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  1. I caved! I'm weak! Pre-ordered Space Hulk today at my local GW. The models look great, just a shame I don't have a Marine or Nid army. jonnyalpha, the models will be coloured plastic (as opposed to the usual grey plastic). So the Marines will be red, the Genestealers will be purple etc. If you want to do a really sound job of painting them though, you'll need some paints (personally I'd go with the GW paints, but others prefer Vallejo paints, JoeK just does his own thing ) you'll also need some undercoat spray paint (I'd recomend the GW chaos Black for a nice smooth finish but JoeK swears by skull white) and of course some decent brushes in a range of sizes. There's also the small matter of clippers, plastic glue and files.
  2. It's also on the main uk site now as well. Looks cool just not sure if I can justify £60 for it though, meant to be saving for a new car...
  3. I'm liking the termi there sweetdaddyg, not too keen on the Marine or the skelly but that could just be the photos.
  4. Planetary Empires is what you're referring too as far as I know it's already out. Plus it works with Mighty Empires, it's mainly something to help with campaigns.
  5. lol I like the toilet! It's something you never see in far fetched future!
  6. It's all looking great guys. DavidB: What chapter are you doing your dreadnought for? Or are you just doing your own things? Cocky: Nice use of a limited colour scheme, I'm not sold on the blue in the banner though... Seems to be at odds with everything else, it might just be that it looks like it needs another layer of paint on it. Either way I'd be tempted to do it the same green as the cloaks.
  7. It may not be an amazing array of colours but it still looks sharp and very effective.
  8. As said above the Battle for Skull Pass is a great way to get into the fantasy range with enough pieces for two armies, rules, small bit of background for £40 it's a bargain. For the 40K side you'll want Assault on Black Reach which is much the same as the Skull Pass box, with Marines fighting Orks, again for £40 you're making a massive saving, enough to cough up for a painting starter set.
  9. Not much detail at the moment, so can't say if there's going to be new models or new codex or both. But here's the link anyway: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/...amp;aId=800011a
  10. Just as well, come October they're being re-relased.
  11. Said it at the other place but I'll say it here as well, it looks sweet man, even the fact you've got it resting on a simple black stump.
  12. I've never played it but there is a reasonably sized group at my local GW who play it fairly regularly. Personally I'm waiting for the computer game to come out.
  13. Sure is, even better if you can find someone to trade the Orks with.
  14. Lol yeah the starter box for £40 is a bargain especially now that prices have gone up slightly. You get two full armies, dice, and a rule book for £40, a standard rule book costs £30 by it's self and you're looking at £150~ for each army.
  15. Yeah combat patrol is covered in the 4th ed rulebook. It's basically a game of cat and mouse, one player is protecting a base/vital location/VIP/whatever you like and the other player has to destroy/disable/kill/whatever in order to win. Usually played with a squad of five figures on each side, I think the book said it take about 45 minutes to play.
  16. I was talking to some of the staff at my local GW about the tau stuff at Forgeworld and of course the Manta came up, apparently they've sold, "About 8 when I last asked a few months back" that was about 3 weeks ago. I think it was more of an engineering exercise more than anything, like Concorde or the Veyron, "Can we do this?" moment for GW. As for paint stripping I've heard that brake fluid is pretty good, just have to be careful because if you leave your models (especially the plastic ones) in the brake fluid for too long they go all floppy.
  17. Jesus man, how do you do it? I'm going spare painting up my second squad of Fire Warriors and they've only got a simple paint job.
  18. Yeah some of them have very few social skills. Makes me wonder how they got the job in the first place. Thankfully the lot at my local GW are decent human beings who understand when to leave you alone.
  19. I have heard that the women that work for Games Workshop are smoking hot, is this true?
  20. Ladies (ha!) and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. I am addicted to Tau. Ah that feels better. It doesn't surprise me that Tesco doesn't keep to a set release date, much like with new games. No doubt some low level management person/ grunt saw the new stock of WD and went, "Oooo new stock! Must put on shelf!".
  21. So I sold some Lego on Wednesday and made £120 from it, then headed down to my local Games Workshop to partake in some half-term events, with said £120 in wallet. I wasn't planning on buying anything, seeing as I've got an armies worth of Lizardmen to make, along with a load of custom units and stuff for my Tau. However, that £120 wasn't going to spend it's self, so I ended up buying another box of Fire Warriors (3 squads in total now), a box of Kroot (two squads), a pack of Kroot Hounds (6 in total), another Piranha (3 in total), another Broadside (3 in total) and a box of Warg Riders for a custom unit conversion. Oh and some more PVA glue. All for just shy of £90. all though I was tempted to get Forgeworld stuff. Oh why didn't I just stay at home? Or at least leave the money behind?! I'm so weak!
  22. Looking good JoeK. Really must get around to taking photos of my latest stuff.
  23. Don't go too crazy with the basing on the movement trays, my local GW did some of that and found that the models didn't fit in terribly well afterwards. A coat of rough coat however, makes life much easier, as the trays are very smooth so moving the buggers often means models getting knocked over.
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