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  1. 11 minutes ago, AfromB said:

    I’m not keen on the badge placement to be honest


    I don't like central badges usually but I think it works in this case with the tramlines. Extra bonus is that they're doing it long sleeved this year so I'm in

  2. New home and GK kits. The sponsor both overlapping the tramlines and being a gambling company is the only thing I don't like, so the kids version will be amazing





  3. Having Googled it to check episode recaps as I went I saw a lot of 'viewers vote Ozark the worst ending ever in history' results so was expecting some absolute rubbish so I found it ok really, a few annoyances aside



    The car crash ended up an albatross, for it to start the season so you're waiting for it to happen and the result is that they have to get a taxi home instead? If that was the way to explain Jonah suddenly being completely on-side again it was a stretch


    I liked both characters but introducing Javi and Camila as brief new big bosses for each half felt a bit rushed. The best proper villain though, I didn't think anything could make Wendy seem sympathetic at this point but John Boy Walton was great. The scene where he had the evening talk with Ruth was absolutely full of menace


  4. I got an authentic/player version of an old Scotland shirt for under £20 a few years ago, it's all I can play in now. As Naysonymous mentions whatever magic they use to make them so light and stretchy is really noticeable, although I could never justify the full price of one.

  5. I liked the recent series but I'm really enjoying this one if only for the fact they've got a studio audience and there's no careful distancing for group tasks so it all feels much more alive. The best part of it though is confirmation that Ardal O'Hanlon is as delightful as I was hoping he'd be.

  6. I deleted Odyssey from the PS5 as I had Valhalla to get cracking, on but as good as that is it the world didn't grab me in the same way as Greece did so I installed Odyssey again. As luck would have it I hadn't deleted any of the save date when I removed it so I'm right back where I left off, having just finished the main story it shows I've played about 50 hours which means I've still got a good 300 left and haven't even visited the whole game map yet. For a game I struggled to get into at first this is going to end up one of my all-time favourites.

  7. I bought a few bits from the Leamington one in that very brief time between them moving in and then moving out, the entire building was being emptied and they were up at one of the top floors completely isolated and surrounded by creepy mannequins. It was a bizarre scene and the chap working there seemed to be just happy to see real people for a change.

  8. The 'baked alaska' guy apparently started online relatively liberal, became a big Trump guy, turned his back on the alt-right stuff (short clip of him reacting to the New Zealand shooting) and then seeing there was no money in it went back to the right wing grift. I love how Theroux just allows all these fucking idiots to talk themselves into a corner and stays stony-faced as they try to come out swinging.

  9. While I can see how people would have issues with the control in RDR2 there was a point it all clicked despite how fiddly it all is. My initial issue was the opening spent in the snow, for some reason despite counting down the days until release I couldn't get enthused during that part and didn't play it a great deal in the first few days. Quickly got right into it from the point you set up camp first, felt like you were part of a community. Loved that part of it in particular.

  10. Men's Royal Rumble

    Winner: Brock Lesnar

    500 points


    Women's Royal Rumble

    Winner: Bianca Belair

    500 points


    WWE Universal Championship

    Roman Reigns (c) vs Seth Rollins

    300 points


    WWE Championship

    Brock Lesnar (c) vs Bobby Lashley

    300 points


    WWE Raw Women's Championship

    Becky Lynch (c) vs Doudrop

    200 points


    Edge & Beth Phoenix vs The Miz & Maryse

    200 points



    Surprise entrants are anyone not on the current Raw or Smackdown roster, or those already announced - NXT stars are eligible.

    50 points each

    1. Entrant #1: Dolph Ziggler

    2. Entrant #30: Walter/Fritz von Achtung

    3. Longest innings: Sami Zayn

    4. Surprise entrant 1: Bron Breakkkkkkkkker

    5. Surprise entrant 2: Steve-O



    Surprise entrants are anyone not on the current Raw or Smackdown roster, or those already announced - NXT stars are eligible.

    50 points each

    1. Entrant #1: Bianca Belair

    2. Entrant #30: Charlotte Flair

    3. Longest innings: Bianca Belair

    4. Surprise entrant 1: Ronda Rousey

    5. Surprise entrant 2: Melina

  11. Adrian Chiles was great in particular, I'd be happy for him to have been on a regular series. Having a non-comedian on for a full run can backfire though, look at David Baddiel.

  12. Started this the other day and it's only the second AC game I've played after Odyssey but it feels much more different then I was expecting which is a nice surprise. Have to say I was quite happy to storm Tamworth in this after visiting their disappointing snowdome the day before

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