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  1. This popped up on my kickstarter recommends earlier and as a huge fan of the Toe jam and earl series I had to back. http://kck.st/33cPiy7 It’s a cool book which sounds pretty odd at first but the game is filled with food and yummy treats so makes some sense right? Inside looks pretty amazing and matches the look and feel of the games. It's official too which makes it extra great, love supporting the the creators of this series. I first played it on the Mega Drive back in 1991 before i even knew what a rogue like game was. It was so different from every other mega drive game but the humour
  2. For the most part I agree but there are often times where playing more of the game either changes your opinion or the game radically changes or opens up in a way you’d never have guessed. I do feel some reviews can be inaccurate due to the reviewers rush to complete the game. Is a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 worthy of all its praise when you complete it over a weekend rather than slowly spending weeks with it and understanding and living with both its good and bad parts? Then you have games that are only a few hours long. On first play through they may be fine or ev
  3. This popped up on my Facebook and looks really cool. Inspired by Power Drift and super scaler games it’s so bright and colourful and fast that it really takes me back to when games just screamed fun! https://skydevilpalm.itch.io/victory-heat-rally Edit: Didnt realise it’s a kickstarter currently as the website mentions pay what you want.
  4. Bosses should be an experience and tell a story through their attack patterns and changes. Being difficult is not fun, and being easy is boring, but they should be fun like an action sequence.
  5. Would defo be up for that some time.
  6. Maybe i missed this in the replies but the S is a more (less?) than just a machine that outputs at a lower resolution. It's missing the disc drive too, so some cost will be absorbed by that being missing, probably the DVD licensing fee too? But also it means every single thing you buy has to be via the xbox store. No more second hand, no more cheap disc deals. Same as with the PS5 digital edition, the idea being that yes the console makes less money but it'll make it back because everyone owning one is forced to buy via the store. This all adds up much more than just going, how can it be half
  7. Really Wana play more of this but getting three friends together, with the game and vr headsets all at the same time is a challenge. One of the early missions was fantastic, we had to survive for a set time I think and was getting absolutely destroyed. We had limited Health left But then we’d survived long enough that we could now warp out of there. We started the charge and had the ten second countdown as we all had to perfectly move in sync to survive only to have one blast destroy us 2 seconds before I’d have hit the warp button. Was super exhilarating!
  8. You know the Wii version will get you going. Whilst it isn't an optimal experience its not a game breaking one and is perfectly fine to play as if thats all you have access to. Give it a go, Mario 64 is great for the most part (it's a little rougher around the edges now 25 years later for a few objectives) and you'll have a blast with one of the most inventive games out there.
  9. Ketchup


    I would have liked more archer in space. It most captured classic archer whilst changing things around, another series would have been welcomed but im also glad we are back to classic archer too.
  10. Don't spend all your claps at once! How many claps is a series X worth anyways? (GF is a nurse, so know where you guys are coming from).
  11. Actually that was something i meant to address. It's around the age of 16 that basically defines your nostalgia, interests and likes.
  12. But can it do it via HDMI? I've got a sneaking suspicion that my LG C8 can do 120FPS but only via the built in apps, not via HDMI.
  13. As a new generation starts (are Xbox one and PS4 retro yet?) I thought it might be good to look back at what generation you think is the best. We’ve got a varied lot on this forum from those that love the ZX to the NES, Dreamcast and beyond so hopefully it’ll be an interesting discussion. For me the 5th generation still hasn’t been beaten. The Psone, N64, Saturn, GBC etc. (Dreamcast maybe fits here and is certainly my fave console but I’d put that into the next gen in my mind) What a time to experience not just for those consoles but everything else happening around it. Multiple pl
  14. Really far out there but the talking door makes me think maybe Toonstruck could be a possibility.
  15. If the 360 generation was when every game was brown then surely the ps5 generation is when every game either is in the rain or in brand new offices with only floor tiles, no carpets.
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