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  1. Slow it right down and it you see maybe the 2nd to last shot gets his legs before the final shot gets the kill. The other shots missed.
  2. After the session we last played and not being able to play last night, this upsets me.
  3. What about some players who have played the entire series finding it easier than other players who have played the entire series?
  4. For me this was by far the easiest Legendary run in any Halo game.
  5. I had the equipment memorised from about half way through. It certainly helps for some of the tougher areas where I wanted to switch between grapple and thruster. It felt really clumsy until that point though, for sure.
  6. Done on Legendary. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I suppose it'll be a nice refresher to play it coop at some point in the future. Probably the second easiest Halo campaign out the lot after Halo 4 for me, but definitely one of the most enjoyable with the amount of options available. Now playing Ranked Arena with HCS on the other screen
  7. Do you select End game back to main menu? I haven't had any bugs this way.
  8. Left on dpad and then a direction to select what grenede type you want to equip. Fyi right on the dpad then a direction to change your active equipment type. Valor points unlock the ability to equip the weapon type at the FOB (same for vehicles). You don't spend points to equip things.
  9. News just in that Slayer, Swat, Fiesta and Free-For-All playlists will be live from Tuesday 14th.
  10. Hard to tell. Providing it's as you were at the end of Lap 1 then Lewis could maybe just wait for Max to pit from his soft tyre stint and then disappear into the distance. It's set up to be quite a fascinating race.
  11. I've started using it a bit more later in the campaign, playing on Legendary. It gives good intel before you dive into a battle. Never really used it in PvP to be honest but I'll need to give it a shot.
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