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  1. So will prices take a massive drop after covid? Once everyone realises their investments are just sitting there or they are bored of what they bought? Shenmue raised to about £80 pre shenmue 3 but now is back to £20 again after release, will the same happen here do you think?
  2. That’s because they now make them to order. Before they’d actually make say 3000 copies and make them for sale but have realised that actually limiting their releases isn’t great for business especially when so many people were buying them as an investment. So now they make as many pre orders as they get. It also means they now release multiple titles a week compared to a lot fewer releases before. Not sure either way is a good or bad thing though.
  3. To be honest im not sure if im actually look for recommendations. It was more me just thinking that actually a lot of games which scored average to well back in the day would now score rather poorly. Like for the time they were fine, maybe even good but going back to them now with all the QoL improvements we've had over the years means a lot of titles are just tough to play for the first time now. Going back to an xbox 360/PS3 era game i feel most will hold up fairly well to when they first launched. Dreamcast and PS2 as well. PSone and N64, maybe not as many titles hold up but i bet quite a l
  4. See I thought that and then wondered why anyone would buy a CD-R and also the centre of the disc has what looks like similar markings to a Saturn disc. But I take it that it is just a CD-R and not a pressed disc in any way?
  5. I was gona say surely it’s just a CD-R but the disc looks authentic potentially so maybe it’s just the case and manual that’s a repo?
  6. I guess you have to ask how much is Dom getting out of this? Firstly kickstarter fees are 10% of the total. Then the book has creation costs let along the costs of the team writing and formatting the book. And is the extra £20 going to Dom or being split? If you went to meet him at say comic con he’d charge for an autograph as all celebs do and if you follow the guy he isn’t some super wealthy celeb, he’s mostly like me and you with a family and just doing jobs to keep his family going. So I don’t begrudge it and of course the choice is there too.
  7. Really looking forward to this. I hope someone does go for the 5k tier as I think that’d be a beautiful end to this. Dom has said in the past he regrets how he acted back then and that’s not who he is now so I think it’d be nice to end it on a happy note and a silly tattoo. I know a lot of people put down Dave here, especially with all the Games Animal stuff and the recent YouTube channel but from my limited online interactions with him he is a nice guy, knows he’s being a bit silly with all this and I guess from both him and Dom they both love their time on GM but they have moved on
  8. No of course not. I used to think 16 bit games were perfectly fine to go back to, they may be simple or short but should be perfectly playable and certainly late gen games should be the most playable. Now I think that actually most 16 bit games are actually difficult to go back to and only the creme of the crop are worth playing and that can be the big hitters or the niche titles. Basically very few games are all time classics and most titles from this era might have been ok at the time but are terrible to go back to now. That was the point of this topic, are most these older games just diffic
  9. Just random stuff I’d heard of but never played before. For example Batman Forever was just a curiosity to me because it’s a later game with fairly nice graphics and that era fascinates me in terms of inventiveness and what they tried to do with the hardware. I used to think most 16 bit titles were playable as by that point most stuff had been figured out but really there’s a lot of games that people worked hard on but just didn’t tweak enough to make the controls or level designs or what ever to be as enjoyable as they could be. It’s amazing how stilted some games feel compared to others that
  10. I guess for me a lot of it comes down to quality of life stuff and for a lot of 8/16 bit titles they just don’t have it. Punishing difficulty is one thing if the game is fair and not just dodgy collision detection or crap controls. That’s maybe what my badly made point is that whilst some games do exist where they’ve had time and polish in them that makes them playable today it seems that perhaps more games in these generations don’t quite have this level of polish that I would have put up with at the time but now make it difficult to go back to a lot of these titles?
  11. I installed a mega drive emulator on my wiiu and decided to add any game of interest to it. Obviously this included stuff like the sonics and games I had as a child but also lots of stuff I’d maybe wanted to play as a child but never did. But upon playing most of these games I can see how basic or unpolished they are. Playing a sonic game you realise how actually polished the movement is when compared to other platformer that just feel stilted. So it got me thinking, are most games from this generation just not playable now? I was really excited by the Nes Mini but upon
  12. It’d have a picture of an attractive woman on the front, possibly in cosplay, possibly not, with the headline articles about how to game whilst at the club and 5 reasons why you’ll forever be a virgin if you don’t buy a ps2. Plus an article from random flavour of the month band. There will be no images of games.
  13. I quite liked them being episodic although the wait between episodes before was too much. Tell me why got it mostly right although a new episode every week or two weeks would have been suitable. I’m glad to see powers are back as I found LiS2 a disappointment and a bit too tell tale like.
  14. Yeah that’s what I’ve read, however when I go to any of the books on other islands I can’t access them, only the original shroudbreaker one. Upon starting the game I have no books or anything in my inventory and if I start the shroudbreaker one it only shows that original mission in the book despite doing at least 2/3 missions after this.
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