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  1. If you've already got a One X, and your reason for upgrading to a Series S/X is for back compat, then surely a Series S is the one to go for given the back compat games won't be in 4K. Maybe I'm not following correctly...
  2. Why wait for a reduction on the X? Why not an S, or a reduction on the S?
  3. I read that to but managed to fly from Madrid to Gibraltar with no issues last night. The latest patch has messed some things up so hopefully it gets a hotfix soon.
  4. Fucking hell, I think I'm having a panic attack.
  5. I'm confused by the USB Type-C bit... Doesn't Series X/S support USB Type-C? Because I'd like to be able to charge my Elite 2.0 Controller from it.
  6. I think theres a few that are out on launch day. I'm looking forward to playing Cyberpunk the following week though (fingers crossed no delay)
  7. The AP for the A320 is fine, but haven't a clue what's going on with the Boeing. I kind of got it working OK on one of the tubroprops but I need to get more time in them to feel like I know what the AP is going to do before it does it.
  8. Terrain Level of Detail and Object Level of Detail will give the most significant change to fps. Keep everything on High and scale those two suit to begin with.
  9. Rule of thumb is if it can play on an Xbox One, it can play on a Series S/X. There might be individual patches to games to make them run better on the newer consoles so I imagine thats what certain devs will be talking about.
  10. Isn't it related to the Bianchi accident? They don't want cars going round the track when recovery/repairs are happening trackside.
  11. Sell to then lease back apparently?
  12. Xbox controller for the basics and M+K for specific controls/dials.
  13. Managed to stick a fiver on Kimi to win at 100/1 before the restart... So that's a fiver I'm not seeing again
  14. Didn't seem to be a problem for all but 2 drivers.
  15. If Bottas was a red bull driver he would've been relegated last season. He just can't handle it. Fine for Lewis obviously and as long as Merc keep winning the constructors then I suppose they're still content with the line up.
  16. The most demanding CPU settings are Terrain Level of Detail and Object Level of Detail, so turn them all the way down. Also turn off Live AI Traffic. I've got an i5-7400 and it really struggles with the airliners in detailed locations, but runs fine with the smaller turboprops etc.
  17. I'm addicted to watching an Airbus A320 autopilot its way from waypoint to waypoint 39000ft in the sky. Complete waste of this the terrain AI but theres just something so relaxing about it.
  18. Southampton is the only UK city that has it. Fortunately it should be straight forward to have the game updated whenever Bing Maps adds more cities. Full list here - List of Bing Maps 3D Cities (Photogrammetry) https://goo.gl/maps/pgmq5v22KeQgPrP96
  19. Set the autopilot for a flight across the US while I worked today. 1hr of flight in 40 odd seconds... https://i.imgur.com/885fZNU.gifv
  20. Got my feet up watching the Indy 500
  21. This is a pretty good video explaining how AP works on the A320. Managed Heathrow to Schiphol off the back of watching this three times...
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