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  1. Quick search of the interweb,... https://cdn.klarna.com/1.0/shared/content/legal/terms/0/en_gb/account_agreement 7. Early Repayment You have the right to repay all or part of the credit early at any time at no extra cost. We will let you know the balance outstanding upon request.
  2. Why can't you sign in on the XSX?
  3. Its an official update so I suppose it would be
  4. It lets me keep playing, but it doesn't record my progress after the mission is complete unless it decides it can get reconnected to the server. Its definitely a game problem rather than a console problem.
  5. It doesn't maintain any connection to a server in the background, don't expect that to change. Hopefully game devs start to keep this in mind as its really irritating with some games eg. Hitman, even though its single player.
  6. Despite buying Hitman 2 I never actually played it So I'm going through the full trilogy from scratch and being reminded how good it felt to play Sapienza on Hitman 1 at the time, after the previous game deviated from the magic formula. The options available to you in every mission makes it a AAA game for me. Having the full trilogy in one is just incredible value.
  7. Idiotic move by Microsoft in the first place, one of those things that you just can't understand how it made it onto the drawing board, never mind out of the room. But then again, incompetence from powerful people and idiotic conspiracy theories from everyone else seems to be fairly typical lately.
  8. Have you checked your storage to make sure all of each game is on a single drive? I had a similar issue and it seemed to be because I had (for example) the campaign and multiplayer installed to different drives. Once I moved things around so the full game was on the internal storage the issue went away.
  9. You can access them using the Xbox Console Companion app from the Windows store or use one of the 3rd party websites like https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/jamie-john-1990/screenshots
  10. i didn't know that... Heres the helpful answer then- Head to your games library Hover over the game and hit the 'Menu' button Scroll down to 'File Info' Here, look for "ConsoleType: XboxOneGen9Aware". If this is referenced, the game should function on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S from an external USB drive
  11. Officially TBA for Xbox One consoles, so I doubt it. Xbox Series S/X in 2021.
  12. Ok I'm back on the Cyberpunk...
  13. I think I'm sacking it until the next-gen patch. All of the things it does well it does them to a score of 10/10 for me, but the experience has been spoiled by really shitty bugs, awful NPC AI (like, GTA3 AI), a useless minimap and mind bogglingly bad vehicle handling. Some of these things will no doubt be tweaked/fixed in time and some will not, but hopefully I'll be able to feel like I've had a good experience not feel deflated and frustrated. I really want to love this game but it just isn't possible at the moment.
  14. I enjoy pretending posts in this thread are about real life and not the game.
  15. The annoying bugs are starting to ruin this more and more for me, a real shame. I'm tempted to sack it off and wait for a patch or maybe even just the sX optimisation... But at the same time I want to play it so much
  16. Weird. I've seen a lot of positivity around them.
  17. Finally 343i speak up https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/inside-infinite-december-2020 And pics
  18. If you were placing a bet you'd go with Merc, they're so far ahead at the moment that they've got plenty of time to prep for 2022.
  19. Next season will be Bottas' last. Merc will want Russell in the team proper in time for Hamilton retiring and he's shown he is ready now. Merc are in a really good place in every aspect, besides the odd team fuck up that happens once or twice a season. I'm struggling to think of a time when Bottas impressed me, maybe when he was at Williams but he's just so second rate in the Merc and was shown up massively today. He doesn't belong in a top team imo. On a good day he gets the podium, on a bad day he's just no where and can't seem to out drive the car when struggling unlike the AAA
  20. Whitshisface and Oapi... Oapi hasnt sent a request yet though, I'll let you know when he gets the finger out!
  21. I've requested to join MUKO again as it looks like we'll have a bit more activity now. I'll bring a few friends with me
  22. Just tried it and nothing happened.
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