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  1. I mean i could just point to all of Skyward Sword. But Fi every two seconds butting in to tell you obvious stuff, there being a puzzle but before you can even look at it there is Fi to tell you how to do it. Not pointing your wiimote exactly right, theres Fi again. Not Fi related, but close, every single time you pick up a rupee after a power on and the game going 'This is 5 rupees, try not to spend it all at once lololololozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'. For every single rupee type. Oh wait i know whats worse, Flooded Foron Woods. The NPC you meet tells you that you've done loads of quests, have got all the little shiny things you need, but they're just not sure about you. Only the actual Hero of time whos done all the quests and got the shiny things can pass and whilst you look and sound exactly like that guy they want you to do one quick test just to make absolutely sure. Cos you know, theres other guys just like you with these one of a kind objects or something also pretending to be the hero of time. So what do they do for this test? Fill the level with water and add music notes you have to get within a tight time limit. No, stop it! I've already proved who i am with all the other quests. Actually i change my mind, can i just say Skyward Sword the game, cos once you add in the same crappy boss repeated 3 times, stupid fetch quests and a game that can't help itself in giving you endless tutorials i never want to see it again. PS. I actually liked the motion controls.
  2. A new update has dropped. Two karts on one switch and up to four players now playing plus new courses etc
  3. You can buy them via the website but I’ve found it’s a bit finicky when you try to buy even for games that are fully available . Try a different browser but Daytona certainly can still be bought via the web store.
  4. Lots of 1 star reviews now from existing owners saying their existing paid for content is either gone or hidden away deep down in menus and basically it’s unusable as it used to be without subscribing.
  5. Still thinking of picking up one of these in the future, I really wanted it for boxvr/fitxr which I have on the PSVR. But turns out recently on the quest it’s become a subscription service, even for those that previously bought it. So is there anything similar fitness wise on quest that doesn’t have a subscription that’s worth looking at?
  6. Get new friends or come and join some of us online for some possible more positive moaning. Always people in new game threads wanting others to play with.
  7. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    The best time i had with this was when i stumbled upon something with no idea how it happened or why...yet
  8. Add Alien Isolation to the list giving it a 5.9 and gamespot also giving it a 6.0. Both did their best to try and ruin one of the games of a generation because they wanted shooty bang bang and got something a little more crafted. These types of reviews are upsetting where they’re trying to review a game for what they wish it was rather than what it actually is.
  9. Skies of Arcadia. The demo for that was the first few hours of the game and not only do you start with a fantastic intro that quickly introduces the characters but also the idea of being sky pirates who are in this jrpg world for fun rather than dead family, ultimate curse, mystical sword etc but you get a quick intro battle taking down a ship before being shown a fun world and then just going on an adventure for a meteorite that landed in the distance. It just has so much fun coming out from every aspect and makes you feel like you’re apart of a fun adventure than the typical RPG.
  10. Any game which either has stupid tutorials or has lots and lots of text about said tutorials or things unimportant to a first time player. A lot of Japanese games do this currently where they feel the need to over explain every detail as multiple large text boxes. Phantasy star online on Xbox and FF7 remake both do this. Where firstly they teach you the controls. Move the left stick up to go forward. Push the right stick right to tilt the camera right. Now left to, can you guess? Make it go left! Ugh. But it’s the text boxes which on first boot bombard you with news, updates, community stuff happening in the world, bug fixes, and that’s before you even get into the game pausing to at length tell you about enemies and how they’ll damage you and how this is a health bar and how you can get stuff to fill it up and how if it empties that’s game over. Stop it! Just let me play, have an in game manual or hide all this stuff until it’s actually needed. First time boot should be straight into the game not an hour of stuff that I’ll forget and isn’t needed for a first time player.
  11. Yeah just silly stuff like glitching and getting stuck in walls or squashed on moving objects (sonic 2 chemical plant zone is infamous for this one) or being hit but being hit in between an invincibility frame and dying.
