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  1. I've been getting this recently, needed to log in to their website with a different persona to get the message. Forcing people to have an EA account to play their games on-line has created a real mess, I've got more than one persona and there doesn't seem to be a way to tidy them up. It mainly seems to be spam which seems a little unprofessional from EA, I don't get spam PM's on other forums. They also managed to briefly give me admin privileges on the FIFA forum and were sending me notifications when posts were reported by other users.
  2. I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned it, unlocked it yesterday and got the Surveillance Efficiency ribbon 35 times since. Reminds me of the C-130 level in COD4, you just look down on the battlefield, press a button occasionally and the enemy die. It's murderous.
  3. It's possible that the 360 could always be cheaper and MS seem more committed to attracting non-traditional gamers with Kinect. Nintendo might even already have those buyers. A strong tail might happen, but doesn't look likely.
  4. I'm guessing that it's just a tweaked version of Ferrari Challenge which definitely didn't look as good as that trailer. Terrible timing with GT5 just weeks away.
  5. Good work Gus, I've lurked on P&B for a few years and followed this there. Haven't gone to a game for ages, this brings it all back, the good and the (mainly) bad.
  6. Official Demo Tutorial The Best Tutorial
  7. No, they could still both be viable. As Gaz said, shareholders look for improvements, not viability. They're removing stores where there's duplication.
  8. Two nearby stores can both be making a profit. They'll make more profit by closing one, cutting their costs and still selling the same amount of goods.
  9. Competition is generally a good thing, so Game going would be bad. I don't think that's what is happening though, they still make a profit and are looking to increase that. It is going to be only one shop in every town now.
  10. There's plenty of scope for the Romans to be plotting and manoeuvring amongst themselves while they try to crush the slaves and the slaves split into different groups during the war. The problem is going to be showing the battles, it's in the arena that the action has worked so far, that's lost now.
  11. Just a couple that haven't been mentioned - Hombre with Paul Newman and Open Range with Kevin Costner.
  12. Squads are limited to 4 because of the spawn on squad mechanic, there's a bug where you get 5 in a squad occasionally and it's a big advantage on attack.
  13. I'd grabbed the first couple of leaked episodes, thought it was rubbish and forgot about it. All the raving here made me try some more on and I'm really enjoying it now. Surprisingly good writing and acting after the first few episodes.
  14. It's a bit too easy and it encourages people to play as Recon and stay away from the objectives. One of the objectives has been moved on Arica Harbor since the beta because people just shelled it from distance with the tank, I'd guess that over use of the mortar will lead to a patch as well.
  15. It's much more of a problem being on a team with a load of the daft twats. Every spawn is at your base or even further back.
  16. Entourage with a bit of Sex And The City thrown in for the ladies, but not a funny as early Entourage.
  17. The PS3 beta level seemed much wider to me, much easier to get behind the enemy.
  18. On the 360. The bit where you have to take out the AA in the village, there are a couple of tanks come up behind you on your right and stop on the road. Running over and grabbing one was the only way I could finish the mission on time.
  19. I thought you had to get into the tank for the final mission.
  20. It's that Somerhalder bloke from Lost and his sneering badness and the fairly inventive violence makes it worth a look. A very guilty pleasure.
  21. This series has seen a real return to form, episode 5 is a classic, so well done.
  22. Remember that it's the 3D that's supposed to be the selling point.
  23. Ugh, uncritical fan service. We have the internet for that.
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