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  1. So how do we take advantage of this? What games have easy achievements, like turning it on or doing the tutorial type stuff to maximise how many easy ones you can get?
  2. Fun fact, screenshots of a version similar to this got leaked years ago, like 2010 era years ago but none of the major news sites picked up on it so no one knew. Here's a link i found. http://www.gamekyo.com/blog_article437915.html
  3. Yeah i love seeing all the short cuts dev used to create scenes or graphical effects. Especially as CRT's hid a lot of the obvious seams and it's only now you can see actually how things were done. The Trespasser stuff where it created a 2D object from a 3D render and kept updating the 2D image as you moved around it to avoid actually rendering a 3D object at distance is crazy!
  4. Also on gamepass if you have an Xbox.
  5. Loved GW1, was massively disappointed with GW2. Is this more 1 or 2 those that have played it?
  6. Is there a reason no one is really talking about this season? I must say it hasn’t grabbed me like the original or BTS did and I’m still unsure what I think of it having done episode three. Whilst the brothers are likeable I just don’t care about them all that much. The constant new locations for me harm what I loved about the original and it’s small town feeling and being a part of something. It doesn’t help that so far this is playing out almost exactly like that film with the same powers. I do also wonder if trying to get away from the main character having powers they can use means the gameplay is that little bit more less interesting as it becomes more like a Tell Tale game than being it’s own unique thing with an interesting gameplay mechanic that gets you to think a bit.
  7. Yep this is what needs to be done, it’s just that niggle with certain games, those that are in fragile packaging or are rarer I hesitate over and just need to get over that.
  8. I’ve been adding a bunch of games to Libib to catalogue what I have and as I go through them there’s quite a few I should sell. Some rare or at least desirable. Yet I hesitate to sell them, mainly because they’re in great condition and I know I’d struggle to get them in such a condition again if I wanted to. They are just sitting on a shelf not doing anything. At the same time I can’t see why I’d ever want to purchase them again, I don’t play them now as it is. We’re talking games like Ico with its fantastic packaging, Banjo Tooie etc. Generally stuff with unique boxes or are a bit expensive to own. Theres plenty I will sell because they don’t mean much to me or are not all that difficult to get again but stuff like the above, how do you get past this and just sell what is clearly just taking up space?
  9. It’s about time I catalogued my game collection but what’s the best way? Are the apps and websites more European centric now than when I tried them in the past? Are there any that give resale values for the games too? What’s also the best way to catalogue for insurance purposes?
  10. Never ever heard anyone mention this game and i worked on it back in the day.
  11. Scott Pilgrim, I knows it’s a rights mess but it’s such a beautiful fun game that deserves more than it got. Otherwise everything should have been BC, I want access to it all, PGR, Steel Battalion, JSRF. Just everything as I bet most of the games worked and were only held back due to rights issues.
  12. Played Astrobot for the first time today and wow it really does give you that magical feeling similar to playing Mario 64 for the first time. I didn’t really believe most people in this thread who said that. I certainly wasn’t a fan of the astrobot demo that just felt okay but really didn’t feel like it needed VR. But even in the first level VR adds a lot to the game and bringing you into the world. The music is great, not typical mario or platform fare but it’s own unique fun. I really do wonder how you promote something like this to the masses or even people like me who have a PSVR but are unaware of how amazing it actually is?
  13. You can put in the new card but most stuff will only run from what it considers the main memory card. So you’d need to make your sd card the main card. This means either copying your existing memory card contents over to it or reinstalling all the apps to the new card as I found out when I made the sd card the main card and had to ftp everything back over again to access anything.
  14. This also works on Xbox one Via BC. God I love this game, the way it looks with bright colours, chunky polygons and just a sense of joy. Yes the music is super cheesy but with the volume up in the arcade and the background noise it just perfectly fits. The way the car flips and camera shakes in a crash when you take a corner too hard. The chibi cars on the multiplayer waiting screen. Everything about is is just great. I wish modern games looked like this, I’m fed up of realistic shadows and so much detail you can’t make anything out, give me a game that looks as clean and bright as this. For a game from 1994, it certainly never stands out as a game that is that old visually. I don’t even think any of the sequels manage to live up to the original either, especially the latest version in the arcade which has the Daytona name but goes for the realistic graphics and despite being an oval circuit does not have a sonic wall in sight. The Saturn version ever since launch has been derided and thought as being crap especially compared to ridge racer. But when you think about it, it’s a huge achievement. 40 cars on screen at the same time, all with their own AI. Modern games generally top out at 10-20 cars at a time and yet this was not only a launch title but one of the first times a 3D racing game was on a home system. It’s just a shame it was rushed for launch as with a few extra months they might have been able to give it a stable frame rate and push back the pop in. Would love to play this online again on the Xbox so if anyone fancies it maybe we should set up a time?
  15. Just hacked my PSV, although the SD2Vita card doesn't seem to work. Booting up the system with it in keeps it on the logo screen for over a minute and the led by the cartridge slot just constantly flashes when ever you insert it. It stops apps and things from loading too, so guessing i got a dodgy card?
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