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  1. I've been getting this recently, needed to log in to their website with a different persona to get the message. Forcing people to have an EA account to play their games on-line has created a real mess, I've got more than one persona and there doesn't seem to be a way to tidy them up. It mainly seems to be spam which seems a little unprofessional from EA, I don't get spam PM's on other forums. They also managed to briefly give me admin privileges on the FIFA forum and were sending me notifications when posts were reported by other users.

  2. Been playing with the MAV a bit in the last couple of days and it's just ridiculous. Super easy to spot with as everyone's lit up by the IR camera, and once someone's spotted the triangle won't disappear as long as you have them in line of sight, which isn't hard to maintain when you're floating 100 feet above the battlefield.

    Playing defence on Damavand Rush earlier I often had 7 or 8 of the other team spotted simultaneously. Our helicopter and mortars made short work of them. :)

    I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned it, unlocked it yesterday and got the Surveillance Efficiency ribbon 35 times since. Reminds me of the C-130 level in COD4, you just look down on the battlefield, press a button occasionally and the enemy die. It's murderous.

  3. Anybody got info on the new Ferrari game that's out on PSN this week. I wasn't bothered, but the trailer looked amazing. I know it's only pre-rendered but it's the most life like stuff I've seen recently so it's got me intrigued. Can't seem to find any game footage though which doesn't bode well.

    I'm guessing that it's just a tweaked version of Ferrari Challenge which definitely didn't look as good as that trailer. Terrible timing with GT5 just weeks away.

  4. All this proves is that once both those stores were viable due to the profit for each, now they're not. We're not talking one or two stores here, we're talking about 127. These are drastic cuts because the company isn't doing well, and it's already admitted being hit hard by supermarkets and other rivals, as well as a slump in sales generally.

    No, they could still both be viable. As Gaz said, shareholders look for improvements, not viability. They're removing stores where there's duplication.

  5. So what you're saying is that Game's aim is to make more money, and they're closing down stores which are indeed making them money, in order to make money.

    Does that make sense to you?

    Two nearby stores can both be making a profit. They'll make more profit by closing one, cutting their costs and still selling the same amount of goods.

  6. There's plenty of scope for the Romans to be plotting and manoeuvring amongst themselves while they try to crush the slaves and the slaves split into different groups during the war. The problem is going to be showing the battles, it's in the arena that the action has worked so far, that's lost now.

  7. Why prickish? valid strategy.

    It's a bit too easy and it encourages people to play as Recon and stay away from the objectives. One of the objectives has been moved on Arica Harbor since the beta because people just shelled it from distance with the tank, I'd guess that over use of the mortar will lead to a patch as well.

  8. I might have been lucky so far, but I've been in a few games against sniper heavy teams and they've been shite, especially at rush games.

    It's much more of a problem being on a team with a load of the daft twats. Every spawn is at your base or even further back.

  9. Definitely not on the 360 version.
    On the 360. The bit where you have to take out the AA in the village, there are a couple of tanks come up behind you on your right and stop on the road. Running over and grabbing one was the only way I could finish the mission on time.
  10. Is this worth watching at all?

    I heard good things about the baddie vamp making it worthwild?

    It's that Somerhalder bloke from Lost and his sneering badness and the fairly inventive violence makes it worth a look. A very guilty pleasure.

  11. The last one I read was disappointing because I went through the news pages and the previews barely reading the thing because it was full of stuff I knew from weeks back and it was completely lacking in detail. Print media is dead. I'm meant to be paying a fiver for this shit?

    All that's left are their opinions on reviews and games in general. Time and time again they have show themselves to not be representative of the people who actually play games and consider it a hobby ...they seem to be more interested in the art and what the game 'has to say'.

    Fuck it. The last straw for me was the god-awful Wii Sports Resort review. Every month that has always been at least one game that gets slated because it's just fun.

    It's also worth mentioning that as a developer who has to work with designers who may take the 'art' of making games a little too seriously (fair play, they're paid for it and it does help if they're aiming high) ...even they think that Edge is up its own arse.

    Ugh, uncritical fan service. We have the internet for that.

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