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  1. Best part of the whole event: This season might turn out to be a snoozefest on track, if the cars are hard to follow again, despite the close timesheets.
  2. Bing the whole thing already, I didn't gain anything from it. They didn't even cover the Max/Checo Brazil meltdown.
  3. Had a great time on this last night, first time I've had a Halo marathon session in a while. Clip of the night: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wallbob/video/172432442/embed
  4. Right then, will the Merc have sidepods?
  5. The Google Chrome colours are the sweetcorn on the shite of that McLaren livery
  6. Community playlist is up with some forge maps. I find it mind boggling at what people can make within the game.
  7. White jeans as well no doubt
  8. I can't bring myself to bother with the MP any more, the spawning just seems so random that it feels impossible to control the map (except the border control one, but that's a terrible map anyway...). I'll give Warzone a go, but if it doesn't grab me then I think I'll stick to Halo and Apex Legends for my FPS/BR fun.
  9. If the Max/Checo thing is about Monaco, and Max can't take the help Checo gave him in Abu Dhabi (and elsewhere?) as clearing the slate, then Max is an absolute wanker.
  10. Happy for Merc, but I really can't stand the thought of Crofty mentioning King's Lynn every two fucking minutes for years to come, so hopefully Lewis keeps him quiet if/when Merc are hitting the top step regularly again. Seriously, I really can't stand that man.
  11. It will work if you go through some steps 1. Press OK 2. Enter your password/Pin code 3. When asked if you want to allow connection to people outside of Xbox, press Cancel 4. You should be back in the game and able to play
  12. So the next KMag has a loose endplate, the best thing for him to do is hit every bump he can see to try and shake it off before he gets told to pit.
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