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  1. From the comedy club spoiler news, I take it there should be a fairly decent number of acts? I'd heard of being one also. Fingers crossed for Roger DeCourcey and Nookie Bear.
  2. Pfft; CJ sings En Vogue. Beat that, commie.
  3. I'm a little relieved to read about some negatives at last. They're things that didn't bother me in the previous games, and if true they won't catch me by surprise ('none of the skeet-skeet previews mentioned this') and if not, then all the better.
  4. Has there been confirmation on basejumping one way or the other? So many skyscrapers...
  5. I think the HUD was first seen in Nuts/Zoo/FHM/one of those kinds of magazines.
  6. I remember reading about the trick to beating Psycho Mantis just before MGS was released. The more of GTA4 that's kept back the better, because I don't have the willpower to ignore spoilers.
  7. Nah, they'll be identical aside from where one says 'warmer' the other will say 'DLC'.
  8. I have the 60Gb PS3, and all three PS2 games work fine; before one update, San Andreas had traffic that would appear/disappear and drive at incredibly stupid speed, but that's all sorted now.
  9. Marathon Man? The multiplayer sounds incredible. I have to admit I was expecting it to almost be an afterthought but wow.
  10. Once I've gave the single-player a good beating, I'll have to get in on this multiplayer business. I hope everyone likes driving very slow and listening to N*Sync.
  11. Mention of loading in the other thread reminded me of something I hope is in; when you enter buildings I hope you can still see the world outside operating as normal, as opposed to the windows just being a texture on the wall like in SA. Admittedly very minor, but it'd make it feel that little bit more like a living city.
  12. I think it'll be the same as SA; no loading except maybe a slight pause when entering buildings, if that.
  13. I wouldn't get excited yet; from the original page - 'I think it's time to put an end to this! I'm getting hate mail in languages I can't even read! This site was created purely for entertainment, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks!' I think it's the workings of a guy who wanted 360 owners to get angry or PS3 owners to cream themselves.
  14. I'm pretty sure that was completely made up by some kid for a laugh, as great new features included garages for cars!!! and bad things including a lack of Dodo and taxi rides being ace(?)
  15. Oh Lordy I hope so. I preordered from there with the first class a few weeks back.
  16. This might be the game that makes me reconsider my stance of running away screaming from the idea of playing online, although if it's filled with win-at-all-costs chumps like PES it'll be another early retirement.
  17. It's the shots where it's dark and rainy that I like most. Although it's hard to tell just from promo shots, it looks as though they've got the atmosphere nailed on a treat.
  18. Bonanza Bros. (Edit: ashmatuk is too quick for me)
  19. If they're creating a seedy New York-alike, prostitutes are mandatory; look at Taxi Driver for instance (although hopefully the prossies won't be 12.)
  20. Here's the controller layout in (hopefully) less squinty form; http://img296.imageshack.us/my.php?image=2...4096lywikh7.jpg
  21. It's since they announced that two minutes equals one day.
  22. There is no GTA4; Rockstar just enjoy starting internet wars. Those crazy japesters.
  23. For the people worrying about trade-in value depreciating; I just got a very quick £32 for it;
  24. If you want more of the same, I'd say go buy it. The story mode is a little short but fun with it, and obviously you've got terrorist hunt which is always good value.
  25. Finished the story mode on co-op. One slight disappointment is with the end;
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