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  1. Say a retailer breaks this embargo; what can Rockstar actually do?
  2. Not to call anyone a liar, but I'd need some kind of proof before letting myself get giddy. I've been hurt before.
  3. When I used to work in a Tesco there were a few times when an item would scan but not be on the database due to it not officially being saleable yet. I'd imagine a similar thing is in place.
  4. There's no way you all know a guy called Joe Public.
  5. Although if you didn't like Scientist you wouldn't have much luck.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto_IV_soundtrack It's a fairly sizeable list so far, and appears to be at least partly informed by the jolly rogers.
  7. Rizzo disappeared from my chat window for a few minutes to gab on the phone, probably about the latest dishy boybands or Dawson's Creek.
  8. I tried that Live Chat on Gameplay; Either it's a lottery or I just beat the cutoff point.
  9. Ooh, same. It's changed from 'Pre-ordered, despatch 27/28th' to 'Ordered - '
  10. The soundtrack is the most intriguing part for me. I don't know how accurate the Wikipedia page is (although it's not littered with 'citation needed' like most pages) but I like the sounds of it so far. For some reason I had the impression that they were purposely trying to go as obscure as possible musically.
  11. I love how quick Take 2 are on the case and shutting everything down; it helps my lack of willpower to have the decision not to view made for me.
  12. I didn't really notice any stutter in that video, so if that's as much as the framerate is planning to drop that'll do me nicely.
  13. I like the sounds of that. With the talk of them wanting to convey a distinct feeling of identity between neighbourhoods and areas, I'd imagine they've considered something like that. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it's the case this time around though, other than 'this area has sports cars, that area has 4x4s' and so on.
  14. @CHECK MY FEEDBACK!! DO I SEEM DODGY?? Lawdy, that has to be a spoof auction.
  15. The only bummer is the cardboard sleeve for the soundtrack CD; why skimp on costs for that?
  16. That girl has a freakishly big hand. 82%
  17. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of variety in the vehicles in some shots. Too many yellow cars.
  18. I was going a little cold on GTA4 until I read the five star review by jokhoo on Shopto - 'Dis game is just simply Gd Up , u get me !!' I've printed out my pre-order and stuck it up on my wall for seven days of longing gazes now.
  19. For me, I think the idea of having music potentially playing the entire time is veering close to having permanent background music; although it may fit in places like your quoted article, I like the 'real world' sounds when out of a car also. Obviously with the phone you'd have the choice to use this or not, but it's not a choice I feel I'll now be missing out on.
  20. I think I missed the part about listening to music on-foot being dropped; not entirely sure I would have made use of it anyway. With the talk of being able to hear everything going on around you and muffled music from cars passing by, having the radio on non-stop throughout the game would have diluted it a little.
  21. I'm in that special club too, although I'll be incredibly surprised if I have it before the Monday.
  22. I want to know how online will work with regards the map; from what I've read some bridges and areas are closed at the start, so does this mean you won't get the online-access mobile until you've opened up the map? What if you haven't unlocked an area but someone you're online with has? Do they disappear through a security wall? I'm scared of ghosts.
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