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  1. My money says Stewards decision is racing incident. Both drivers not giving in, similar to Silverstone in that respect. Nasty to see a wheel ontop of a driver's head though. So pleased for McLaren, hopefully Sky are done looking for drama and get onto Danny and Lando's 1/2
  2. I really hope next year's cars can race closer because I love that track layout with the banking etc.
  3. It'll be somewhere between nothing and everything depending on how you feel about it. Mind blowing stuff.
  4. ... Unless you aren't paying the full price (eg. Redeeming with reward points)
  5. Anything multiplayer related uses the same servers so it should be no different. I'd suggest launching your own custom game (it's in multiplayer) to get connected to a server before backing out to try connecting coop
  6. I've had this before. Before you party up, launch into separate custom games on your own, then launch into a custom game together, then try going into public matches together. You don't need to complete the custom games, it's just to get you both into the same server. It seems to sort it for us.
  7. Incredible race at points. The Alonso/Hamilton battle was some of the best racing I've ever watched live, proper heart in mouth over several laps. Almost any other track would see Lewis blast past on the straight but not here and as a result we got to see why they are two of the best to ever do it. Thoroughly enjoyed that.
  8. Default for me but as soon as I can I'll swap Equipment on RB with Melee which is currently on RS.
  9. I imagine it would be something similar to last year's fires in western USA. No actual fires but you couldn't see a bloody thing. Landed at Seattle using instruments only is rather dodgy. Wasn't a great time to attempt the AsoboHQ to Microsoft HQ achievement but I managed it!
  10. I love this kind of detail. I noticed as well that the power weapon pads light up in a circle to indicate when it's going to spawn
  11. Series X 4K/120 Series S 1080p/120 343i want a piece of the eSports market with this game. It's clearly been one of the main objectives for them from the start.
  12. Whisper it, but... Halo Infinite is good, says everyone
  13. When was the last time this didn't happen to a game?
  14. Done for the night and shock horror, I really like it. Movement wise it feels somewhere between Halo 3 and Halo 4 which on early impressions feels like a sweet spot. The aim assist is so loose compared to previous games that its really going to reward those who can keep a crosshair on target for efficient kills. Some things that stick in my mind after todays session: Guns sound and feel powerful The personal AI chatter is surprisingly fun, some of the lines they hit with had me laughing. 4 different AI personalities in the tech preview Looks like a lot of armour combinations/customisation Your Spartan feels like a heavy hitting super soldier compared to Halo 5's light-footed, athletic movement Absolutely livid that my triple-kill-with-one-sniper-shot game clip freezes as I fire the bullet. Fucking livid. The music
  15. Brian Jarrard on Twitter: "IMPORTANT: Please don't post data-mined content to your channels! You run a very real risk of getting a takedown notice, which could result in a strike on certain platforms. If you have already posted content, we recommend removing it from your channel proactively." / Twitter
  16. I've just started to struggle now that we're hitting America o'clock.
  17. There's a performance/quality toggle in the video settings but my eyes aren't that good! Anyone absolutely loving the menu music? Just had it playing away in the background there.
  18. I got this. Just closed the game and tried again, got in.
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