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  1. So you may have seen my posts in off topic and things but I create Fuzzballs stuff www.fuzzballs.co.uk The picture above is fairly old now but this is the type of stuff I make and sell, you may have even seen my cards in Scribbler in the before time’s. You can use the code rllmuk to get 10% off every order and I also have a Patreon if you fancy supporting me and getting cute stuff sent to your door every month. Also I’m wondering if this interests anyone here. I’m launching a new site to help small creatives like you lot. I can make shirts, bags, badges, stickers, m
  2. I’m sure this happened to someone else on resetera a whole back and the conclusion was they got through via Sony CS by saying they lost their phone or some other rubbish and blagged their way through the security. Basically doesnt matter how secure your stuff is when someone at Sony will just hand over the keys for you.
  3. Go and read my posts on it. Ultimately I loved the game but it does have some BS sections and also goes on for far to long. Half the game and then a couple of tweaks to checkpoints and enemy placements would have made it an amazing game that I’d want to go back to again and again. As it is it’s a game I adore but probably won’t go back to for a long long time. There is a demo available so I suggest if you want to buy it, give that a try. If you like it you’ll love the main game but be aware it has a few awful spikes when it comes to player enjoyment.
  4. Yeah I can’t understand that, it’s like playing Cod modern warfare vs a world war 2 version. Technically the same but more modern weapons can be more appealing. I do also have the tenth anniversary collection, although I think by the 3rd game it started to get a bit samey, although I heard red alert 3 was a return to form.
  5. I’m surprised this topic wasn’t a little more active. Been playing the original c&c via this and it’s pretty great. The new graphics are perfectly matched and the game is mostly as fun to play as ever. Amazing for a game that came out in what, 95? That always sounds odd to me as it feels like a much later game. Ive never played the original before only red alert and tried some mod the sequels. It’s very clearly a prototype for red alert, the cutscenes are there but are fairly basic in terms of plot and acting before they go into over drive with red alert. The game play itself is
  6. Special reserve in Upminster was an odd place. It had that new office type smell, was a large shop that whilst filled almost felt like the hilights of each console. You then had the prices which were too high without the card but maybe only slightly cheaper than elsewhere with it. The collection of games and consoles was odd with it almost feeling like a pc focused store that happened to sell a lot of console games. I quite liked it but it always felt a bit bland as a store compared to GAME or the local indies. Upminster is also an odd place for it because it’s a bit of a posh high
  7. It was already shown as a patent so that’s why the fake looks so close.
  8. Tbh I don’t know the full details of how they came to that conclusion but I highly doubt that was the case. In my experience especially with producers or publishers it’s generally someone not directly part of the team wanting to put their mark on a product and either coming up with a stupid idea that doesn’t fit or seeing something or liking an idea and asking for it to be included with little thought put into it except to be able to go back to their higher ups and feedback how they improved the game with their added new feature. Theres even evidence of this with rockstar or e
  9. They probably actually did think they could do it, it's just the goal posts moved. When this has a what, 2018 release date? Even a 2019 release date they'd have focused on those consoles. But as it slipped further and further they then had to take their limited resources (employees) and stretch them to Stadia, Xbox Series and PS5. Maybe even the new PC graphics cards too. Those consoles made sense at the time and clearly they were only still released now because they'd probably pumped in years of time and money into them. To go from 150 million console users to what, 2 million of the new conso
  10. From my experience within the games industry its because as soon as a project is greenlit its all hands on deck to get it made. It's so backwards, so much time is wasted on these huge scopes and things being made before being ripped out. Whole levels or systems that are nearly finished just removed. Thats years wasted that could be spent making the core game great. Games should be made with a tight modular focus. Got a racing game for example. Just make 1 track and 1 car and make it perfect. Then just add on extra tracks and cars as time permits. Currently in this scenerio you go i
  11. This is a tough question because whilst you could say snes to n64 was a huge leap you're then missing out on things like the Neo Geo, 3DO, PlayStation etc which were all increments between the snes and n64. As much as I love the Dreamcast which is a lot, theres often times where you can imagine an N64 game with a higher resolution and a few extra polygons looking very similar. Same with the Ps2 and ps1. Ridge Racer Type 4 at a higher resolution looks similar to Ridge Racer 5. Its got to be something like pong or an early Atari system to the Nes really because you went f
  12. Set up my new sync box and rgb strip and it is great. Playing left 4 dead 2 and the light from your torch goes around the room. Go into a dark area and shoot and the whole room in real life lights up just like the game. When you get hit from behind by a zombie the light behind me goes red too. In cyber punk as you go under each street light the light in the room brightens and really makes you feel like you’re in a travelling car. Of course there’s lots of areas in this game that work great and especially certain scenes where when the game cuts to black so do the lights.
  13. The DS though launched at £99 and I’m sure dropped further where as the 3ds launched at £230, went to £150 and never dropped below that.
  14. If you don’t have down payments then you end up ordering based on pre orders which then get cancelled and you’re left with a load of stock you’ve paid out for and now have to sell. Seems easy with ps5 scarcity right now but there will be a point where you don’t want 1000 of these in a warehouse somewhere. Really Sony should either be like Apple with a single point of preorder/purchase or make it so you need to get a 2fa code or something to reduce the bots and scalpers.
  15. Mine doesn’t buzz like that but it does sound like a small fan blowing air through a small hole.
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