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  1. Pretty gutted not being able to play Halo this Christmas Unless... MP beta maybe?
  2. There was never going to be a 1st party exclusive. Halo isn't exclusive to console.
  3. Would love it if they included that as a mode tbh.
  4. I honestly think the whole "xbox family" compatibility is reliant on Xcloud to enable people to play the latest games on Xbox One, which is kind of shifting the goalposts given the language MS have used previously but its probably the better thing to do on balance.
  5. I think they've refrained from showcasing it because it doesn't actually have a console launch date, which is slightly odd. Feels like the Series X and S are taking a lot more work. If they had a concrete release date then I'm sure it would've been more prominent (ie. Not missing)
  6. Let's fly round the Nürburgring I'm *this* close from buying a yoke for but scared in case I don't click with the game as I've never played flight sim before...
  7. It's PC only at first (Gamepass on PC) but will be on gamepass for Xbox whenever that will be.
  8. Is that headset decent or would you recommend waiting for other devices?
  9. Yeah I'll be all over Infinite like a rash and look forward to Tommy doing some heavy lifting whilst I try to forget about COD and re-learn Halo (and then still do heavy lifting because I'll be awful).
  10. Does anyone actually think MS are trying to make streaming overtake consoles rather than just have it as another way to play?
  11. I don't think it comes down to an end goal or "this is the future, that isn't". Choice is the future. MS want your money for a gaming subscription service, so to maximise that they need to provide as many ways to play as reasonably possible so console, PC, streaming etc.
  12. It's confirmed. They actually confirmed it some time ago since its omission from H5 caused a bit of a backlash.
  13. X Cloud let's you play any smart devices so I don't think we know exactly how it's going to pan out. It's not about console wars as such any more from Microsoft's perspective. MS and Sony are taking different paths in which they could both be successful.
  14. 2 player splitscreen confirmed for campaign, with up to 4 player online co-op.
  15. Can't say I was amazed by Halo 5 apart from a couple of levels, but the animation of enemies in the distance and the pop-in of textures weren't a good look when you weren't distracted by the action. Halo 4 looked great though from what I can remember. Regardless, both great games.
  16. Well it is set 500 years in the future. He might not even be from Earth.
  17. I don't think they did, no.
  18. Oh no you didn't just trigger the Halo league table posts... Oh no you didn't... Having played them all to death I think they're all excellent games. Halo 5's multiplayer is probably my favourite out of all of them but Halo 4's is absolutely bottom of the table. Conversely I'd probably rank Halo 5 campaign bottom of the table with Halo 4 being near the top, probably below CE and Halo 3 (4 is actually my most replayed campaign!) Given the setting for Infinite and the MP guys they've brought on board from the Halo 5 scene, I'm optimistic for it. Eagerly awaiting some gameplay footage of 4v4 competitive multiplayer as that's what keeps me going.
  19. As someone who hasn't played a flight sim before, is it recommended that I buy some extra peripherals for this? Or would I get on OK with a controller? I was kind of thinking it could play like Elite Dangerous with controller bindings but I just don't know... Last thing I want to do is boot it up and feel like I don't have the tools to get enjoyment from it! If it was VR compatible then I would probably invest in a headset for it as I imagine it would be pretty mind blowing.
  20. I play Halo for the MP but an open world, Metroid-esque campaign with scope to add more sections of the Installation over time sounds absolutely brilliant and the gameplay on show looked spot on. Perfectly content with what they've shown of the campaign. Eagerly await some competitive multiplayer action...
  21. Yeah agreed. It looked like a nice middle ground between Halo 3 and 5. Trying not to be too hyped but... It's going to be fucking awesome
  22. I cannot fucking wait to play Halo Infinite. That looked like brilliant fun.
  23. Wallace

    Formula One - 2020

    Only applies to a dry race.
  24. Thank jebus someone else said it. I can't fucking wait
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