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  1. Sony appear to sit back with the 'if you build it, they will come' philosophy. Although the free Bond film was nice.
  2. Oh poo. I got a reply back from the guy who claims in huge letters to have two copies readily available for dispatch; He did offer me an early copy of Heylo For though, so not all bad news.
  3. I'm getting it six weeks early from this guy. I've got a good feeling about this.
  4. When was it dispatched? I only got the email yesterday so I'd be surprised to see it this week.
  5. My Play order still says 'processing' so it'll most likely be Tuesday now...
  6. I have that entire week off, and then the next Monday's a bank holiday too I believe?
  7. I just ordered from Play (more of the same suits me nicely) although I'd guess it'll arrive Thursday anyway, removing the exciting naughty feeling of having it early.
  8. I was told the American version was as if you stumbled in halfway through the statement '(like) I could care less', with probably a 'whatever' thrown in there somewhere for douchebag effect.
  9. Aye, that's true. I was thinking for general releases, but for the biggies they may put on the effort, like they do with Harry Potter books. The big 24-hour Tesco near me has a Game in the same building, meaning you can save a tenner on games most times by walking for 2 minutes.
  10. I think with the 24 hour ones they don't exactly start stocking up on the stroke of midnight, but they will have it out back so it's a case of asking one of the zombies.
  11. That spoilered mission sounds ace. I hope there are a lot more like that, where you're not led by the hand through the game.
  12. I was under the impression that the map won't be as big as SA, but will contain more interiors and vertical area so a similar scope for exploration will be there.
  13. I pre-ordered the standard edition using that earlier £5 off code from Gameplay. The soundtrack is the only thing that'll probably interest me, and I assume a separate release is planned.
  14. I've been guilty of observing lights, giving way, generally obeying the rules of the road and so on also. Even the ridiculous idea of running errands ('today I'll get up, get a new outfit, go to Burger Shot, respray my car and then park it up in my house in San Fierro') Another one is making sure I have a flash car saved in every garage I own.
  15. Oh yeah, I just mean in the leadup to it; it was a good while back, but I don't recall personally looking forward to it as much as the instalments that followed (or even GTA2).
  16. Did GTA3 benefit from huge build-up at the time? I don't remember counting down the days until release, but I do remember the initial feeling upon playing as being pleasant surprise. I don't know whether this was my own early century 3D scepticism or a lack of gushing previews.
  17. I'm just going to go sightseeing.
  18. I'm sure I've read that car modding is gone along with the gym/haircut business. Pay 'n' Spray is a staple of the series though, I'd imagine.
  19. Liberty City is my favourite single city of the series, but San Andreas packed everything in so well; plus the general gangsta/Boyz N The Hood vibe appealed to me also. I've heard some people say they weren't into SA because they don't like the whole hip-hop culture, but aside from playing as a black guy it's only really Los Santos where that is prevalent anyway.
  20. Seconded. Vice would be third of the three for me, mainly due to the city itself.
  21. I've never been more nonplussed, or if I have I can't be bothered recalling it.
  22. If it gets light during day and dark at night in GTA4 I'll eat some crisps.
  23. Apparently the Sixaxis will be utilised somehow, for what it's worth. Hopefully it can be turned off also; I tend to forget it even has the functionality.
  24. With regards the stand-alone games; the only difference I've read between the two versions is that the 360 looks more vibrant, whereas PS3 is 'warmer' and with less aliasing. I have no real idea how any of this would look, but it seems as though differences will be minimal.
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