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  1. Microsoft and Apple are very pally nowadays. I wouldn’t cry too much about this, it’ll be on iOS soon enough.
  2. Cheers for the heads-up! Mine’s arriving on the 23rd of this month so not bad at all.
  3. I never quite finished it at launch and I’ve been meaning to start again. The anniversary gives me a nice excuse. Going to take it easy and enjoy it instead of rushing it over.
  4. Took me about fifty tries on that level to realise/remember I could pick up the power switch and lob it. It’s these moments that make me ask myself who the prime minister is and do I know where I am.
  5. Cheers boys for flagging up the Game Pass Ultimate deal. I’m sorted till June 2022 now and so it should be a nice start for Scarlett!
  6. Wistful

    Xbox One X

    My launch X has never made a noise I could hear until a few days ago when I had a quick spin of Fortnite. Jet engines commence...
  7. A ha! So that’s why I’m shit at it.
  8. This Smash is a beautiful looking game though, no?
  9. Wistful

    Xbox One X

    I had the exact opposite view, thought the colours and general “look” of GT was very cartoony. Thing is - that’s why I liked it! That’s on a non-pro PS4 and 1080p though.
  10. Wistful

    Xbox One X

    I set mine transferring wirelessly. All seems fine but it’s been going about 16 hours and still lots to do. Can’t believe none of my hard drives are usb3! Played a bit of Forza 7 last night. What a stunner.
  11. Wistful

    Xbox One X

    Mine too. Verifying update is crawling.
  12. Wistful

    Xbox One X

    It’s strange. I don’t even think it’s worth more than a fiver for a drink to say sorry but they should treat every customer the same. My Mrs and me and my lad spend a fortune a year on Amazon, seems to makes no difference. I’m well pleased with EA access. Haven’t looked at it for ages, even though I pay for it, and didn’t know Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 were on there.
  13. Wistful

    Xbox One X

    Got mine, yeah! Also whined to Amazon last night about other people getting ten quid, 20 quid, 15 quid and a month of prime etc for the delay. Kiran Kumar gave me a great big “fuck off”!
  14. Wistful

    Xbox One X

    Me neither and I’ve had Prime since it began. Time to whine on the chat I think - see if they can make a dent in Battlefront II’s price for me.
  15. Wistful

    Xbox One X

    The only good thing is you know not to order launch consoles from them again. So do I.
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