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  1. It isn't like this is the only video game forum to get into a frenzy about the Edge scores while claiming the magazine isn't to be taken seriously. At least most of the people here have browsed the magazine at least once.
  2. The American networks would like to start using the PVR numbers, but advertisers are still only interested in people watching it live. The thing about Dollhouse was that although a big percentage of the audience were using a PVR and watching it later, it was still a tiny overall audience. Fox were certainly taking possible DVD sales into account, but this wasn't even a series that all the Whedon fans loved.
  3. I think the reason that Fox picked it up in the first place was because it looked like there was unlimited potential for low budget episodes of the week and they would never run out of material. Dolls as bodyguards, dolls as detectives, dolls in love, you could do anything. Only you really couldn't, it was the proper story arc that was interesting and I don't think that had mass audience appeal.
  4. Argos have it on clearance for £40.
  5. I'd agree about there being way too much information in the trailer, one of the cast appearing almost seems like a spoiler.
  6. His output tends to be a bit hit and miss if I'm honest, I think Firefly is probably his strongest series overall and even that has at least one embarrassingly bad episode. Lots of other US sci-fi/fantasy series consist almost entirely of dire episodes though and never come near the high points of Whedon's best output.
  7. This does look doomed now. A real shame, the highs have been very high, unfortunately there have been a lot more lows. The real worry is that I can't see who will give Whedon another shot at a show now.
  8. Marmite is a fair description. A bad squad leader means that you're wasting your time and the game does seem incredibly unbalanced in patches. I actually fear to think what it will be like after a proper release when people really start to get into organised clans. On the plus side, it delivers incredible spectacle and it's very satisfying when everything comes together. It has that COD4 addictiveness as well.
  9. What better service do you think they're planning?
  10. Things are getting desperate now for the networks, lots of big hit shows have ended or are coming to the end of their life and very few new shows are clicking with audiences. The rise of the internet and DVRs means that expectations for ratings have been lowered as well. Fox obviously hope they'll be able to make some money from DVD sales and build the audience for this.
  11. This is the thread to discuss what's happened on the BBC2 showings, so it isn't really a spoiler.
  12. It's sad when rock stars are older and more out of touch than high court judges.
  13. It does seem very familiar. For a very big budget director, Cameron never seems that interested in the art direction. On the plus side, at least he doesn't let it get in the way of the story.
  14. Yeah, geeks never do that. I'm amazed Hollywood still make science fiction films.
  15. It was funny seeing it after that thread about decent action directors, some thrilling set pieces would have made a big difference to this, but they all seem a bit ridiculous. It kept on making me think of stuff I'd have liked when I was fifteen. Time hasn't done the CGI any favours either. Throwing in a few dozen new characters with actors of varying ability didn't help either.
  16. Rumours of a slim and price cut can't be helping sales.
  17. Personally speaking, Washington hasn't come close to making the number of bad decisions that Cage has. The two of them do have a habit of repeatedly doing dubious action flicks for some reason though. There's probably room for debate about whether either of them are action men types, but both of them are way too old. A Washington - Kunis hook up in this would be very dodgy.
  18. Amy Acker having a starring role in a new show might cause some problems.
  19. http://magazine.creativecow.net/article/inside-hbos-the-wire
  20. Because of the way that the US switched to HD, they associate 16:9 with HD far more than we do and I could see that leading to a demand for 16:9 on blu ray if it is ever released.
  21. It does look as if it was shot on 35mm film, so I reckon some sort of transfer might be possible in the future. I could see it showing up some of the sets pretty badly though. The fact that it's deliberately 4:3 might cause problems as well.
  22. Are you sure it's out on Blu-ray?
  23. The racing does suffer in comparison with Motorstorm, for me the game is all about the long distance exploration. It feels like the game would be brilliant if it was about stealing the lorries or finding pockets of civilisation. It's very strange to like a game, but wish it was a different genre.
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