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  1. Only works with RGB inputs an an N64 has to be modded to do it despite at the time loads of scart cables claiming to be RGB versions.
  2. I feel DF would have been amazing in the 16 bit and 32 bit generations as ports were either wildly different or there was a clear winner. The games they feature now generally look identical unless you slow down, zoom in and really take in the sharpness of a shadow behind a bin. During normal gameplay you won’t notice it. It’s fun seeing the technical aspects of it all but the comparisons between games really don’t show much difference and in future will show even less as everyone uses the same hardware and engines to make their games.
  3. Super Mario World is a pretty dull game. I absolutely adore Super Mario Bros 3. I remember at the time i had gotten a Mega Drive for christmas and my neighbour had gotten a Nes. Pah i got this new 16 Bit Machine with Sonic and all it's colours and he got a Nes. Still i was around there every day playing Mario Bros 3 because it was amazing but i didn't comprehend why at the time. It is one of the best games ever made. Then Super Mario World appeared, going up against Sonic the Hedgehog. Firstly it looks so flat and basic. Where are all the colours? Secondly where is the inventiveness? All the levels basically look and feel the same and by and large just feel kinda empty and dull to explore. Wheres hidden stuff like being able to go behind the stage in Mario 3, where are the areas out of the visible screen i can fly to, to find secret areas? Where are all the different inventive looking and playing worlds? If Sonic is like watching a BMX bike as it does jumps and stunts and looks amazing, Mario is like watching someone ride a brompton to work. I really don't get the love for World and if anything it's a huge step back from Mario 3.
  4. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    The toy ship was intended to be difficult to control. They wanted you to feel scared to fly the real thing after seeing how bad the toy was but when you got inside you found it easier. Clearly it doesn’t come across as they intended. Theres lots of that in the game and you can clearly tell it was designed by a team doing things cos they thought they were fun rather than a team of designers who knew the limitations of making games.
  5. I’d say no, not least till E3 when we find out more about the X. The price is also likely to drop around then as they try to clear away stock / move people to the Xbox eco system.
  6. Ketchup

    Dreams - It's out!

    How’s this compare (or even work) to something like project spark? I just can’t get my head around how people are 3D modelling and making games with just a controller in such a free flowing way.
  7. I love the game but can totally agree. The ice water escape sequence would have been brilliant if you was able to do it in one run from the off but there is way too many obstacles you cannot anticipate and it quickly becomes a memory test than quick reactions. There’s a huge difference between exhilarating and making the player feel amazing and being so easy that it takes all that away but Ori goes the other direction and makes it so difficult to try and keep the exhilaration that it becomes a chore and frustrating. I put it down to a small team listening to their testers too much who know the game inside out and find it too ‘easy’. Add in some my gripes about collision detection with spikes not being lenient and it takes away would could be so special during those moments. Theyre an easy fix too, in the rising water level inside the tree the water could slow down it’s rising if you are taking your time but not so much as to make it pointless. The ice water escape could have given more visual clues an object was about to fall that side of the screen etc.
  8. It’s also wise to not update every machine in a single go. You can spread the server load over many weeks and if there is an issue (which Xbox and PlayStation have had where updates have bricked consoles) you can limit the damage.
  9. That looks amazing. I take it, that it couldn’t run on actual ps1 hardware and is just trying to capture the look and feel? Id love to see a proper team tackle making a brand new psone game taking all their knowledge and skills and seeing how they could push the hardware or do things better.
  10. I don't think people will ever think of the Snes being the machine to play Doom on even if technically it's impressive. Doom is clearly PC 100% and no one will ever put Snes Doom above the likes of Mario Kart / World, Zelda etc etc etc. Saying that however F-Zero could be listed for the Snes, N64 and Gamecube. It's not the series thats being looked at but the game. Would F-Zero X be well known on the N64, potentially. What about GX on the Gamecube? I'm leaning more towards yes just because of lack of standout games on the system.
  11. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    You have to visit the statue in the observatory, which you have to pass to even be able to take off. Of course you could still die some how before even that point.
  12. Ketchup

    Xbox Game Pass

    They already died as Stadia hasn't apparently released a community update in over 40 days at this point.
  13. I hate when in games where hurting an npc is an automatic negative despite no one being around. GTA can be bad for this, kill people in the middle of no where with no one around and you still get a wanted rating. Watchdogs did this well where another npc would call the police and you could stop them in a variety of lethal and non lethal ways.
  14. NQ64 opened in Birmingham at the Custard factory yesterday. It’s filled with about 30 arcade machines and a bunch of consoles set up with ever drives. It sells cocktails and other alcohol. As it was the first night open, it was pretty packed but still easy to get on any machine you wanted with a short wait. You play using tokens, 15 for £6 and machines take 1-2 tokens. Every machine we played had the difficult set fairly low as well which is a nice bonus. The consoles are free to play. Seeing as they keep opening more they must be doing pretty alright for themselves and I’ll certainly be going back again as a hang out spot. Here’s some photos I took.
  15. N64 prices will go up especially for boxed copies. When MoHo on the Dreamcast commands over £200 then Good N64 games will also go up. Even on the Snes titles like Mario world and Zelda which sold millions of copies are not cheap to buy.
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