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  1. PES6 is now at **/minor issues; I'm guessing that's related to network play, as I've found nothing wrong at all since the update. San Andreas is playable, with the only issue I've found is that at certain junctions (and particularly the drive-thru near Grove St) the cars fly by in procession at the speed of sound, and then disappear. Although if you're in the way, you don't seem to get hit.
  2. Just Cause is my most recent disappointment. I expected so much more.
  3. Calling All Cars is apparently going to be available via the US store within a week.
  4. Now I've got Fight Night I really need to sort out an extra controller. As I'm not going to be using it yet am expected to provide it, I'm hesitant to shell out for another Sixaxis (plus I'd rather wait and see if the rumble returns). I heard about a USB adapter to use the PS2 pad for PS3 games; anybody got one/knows where I can get one from? Ta.
  5. I was under the impression that although 360 will get excusive episodic content, so will PS3 in early 2008. I'd be highly surprised if the Sony version lost out in this respect.
  6. Everything I've read says that you won't be able to fly planes, but not that you won't be able to fly. Helicopters, perchance?
  7. Motorstorm is the only game I have so far (aside from demos of GT, Ridge Racer, F1 and Genji, with F1 being the only one I've kept). It took a few goes to get into, but initial annoyances at it being way too hard soon gave way. The loading time is now my only issue with it, and it's not something I place that much importance in anyway. I think the console looks ok, and I like how it's heavy and chunky. It just feels well-made. My only problem is how it loves to collect fingerprints and the curved top preventing me from using it as an impromptu shelf. I still need to get the memory card adapter and a PS2 pad adapter (£30 for a second pad I won't use? I've spent enough); I've been told I really ought to get Fight Night also, but NBA 2K7 is looking likely to be my second game.
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