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    Madden 09

    I made the exact same choice and for the exact same reason, strangely. I haven't had a home game, but I hope Safeco Field is in the little opening, considering it's about 5 yards away from Qwest. First thing I did was extend Engram's deal for another 2 years. He's old but in my wins so far he seems to have a great understanding with Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbeck.
  2. Sounds like they're polishing a very early Beta and selling it to mugs. Hi, can you do anything outside punch, kick and three holds? Great idea! But no, maybe next year.
  3. I love how I've basically played the game to death and don't really have much reason to play it save for a quick blast every now and then, and yet I'd never noticed that building before.
  4. I once bought a WWE game in which Fred Durst was a playable character. Nothing Nintendo do can ever offend me as much.
  5. I've loved every single instalment bar Advance and the London expansion; even the original on PS1 which was jerkier than John Goodman's snack intake. GTA2 seemed so much more low profile, although I may be remembering wrong. Cracking game though, especially playing the gangs off against each other. I'd love to see that come back.
  6. My copy of GTA Advance would beg to differ, if I knew where it was.
  7. Unlike Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories which is poetic.
  8. There's also a strange bug in 2008 where if you're playing as one sole player using the 'fix' control, your team-mates tend to throw the ball in to nobody.
  9. Even PES2008 offline, the AI defenders are so dopey it tends to sour the multiplayer aspect, which is all that keeps it alive past Christmas for me. 'Don't leave a man free in the box to come and help me tackle the winger, you moron'
  10. I'm fairly sure that FIFA have the Prem tied up, with Konami having the rights to only two of the twenty sides each year.
  11. There are two different saves on my game at the moment, but I was expecting that because I'm on Act 4 the other save wouldn't need to repeat the same installs, but yet it has. Same user profile in use and everything. What gives?
  12. There's usually a sax man in a few of the train stations too.
  13. My regular copy of MGS4 arrived today. I only ordered late on Monday from Play, and it's still 'processing' on their site. Play.com, you've outdone yourself.
  14. Some fella has it quite early; http://community.eu.playstation.com/playst...9&jump=true
  15. Thanks to GTA4 this game has completely crept up on me silently and pointed a gun at my nadges until I shimmy some rations out of my utility belt. I couldn't help but take in previews for the previous three MGS titles, but I've only see the early gameplay video of this and little else. I'm excited about this now, and my rare show of willpower claims an assist.
  16. I gave up trying to find one on these shores and got an order in at Amazon.de straight away. God bless those superfit Germans who have no need for such nonsense.
  17. My main problem regarding this was the final mission; With regards this swing glitch; I got it to work (yammed straight into a wall and ripped my car to shreds) but is there anything in particular you need to do to trigger it? The second time nothing happened.
  18. Having finished the main story, I'm finding Stevie's wishlist quite enjoyable. The phone camera/picture messaging service seemed underused until that point (the camera still does) but I love how you get a photo and a general area to find the car; far more interesting than Brucie's list holding your hand all the way or the wishlist of the old games relying on you happening to be in a car that generates the model you need. If they ever bring out DLC on the PS3, I'd be content with 100 Stevie missions.
  19. I'm sure in an older GTA the police would throw stingers out in front of you if you had a certain wanted level; I assume that's absent here?
  20. I know I'm not likely to be able to find this anywhere, but does anybody even know of a site I can order it and be put on a waiting line?
  21. The idea of returning to another city (even if redone) doesn't appeal to me, but that image changes my mind a little. Vice City containing the city, the Keys, Everglades and even Cuba sounds pretty sweet, assuming Cuba is dragged a lot closer to the US for the purposes of game mechanics.
  22. Yeah, I wasn't expecting it to work, but I figured that you can goad someone into punching you and they get carted off so it was worth a try if the cops are showing up anyway. It's a bit of a wait though; both sides of the shootout appeared to have the accuracy of a generic Bond villain's lackey.
  23. I'm not sure it particularly is scripted, or at least not as strictly as that; I failed it a few times due to cop interference, and then I decided to do the chase and then use my car for cover, not firing back. Hearing the gang shooting at me, three cop cars swarm the scene and start shooting back. I'm crouched behind my car in the middle of a standoff as slowly but surely the cops pick off the guys on the porch before clearing the house and leaving. Once they go I sneak in the back way, kill the shotgun chap up the stairs and make my getaway, having barely lifted a finger.
  24. Nothing from Gameplay here either; although I was specifically told it would arrive on Tuesday so it's not too much of a disappointment.
  25. With Gameplay I'm saving a fiver and also buying from a retailer with principles and honour, not these fly-by-night rulebreakers.
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