and a day glow bulb. That Termie looks pretty cool cocky.
  13. The blips go from 1-3. I can't comment on how the rules relate to earlier editions as I've not played them. DavidB that looks great to me, love the little burn details on the space marine. As for thw which wash to use Cocky, I'd go with the red wash, I forget what it's called. Maybe use badab black in the deep crevices to help give it some extra depth.
  14. Start with Mechrite red foundation then build up to the blood red. I'd noticed that SpaceHulk wasn't flying out of the store today, I was surprised to say the least. Still my local GW had a little raffle thing going on (complete the suicide mission and/or buy SpaceHulk to be entered) and I ended up winning first prize which was a squad of 5 metal terminators with lighting claws fully painted. They're very nice. Just got nothing to use them with.
  15. It's mouldy ain't it? Why else would he be so angry?
  16. Damn it! My copy of SpaceHulk arraived today, unfortunately I didn't home from work till about 4 and the post office closed at noon so all I've got at the moment is a note saying someone tried to deliver it today! ARGH!
  17. How much are we talking about here? Or is it just for the pleasure of it?
  18. As far as I'm aware, the rules are largely unchanged, Marines get 4 action points each to move/open doors/shoot/attack/other actions, but you also get up to 6 command points for extra movement/opening doors/shooting/attacking/other actions. Genestealers get 6 action points each. Complete the mission or die trying basically.
  19. lol yeah getting excited now keep watching people play the intro game at my local GW, almost at the stage where I know the game better than the manager, which is a little worrying...
  20. That's an impressive paint job and your freehand is top notch.
  21. They're both looking really good mate, don't give up hope on that Dread!
  22. I know I said it at the other place JoeK but he does look really angry, do you think his giant croissant is perhaps a bit stale?
  23. It maybe that the kit clips together like in the £40 starter sets (Assault on Black Reach, Battle for Skull Pass, Mines of Moria) if so then all you'll need is some clippers (or a craft knife) and a file to remove the mold lines.
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