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  1. Pure gaming joy. What a highlight.
  2. This game is nuts,proper got my hooks into me. I've had about 6 hours sleep in the last 2 night's. Lightening buff to dual swords is the best thing ever. Its not perfect, the loot system needs......something..... I'm drowning I'm loot and spending far to much time in menu's. Maybe drop's need nerfing by 50% compensated with mat's and other stuff dropping more, save me spending half hour figuring out what I need to break down/keep/sell. But other than that, fucking awesome game so far. Ninja Gaiden + Diablo + Souls. What's not to like? Videogames like this remind me why I love them
  3. I'm not seeing this till Saturday, but it's a fucking miracle that a film with this much hype and weight on it's shoulders looks like its actually delivered. Am in in an alternate dimension? Can't wait. What next for J.J? A Matrix reboot? Good call sir.
  4. That children of need cameo needs to be in the at 9 imo.
  5. 100% on Rotten tomatoes out of 50 reviews. Looking good!
  6. Gone. Enjoy! Game world is super impressive. Pre ordered.
  7. spare code if anyone wants it. PM me
  8. Yup. hands down the best show on tv right now. Episode 8 was all sorts of amaze. Good news on season 3, I'm betting they go back to when the Gerhards(?) first get to America.
  9. That last room on the daily is no joke for sure.........
  10. Jesus fucking christ you lot are tedious. Game looks amazing who gives a fuck if its running at 30fps?
  11. That's the worse thing they could do. The TTK is into COD territory as it is. I'd like to see tweaking the range on hand cannons and shotties, Buffing the AR's a very tiny bit and removing some of the (very) OP perks on some guns. I think that would do it. Alas I don't think we'll see anything until the next expansion, when most of our stuff's going to be redundant anyway (I think).
  12. Add me if you like, i'd be happy to help you along. I play at weird times and almost exclusively use LFG sites for raids and Nightfalls. It takes less than a couple of minutes to find a decent group. Strikes get tiresome very quickly if you ask me. I'd give the pvp more time as well, when it clicks I think its fantastic. PSN: clarky1975.
  13. 20 quid for 3 dance moves, a few shaders and 3 class items? Seriously? Fucking hell I might as well throw money at the screen.......
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