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  1. Maybe @kerraig UK was correct all along, sadly banned to never be able to see this and this is only the start. https://thedigitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/080720-1600
  2. I haven’t enjoyed this as much as I thought I would. Visually it’s fantastic but the game almost feels like a demo project or a pitch idea. They’ve created some very beautiful islands and then filled them with the bare minimum puzzles and fetch quests. The ‘dungeons’ if you can call them that are super short and there’s only a handful. Quite a few have frustrating jumping sections which don’t really work with the camera angles offered. For a game that’s laid back as well a few of the quests or challenges require perfect precision to pass. I also found that the game never really told you what to do next if you missed the prompt, early on I didn’t know where to go next but none of the npcs gave any clue due to their lack of dialogue. The last 30 minutes were the most interesting with some sort of mystery unfolding which hadn’t really been there and I’d have liked to have seen that expanded upon. I don’t know, it just didn’t feel like a complete game to me but I hope they do take it further as it looks great and has a nice feel to it for the most part.
  3. I do remember Argos had on their demo pod for the saturn a sign detailing how pal games would be 17.5% slower and that they would also have borders. First time i'd ever been made aware of that.
  4. Yes it does, obviously game dependent though.
  5. Let's get this out the way first. Ridge Racer is the far better conversion and launch title. Ridge Racer was a system seller for the PlayStation and whilst Daytona was too for the Saturn when put side by side it was a poorer game. But actually i think thats a little unfair. Looking at the pictures above Daytona is a far messier game visually, thanks to the lower resolution and just generally noisier textures. The pop in is sorta horrific in Daytona, it's not that bad in reality and Ridge Racer has its fair share of pop in too but it still adds to a game that looks worse. Then there is the frame rate, 20fps for Daytona and 30fps for Ridge Racer. BUT what you don't see in screenshots and videos is the gameplay. Daytona USA played liked the arcade game. That's not to say Ridge Racer didn't but Daytona got the feel down perfectly and played a great game. So much so that the semi sequel/fixed follow up ruined that arcade gameplay. I think what most people forget is what Daytona was doing, it had 40 cars on the track, all AI controlled rather than following a preset path that will NEVER change from, so much so that the cars in Ridge Racer will force you off the track if you are in the way of the spline they are following. Games now don't have 40 cars on screen at once. That's a huge ask for a 32 bit launch game and in my eyes makes Daytona on the saturn pretty impressive. I think looking back far too many people look down on Daytona on the saturn, it has a lot of short comings for sure, especially compared to the competition, but actually it was pretty impressive back in the day and it needs a little more credit.
  6. Ketchup

    Fall Guys

    I won a crown even though I did not grab the crown.
  7. How hackable are they? Like what are they running inside?
  8. Don’t forget to use Quidco for 11% cash back.
  9. It’s even worse if you have 2fa turned on as it’ll just fail to login but won’t tell you why and then you have to use google to hunt down how you make a Special 2fa password just for the Xbox 360 because it can’t do 2fa.
  10. Again it comes down to money, not everyone can afford both consoles at/after launch and this post comes across as xbox fanboyism. Playstation has a lot more games exclusive to its consoles than 5% for one and no one said that you can't ever get an xbox series x later. If you own an xbox now chances are you don't own a ps4, so bigger bonus, you get some/all ps4 titles as BC as well by picking up a ps5. Personally i'd rather have the choice of both consoles titles at the loss of some reflections, slightly sharper shadows/textures and lower frame rates for a year or two than missing out on a whole chunk of games. You can look at games like the Witcher 3 or Doom on switch and say they don't look as good as the big console versions but they're still perfectly playable and look pretty great too. You'd probably be super annoyed to find out my PC has a Gefore GTX 1060 in it rather than the latest graphics card and you know what, it's fine, my games look and play great and i get to play them too and thats all that matters.
  11. That's a little bit of marketing hype there, but really it comes down to money at the end of the day right. Xbox series X, lets say £400. But then i potentially need a new 120fps tv to get the 'best out of it'. PS5, lets again say £400, i get to experience games not on Xbox as well as all my Xbox faves. Yes they won't be 'the best place to play' but unless im looking at the same game side by side or doing 300% pixel zooms like Digital Foundary im not going to notice during gameplay. It'd be like telling PS4 owners to give up gaming now unless they upgrade to a pro, the differences are minimal at best and games play and look perfectly fine on the base consoles, it'll be the same for the series x as well. Ori and the will of the whisps is a 4k 60fps game, is a 120fps mode really going to be worth £400 at the expense of ps5 exclusives? I'd say no. At the moment i own an xbox one x (and ps4) and an LG Oled. I'd rather have a better selection of games than playing xbox games at resolutions i don't notice or frame rates i can't achieve on my 2 year old tele that cost over a grand at time of purchase. I do honestly think if you're an Xbox owner and can only make one choice, get a ps5, you can always get a series x at a later date and this way you get to play all the games rather than just some.
  12. No, because if i want to play any new PS5 games, i can only get them on PS5. If i want to play anything microsoft have announced like Halo i can play them on my current gen xbox, at least for the next year or two. So why not get the best of both worlds intially and then upgrade to a series x when i can no longer play the latest stuff on my older console.
  13. It probably won’t be that high but as someone who plays more on Xbox that ps4 lately I see little reason to upgrade to a series x if you already have an Xbox. If you have a PS4 only there’s probably compelling reasons for both but if all you own is an Xbox you can for the time being carry on as normal whilst also getting the benefits of a ps5 so I can see a lot of the Xbox base doing that.
  14. Fair enough Having completed this the last 10 minutes slightly sour the experience for me. What has felt like a linear game world for the most part becomes confusing as I couldn’t find the route to the end of the game. Partially hampered by a grate landing in front of a door but also because two routes open, one back into the world and one the route to the end game. Now this is where a map is needed. If I wanted to get all the containment upgrades I’d need to find my way back to every section but without a map or even levels that have some kind of flow it’s have made it a long chore of just guessing where to go. I did notice there was green exit signs to help guide you that I originally didn’t notice thinking they were part of the scenery. For me this was a great four hour long game that unlike most games didn’t outstay it’s welcome and not only knew how to keep ramping things up right till the end, knew exactly when to finish as well instead of adding needless padding. The visuals and sound was top notch and for the most part this felt like a solid and polished game which often is lacking in these smaller projects. Would I like a sequel? Well that depends as more of the same isn’t going to cut it. Adding more puzzles would slow the game down and change the feel of the game. So I’m not really sure what they can do as it needs to be different but a different game might not be what is needed.
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