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  1. Apparently a bunch of previews are going up tomorrow; at least Kikizo is.
  2. Los Santos in particular; when you're in Grove Street and everything's got that orange hue it's like being dropped in the middle of any number of hood movies.
  3. I've yet to be unimpressed by the aesthetics of this. In detail and texture it won't compare well to a fair number of games, but combining what is on show so far with the sheer scale of the game makes me more than happy. Pop-up/fade-in aside, I thought San Andreas looked lovely too. I can handle crude so long as the atmosphere is right.
  4. Amos Moses was my (previously unheard) highlight on San Andreas. Funkier than the funk station.
  5. From the reports of the missions shown off so far, it does appear to be closer to the free-form design you're talking about. Whether it's representative of mission structure as a whole remains to be seen, but the missions detailed so far appear to bode well.
  6. I'm sure I've read somewhere that 'resting' is the other way to recuperate health; it makes sense that they'd include it nowadays.
  7. Apparently the PS3 version has been seen by some sites/magazines/cleaners, and all looks to be well. As much as I want to believe it, I'll wait until I have it in my clammy palms. At least it actually exists, I guess.
  8. If the GTA games were cartoony, you wouldn't die in an explosion; merely be left really charred, maybe holding up a signpost with 'ouch' on it. The plus point is that when you walk over an edge you'd have a few seconds grace of floating before you realise you've ran out of floor.
  9. I have to plead complete ignorance to Orange Box.
  10. I'd be fairly surprised if it turns out there's anything more than the slightest cosmetic difference between the versions, but even still I'd prefer some reassurance that everything's shipshape.
  11. After the uncertain worry and so on, these previews are scratching me right where I itch. The screenshot with the Flushing Meadows UFO towers filled me with glee, and I don't know why. I just hope something crashes into the Unisphere. Everything appears to be shown off on 360 though; I hope is this contractual or something to do with demoing it via PC, rather than a bad sign for the PS3 version.
  12. A studious librarian, although you just know if she let her hair down and took off the specs etc.
  13. While PES2008 is a letdown, I couldn't go so far as to say it's a poor game; I'm not enough of a sucker for punishment to still be playing it were that the case.
  14. The main thing about keepers that's struck me recently is that when coming out for a one-on-one they spread themselves well and are pretty decent at stopping the striker, but rarely claim the ball so much as parry it away, as if they're a Pong paddle.
  15. My God, Mark Lawrenson's terrifying. Even when masquerading as an Italian waiter.
  16. I felt that the accent of the Scottish fella in the Chernobyl level is the worst of all. If that's the voice of a genuine Scot I'd be shocked.
  17. This is all very disappointing. My hope for another Freedom Fighters goes on unfulfilled then, I guess.
  18. was marred by the game trying to 2nd-guess the controls a bit at times - I thought he had a 'stick you to the ground' attack when it was simply tht the game wanted me to push in a SLIGHTLY different direction to the one which had worked upto that point... In fairness, most games with shifting perspectives suffer this and SMG is no worse than any I've played - indeed, given the plethora of gravities etc - the quality of the controls is most impressive. Even things like are tough but eminently acheivable and you never feel you were cheated by the controls. That's pretty much the feeling I get also. Any error is generally down to me rather than having to make a blind jump or hope something works. I had the same on the
  19. I bought it on Friday; I had planned to leave it a while due to my current backlog of games, but it was only £32 and with a free chocolate orange so my mind was made up. All my current backlog have moved back a place. It's sublime, and everything's so joyous and happy. Graphically it's fantastic also. My only problems with it are control-wise; the surfing I'm hopeless at (I ended up crawling round tapping accelerate) and sometimes when Mario goes upside-down I find it hard to get jumps as precise as I'd like. It says a lot about it that the only faults I can find with the game are purely my ineptitude. I had early doubts about the Wii after it sitting dormant for a while, but that's out the window with this game. And the chocolate orange was lovely.
  20. My favourite puzzle so far has been
  21. From the multitude of PC Action likeness shots, I was particularly impressed with the job they did on Massimo Oddo; Watch out for N'Zogbia though. He either has a tiny head, or NFL padding under his shirt.
  22. I've enjoyed the demo somewhat after an unsteady orientation period around the new layout. Hopefully a green-based skin will be forthcoming from some graphical wiz when it's released. Proper coach reports for your own players is my favourite addition; the brief summary you could request was really inadequate previously. The match engine seems to resemble football a little more than in 07, where strikers seemed to take the ball to a ridiculously tight angle before shooting when in on goal. Assuming the fact I conceded so many* and half my team were at around 60% fitness (leading to me being fired in November) is just a demo-based bug to be smoothed out, I'm looking forward to it. *This may simply be because I play as Cov.
  23. I think it was either PES4 or 5 where the translation from Japanese left a little to be desired. Helpful text about making shoots between the goal rims and such.
  24. If an option file was fairly quick, I'd be happy with no licences. Part of my Master League team decision is the ability to create new strips each season. And imagine charging my fans through the nose, of course.
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