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  1. Having been fairly oblivious to the R6 series and pretty much all Clancy games (Splinter Cell did very little for me) I picked up the PS3 version, and I'm massively impressed.

    I had a vision of it being an incredibly anal squad tactics kind of thing, but instead it's a fun FPS with intuitive squad controls a la Freedom Fighters (the only squad game I ever got along with until now). I'm not generally good with FPS titles due to controls, but that's not the case here. The atmosphere in particular is fantastic.

    Sorry for ever doubting you Tom. Friends?

  2. I'd heard that '07 on the newer consoles was incredibly flawed, but they've got it right with '08. I'm looking at picking it up for either PS3 or Wii, depending on which comes out best review-wise.

  3. Oh, how do you set up other country accounts (US and Japan)?

    When you set up a new account, just enter a relevant address and zip code. Although most people tend to go for a Hong Kong account rather than Jap as it's in English, and I think the content is about the same.

  4. I've now won three races on the trot (arf) but I'm still not convinced I know what I'm doing, so much as I've lucked out on easy races. Hopefully at least. I don't want to have mastered it 3 days in...

  5. I think there's a fair amount of people who could play 'properly'

    Every so often I like to play PES on the 'Fix' control and just spend the entire game as a left-back or similar. Where you may not see a great deal of ball time or score many belters, there's still the challenge of marking up, covering and holding the right position.

    I could see this being an insanely boring prospect for most online players though, what with them rushing to be Ronaldinho or Henry at every opportunity.

  6. If playing PES online is anything to go by; whoever's playing as the more talented players in the side will hog the ball and try to do everything. It's bad enough playing 1 idiot, not 21.

  7. I have a few different training regimes dependant on position; GK, DF, DM, AM, FW. Any players who breach more than one position is a judgment call.

    It's best to take your coaches off 'Auto Assign' as it makes every coach responsible for all 9 areas, which spreads the quality a bit thin. I keep the coaches that have at least 4* ability in an area, which means I generally end up hiring new coaches and having 7-9 in total, each with a specific area of expertise. Apply the same on the youth training and it really does seem to pay dividends with the academy players that come through.

    Decent coaching and scouting, and you're set long-term.

  8. I'm having my most fun game in a while, as Cov.

    Started poorly and recovered to finish 8th. Next season, started poorly and carried on, finished 19th. It started getting better though; despite traditional poor starts, I qualified for the playoffs three seasons running, playing Leicester in the semis every time. The woolybacks beat me in two of the three, with my win inbetween preceding a playoff final defeat to Ipswich.

    Then the season just gone, I start well and stay fairly consistent. I beat Bolton, Chelsea and Man Utd and end up winning the League Cup. I thrash Crystal Palace in the playoff semis and face Hull. I'm 1-0 up in the 120th minute... when my keeper takes a free kick fairly high up in his own half, passing it to Harewood who promptly knocks it in from 60 yards. I then lose on penalties.

    I should be confident about next season, but I have the nagging fear that I've peaked. I am in the Wafer Cup though, so a nice distraction at least.

    And I free-transferred the keeper in a fit of rage. Or tried to, until the board blocked it. Stupid sensible chairman.

  9. PES6 is now at **/minor issues; I'm guessing that's related to network play, as I've found nothing wrong at all since the update.

    San Andreas is playable, with the only issue I've found is that at certain junctions (and particularly the drive-thru near Grove St) the cars fly by in procession at the speed of sound, and then disappear. Although if you're in the way, you don't seem to get hit.

  10. Now I've got Fight Night I really need to sort out an extra controller. As I'm not going to be using it yet am expected to provide it, I'm hesitant to shell out for another Sixaxis (plus I'd rather wait and see if the rumble returns). I heard about a USB adapter to use the PS2 pad for PS3 games; anybody got one/knows where I can get one from? Ta.

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