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  1. A month ago we were dead last and I just wanted to go into the World Cup break anywhere but 24th. Instead we're 11th with one or two games in hand on everyone else still and one of the form teams in the division




    Wasn't expecting this. Terrible time to halt all momentum where I was previously looking forward to a break from the misery

  2. Rotherham were doing the same at ours last week, never seen so much timewasting from such an early point in the game too. Felt good when we scored a last minute equaliser

  3. While Cov were beating Blackburn 1-0 last night the stadium owners entered administration, the official statement today specifies a preferred bidder has been identified who is all but confirmed as Mike Ashley




    I'd just like a normal season where not much happens, I'm not asking for the world

  4. On 08/10/2022 at 17:34, Plissken said:

    Leading 1-0 going into the last five minutes and we didn’t concede an equaliser for the first time!


    Weird tactics from Coventry though. Stood off us for 70 minutes, made a quadruple substitution and then went for it, dominating the last 20 before running out of time.


    Felt as if we'd read about your run of conceding equalisers and figured that's the only way to approach the game, never seen us make so many changes in one go. Two is a rarity, never mind four.

  5. I got to see him on the Higher Truth tour the year before he died which was lucky as I nearly passed it up thinking I'd just see him the next time. (Double lucky, he did nothing off the Timbaland album)


    One of my favourite vocals from what would be a huge list is Slaves and Bulldozers from Badmotorfinger, he had a shriek that could take down a rhino.


  6. I love the episode where Niles scores the half-court shot and gets all the free Sonics gear


    Niles: Oh Frasier, don't grouse. I've earmarked a pair of practice pants for you.

    Frasier: Thank you, Niles, but I'd like to think I've already mastered pants.

  7. I like the red one, but the fact that they didn't mention the protest side until after they'd all been unveiled has people suggesting they're just backtracking due to the kits not getting the best reception.


    Doesn't help that also they did a similar 'red out' for the Euros last year for no reason other than sweet sweet styles




    20. Trading Places
    19. Office Space
    18. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    17. Three Amigos
    16. Scrooged
    15. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    14. Shaun Of The Dead
    13. Wayne's World
    12. Groundhog Day
    11. Anchorman
    10. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    9. School Of Rock
    8. Dumb And Dumber
    7. Elf
    6. Blazing Saddles
    5. Austin Powers 1
    4. The Naked Gun
    3. The Life Of Brian
    2. Coming To America
    1. Airplane

  9. I watched the Crystal Palace one last night, felt sorry for the kids with the incredible pressure put on them by the parents, one kid was basically being emotionally battered by his dad who just professed to love football. At that level they should keep the parents away from pitchside and let them watch it on a livestream from at least half a mile away

  10. I don't mind the Italy one that much when the number is part of it, but I don't think I've ever seen someone get a number printed on the front as well as back






    Morocco definitely won this round of Puma madness, their home 1998 remake is a cracker too

  11. Glad there's a thread for this. Having got some way into it and extending the back room so it's a neon heaven, I'm at the point where I'm doing no laundry at all unless it's one of the daily tasks but I will still pick up all litter and chewing gum out of a sense of workplace pride (£150 on a bigger bin bag, arguably the best purchase made so far).


    Favourite games so far are Blockchain, Woodgal's Adventure and the GTA/Pacman one although I am absolutely hopeless at that. Currently one more day away from being able to buy the dancing game, wish I'd got that instead of getting the cheaper darts machine which is a bit rubbish

  12. I'd certainly hold them partly responsible for the heatstroke victim unless it was unseasonably hot that weekend. The choice of venue, awful layout and price gouging all seemed to create what happened there

  13. Loved it.



    Once we're on the bus transporting prisoners I was really fearing some kind of wacky escape plot scene would undermine the whole thing but no, it all went exactly as it should. This cements it up there with my favourite TV of all-time now and while I'm glad it's all wrapped up almost perfectly it's also shit that there's no more to look forward to


  14. We've already had Tuesday's home game vs Wigan postponed now and with another set for four days later I wouldn't be making travel plans if I were a Huddersfield fan. On the plus side our away form saw us go 2-0 up at Millwall before losing with 10 men so everything's coming up Milhouse at the moment

  15. While I could certainly see us another miserable trip to the Pirelli Stadium at some point, I at least thought Burton Albion would be part of it.


    I make it five different stadiums we've played at home to Bristol City now, wonder if we're approaching some kind of unwanted record

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