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  1. One of my highlights was Fred Durst watching everybody start breaking stuff as they played Break Stuff, then come off stage and immediately say it wasn't their fault. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Naysonymous said:

    Yep, playing about 80 Rugby Sevens matches the previous weekend was always going to take it's toll on the grass.   Coventry's problem remains the stadium, the move away from Highfield Road was a disaster.  It's a shame because everything seems to have been caused by people fucking things up at every turn.


    edit: ha. Just went past the stadium on the train half an hour after making this post (I hadn’t intended to but ended up taking an alternative route to work) and the whole thing is still encased in Commonwealth Games stuff.  It looks like it’s being taken down as I type but did the games have possession of the stadium all week?


    They officially have exclusivity of the ground until the 14th still to allow them to pack everything up, which in their defence was booked a long time ago while we were ironically playing in Birmingham. They agreed to let us in early to play but I don't know if their heightened security on all their venues extended to ground staff not being allowed to tend the pitch or not. We're meant to be hosting Bristol City in the cup on Wednesday too, can't see how that's happening

  3. Q. How much football needs to be played in the season before the pitch starts to look a bit ragged and unsuitable to play on?


    A. Absolutely none





    World class special effects, dance moves put together 10 minutes before they shot, listing a load of girls that make them cum in their pants at night, this has all the hallmarks of a classic

  5. Up to speed now



    Kim lying to Howard's widow was absolutely bone-chilling. I hope it's not the last we see of Kim although it would be also nice that with all the theories about what happens to her it could end up just being that she just walked out of his life forever. I really like how it shot straight from that scene to the proper Saul Goodman, it didn't need to show much in the way of Jimmy wallowing and teary-eyed.


  6. If anyone on Premium is still getting that weird 'you must upgrade to Premium to access this game' message I'd advise trying to trigger the download using the app if possible, that let me access Tekken and a few others that it wouldn't allow me to through the PS5.

  7. I played it while our cat was sat under the chair, wanted to see how she'd react to the meows but she didn't even acknowledge it. By contrast there used to be a BBC ident with a fly getting zapped that she'd almost jump into the TV to get at.

  8. Tried Tekken again as a test later and got the same error, went through the PS app and that's allowed me to add it to library and sent me the email confirming I've 'bought' it, whether that now allows me to actually play it is another thing.


    I've not really seen the Xbox equivalent but I'm assuming the interface and actual usability is better than this.

  9. So far this alone has made the 7 day trial of premium a winner, it's so serene and calm which is perfect at the moment. Although saying that I've yet to find the button combination that makes the cat throw up in the most awkward place to try and clean it up so as far as accuracy goes it's 2/10 from me

  10. Signed up for Premium now it gives you a week's trial. First thing I looked for was Tekken 2 which prompts me to upgrade to Premium to play it, that gives me a CE error. Have they restricted it until you actually start handing over the cash or is it just a bit broken?

  11. I was initially hesitant to get started on this series due to the sheer length of the episodes but despite a bit of bloat it didn't feel as much of a slog as I feared, although I would have preferred fewer different strands of the story to jump between for the last lot of episodes. I like the actor who plays Will, after being centre stage for the first season he's just spent the time hanging around at the back getting the shivers and scratching his neck so I hope he does more in the last season than pine after Mike who is the worst. He goes on holiday to see his girlfriend, stands there gawping as she's tormented by bullies for easily long enough for him to step in and then has a go at her for finally retaliating? Is he fuck the heart, let's get those limbs snapped in S5. Robin seemed a bit overly kooky this time but her double act with Nancy was fun, as was Steve or Dustin with everyone stood near them throughout.

  12. On 03/07/2022 at 00:39, deerokus said:

    It happens quite a bit - it's such a simple and recognisable shirt that designers get bored and try to find ways to reinvent it even though there's little room to be creative. Very rarely works.


    It's not the worst version of it mind you, New Balance put out some absolute stinkers.


    One of my favourites is still this one from ten years ago. Loads more hoops than usual (calling back to how the shirt looked when we first switched to hoops from stripes at the start of the 20th century). No annoying fiddly details. Tasteful size and position of sponsor. Looked fantastic on TV. Classic.








    Love that sponsor placement. Motherwell have done the same with their away kit which is just a slightly iffy collar away from being one of my favourites for this year



  13. While the one I'd consider the best varies depending on my mood, Music of My Mind will always be my absolute favourite. Girl Blue and Seems So Long is an incredible 1-2 punch of album tracks in particular

  14. David Simon is lucky that Hollyoaks started in 1995



    1. The Wire
    2. Chernobyl
    3. The Office
    4. Better Call Saul
    5. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    6. Breaking Bad
    7. Atlanta
    8. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    9. 15 Storeys High
    10. This Country
    11. Fargo
    12. The Office (US)
    13. True Detective
    14. Chappelle's Show
    15. This Is England
    16. Stranger Things
    17. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
    18. American Crime Story
    19. Ozark
    20. Lupin

  15. Just caught up now, fuck me.



    I was expecting this to be the last we see of Howard but I thought he'd have some kind of stress-related heart attack. When there was the knock on the door and it was Howard I forgot all about Lalo briefly and relaxed, then when he appeared I shit myself as much as they did. Small consolation with his brain splattered on their apartment wall and all that but he had them both absolutely bang on


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