  12. Sonic The hedgehog on the mega drive had lots of little bugs that the manual mentioned saying if you came across one it was actually Robotnik who’d set a trap for you. Quite a nice way to get around it.
  13. Anyone got a referral code for a quest 2? Might pick one up after the 28th in case they announce anything new.
  14. Yep, whats the point of pre orders if they are only making 5 of these. Open up pre orders, make as many ordered, win-win for everyone!
  15. Now I feel super old and too much time has passed. Retro Gamer still feels like a new magazine on the market.
  16. That’s because the solder joins on the connector we’re not holding up so they sent those out to everyone to avoid any lawsuits I guess. It isn’t required but you may want one just in case.
  17. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    Just finished this and I have mixed feelings. Spoilers for everything including the ending.
  18. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    Is no one else playing this? Awfully quiet in here. I’m enjoying this even if I’m finding it a little more difficult than the main game. For example the clues are all there on how to start the dlc but it’s a bit information overload so makes it a little confusing. I never felt that with the main fame, you either came across bits of info that you had to piece together or got things revealed in an ‘oh that’s what that is’ way. Without going into spoilers the news areas whilst amazing initially are limited and actually understanding the locations are far more complex than any of the previous planets. That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it though, it’s good but it feels a little different. If there is one big issue is the time loop actually gets in the way this time where as before you felt like you could learn something in each loop and then use that info for the next one, here the loop often stops you exploring mid run through.
  19. So the RMC mister console thing has got me interested in Mister itself. I’ve got a raspberry pi that I purchased to use with a sinden light gun and whilst it works I find the emulators super fiddly. Far far too many options to just get games to run correctly, some games just not running at all and it just feels a faff to do anything. Is Mister much easier to use and plug and play? I really want something that’s just simple to use and just works rather than having to manually set up each games settings. Can the sinden light gun also work on it?
  20. Looks like a great issue, and a making of theme park, yes please! Although I’ve had an email saying this months issue may take time to arrive so hopefully the wait isn’t too long.
  21. Just look at this cover. Look at the characters and games included. Probably one of the best, most exciting years in gaming too. Just looking at it now im excited to look at these games!
  22. All these machines, at least now are audited externally to avoid special button presses or even bugs in the code that just dump out jackpots. Sometimes though bugs do creep through, there’s a famous story about a guy who’d go around Vegas and found out how to win the huge jackpot (something like $50k) on a multi machine slot. The way it worked is you’d play till you won the jackpot on one of the games, but because the money in your bank is carried between games and you can swap out anytime, the bug meant he was able to to go into other games where instantly the jackpot was awarded. He got caught eventually because whilst he went to multiple venues he too quickly went back to existing places he’d won at and it was odd for the machines to even pay out the jackpot let alone multiple times in a year, to the same guy.
  23. I used to work on these (as an artist) and yeah they’re a con. Even with unlimited money it would basically just drain down. I wouldn’t touch them even for the game aspect of a lot of newer ones as just getting to the game part is tough. Online ones are really popular but generally certain brands take off like that leprechaun one I’m sure you’ve seen advertised. As an aside, casino games don’t work the same way. If you play on a machine and someone else arrives and wins the jackpot that doesn’t mean you would have. They use random number generators generally so someone winning was just lucky. A player that knows this will generally have a few spins and if it hasn’t paid out anything will just move on to the next one and even if it does do a small payout will still move as that payout wasn’t a sign a bigger things to come, just luck on when you started the machine up.
  24. Metal Gear Solid 3, where if you don’t kill the end, save your game and don’t come back for a few days he dies of old age. Im sure especially on Saturn there’s lots of little things that happen in games I can’t think of right now.
  25. Then put in a play and charge kit (or rechargable batteries) and it'll work exactly the same as as a PlayStation or Switch controller with the added benefit that when the battery starts to lose its charge you can just replace the play and charge kit and not the whole controller. You don't have to remove the play and charge kit or recharagable batteries to charge them.
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