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  1. Just putting it outside directly in the sun will give great results.
  2. I wasn't a fan of Doom 2016. Sure i could understand the hype and why people loved it. But for me it felt dull. Let me explain before you all pile on that quote and reply button. The early levels of Doom are dull with the basic weapons. The maps were not fun as you get forced into small locked arena after locked arena with one or two guns at your disposal. Shoot an enemy, wait for it to glow, punch it, repeat over and over. Watching friends play i could see the enjoyment came once you completed the game and had access to lots of stuff. But i saw the video reviews for Doom Eternal and was intrigued. A friend who loved Doom 2016 hated Doom Eternal upon launch. They'd changed too much, the first level was super difficult, it wasn't fun. He did end up loving it after lowing the difficulty and getting used to the changes. So here's me coming in, not liking the original. The opening level isn't fun. I constantly have no ammo, i cant use the chain saw on most enemies anymore, the game has thrown a million tutorials at me every 5 seconds, and it's a slog. The action is great when i have ammo but yeah. I knock the difficulty down to easy knowing that the game has thrown too much at me too soon and i need time to get my head around it. By level 3/4 im starting to get the whole glowing mechanic and the chainsaw. It's taking a while to understand the flame mechanic but about half way in i totally get how you are meant to play this game and having a blast, i've bumped it back up to normal except for bosses who get bumped down to easy. Im not dying but fights can be tough in the larger areas. Im really enjoying the platforming for the most part, although there's a few areas which i have to wonder why the developers made it that you have to be so precise. By the end of the game i've totally got my head around it and can whizz around, it's great. Especially going back to the early levels with all guns unlocked on the harder difficulties which feel easy now! But it's a flawed gem. The platforming, especially the end parts has huge moments of frustration for no reason. Don't include pixel perfect jumps in a game thats about rushing around. It kills the pace as i miss a wall hold or worse end up just punching it and not clinging to it. The endless tutorials, even for the final boss are just too overwhelming. The constant, at least at the start upgrades for this, upgrades for that, upgrades for the upgrades of the upgrades of the upgrades. Simplify that. The bosses are probably the worst part of the game. The normal moments of gameplay are great and the bosses throw all that out the window for dull enemies that stand in place whilst you wait for their exposed weak point. Theres too many duplicate guns that could have easily been combined. The sword whilst great is often forgotten as is the ice grenades. It's almost like they put every idea in here but then forgot they didn't have enough buttons for all of it. I can certainly see why people here struggle with it, the opening introduction is terrible for many reasons. But for me it is what i wanted from Doom 2016. Yes the arenas are still there but they feel well hidden this time with much larger environments. It now feels like a FPS with a clear path forward in a world rather than room after room after room. Would i recommend it to someone? Yes, with a but.
  3. It doesn't really matter. Pro controller is great to have especially for wii u games that use it or if you don't want to use the gamepad.
  4. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP9000-CUSA18319_00-MIMVRDEMO0000001
  5. At the same time values do increase again. Remakes mean people curious have an alternative and often better avenue to get the game but every day more and more people are becoming ‘collectors’ thanks to the likes of Facebook groups or youtubers like Metal Jesus. They just want the original case and paper and probably won’t touch the game for very long if at all. Look at games like Link to the past on the snes, it sold absolute millions and yet it carries a high price second hand and is desirable despite so many copies being available.
  6. Ketchup

    Sinden Lightgun

    Great explanation, so why does the Saturn and every other light gun only need to be plugged into the controller port and not also the video feed?
  7. Ketchup

    Sinden Lightgun

    Yes, you’ll use a raspberry pi or ossc to generate the frame. Or a piece of cardboard.
  8. Ketchup

    Sinden Lightgun

    More like a better PS Move or Wiimote. There is a camera in the gun that reads the white border put on the TV. Except it can calculate distance, size, angle etc to be accurate. It then feeds this back to the game. Can also be used for mouse pointer games too. Genuine light guns work differently and are incompatible with how modern TVs work.
  9. Ketchup

    Sinden Lightgun

    Yep supported too. Really can't wait for it to come out not only so i can get rid of my CRT but also to be able to play all those games stuck in the arcade like Jurassic Park, Virtua Cop 3 etc.
  10. Hmm i thought someone saw it mentioned on an advert somewhere? But yeah thats a great song.
  11. I agree. You even find people doing repros of covers. As soon as someone is able to do disc based boxes (N64 boxes and carts already exist), manuals and especially the CDs then prices surely have to fall. I’m surprised some company hasn’t tried to get the rights to remake Saturn games etc. I actually hope it happens as if it looks and feels the same who cares if the physical game product was made in 1999 or 2020.
  12. Yeah it’s a shame ebay has gone a bit backwards. Used to be that selling it second hand meant you’d pay less as it wasn’t new. Now though sellers are not willing to sell unless it’s for more than what the last one sold for. So many listings where offers are accepted but they won’t accept anything less than the buy it now price wasting everyone’s time. Then there are the collectors fueled by Facebook groups where collecting is the main game. Sealed copies going from person to person every few months, terrible games like MoHo going for hundreds because collectors want a full collection before they sell it all on months later. They don’t even appear to enjoy games, just the hunt of collecting. Finally you have the people making stuff up just for the sale. Eg. Saying something comes in a collectors box despite that being the generic box it originally sold in or saying it’s rare despite it being a dirty wrecked copy of Mario Bros 3. It’s odd as you can still find sealed dreamcast games on eBay for around £10 and yet people are selling and buying wrecks of the same game for £20. Far too many people out there with too much money (or not going by their posts of having to sell collections because the car needs a repair or some other low cost reason) who are just doing it to post pictures. Why would you want to own three copies of MoHo on the Dreamcast at £300 a piece? Im actually finding some retro shops are cheaper than eBay especially for the more desirable items. Even Cex can have a price wildly swing. Look at Shenmue, 2 years ago people were wanting upwards of £80, now it’s easy to find for £20.
  13. I’m guessing this has nothing in common with the abomination that was THPS HD? Seems like with Crash and Spyro they’ve learnt that you need to remake the feeling exactly and can’t just try to replicate it roughly. Wonder if they’ll do a THPS 2X by adding in extra levels. Wish we’d got that version on the pal Xbox.
  14. Ketchup

    Edge #345

    My copy of Edge dispatched on the 27th and only arrived just minutes ago. Everything else ordered has arrived within a week so looks like these are taking extra long to arrive.
  15. If you stream with mixer there you can get a sub 1 second delay. You have to view in browser though (not via the apps) click the little cog icon on the bottom right and turn on low latency. Some browsers especially safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac don’t support this so it can be a bit of a faff.
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