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  1. "Lets mess around with the time line and continuity of Star Trek. The fans are never really bothered about that sort of thing." Bad idea to begin with and it wasted a pretty decent cast and some quite high production values. Idiots.
  2. Obviously a fan of the original series. I remember always being a bit disappointed by the original series when I was a kid, but when I saw it recently, it was absolute rubbish. Why so many people on the internet love it is a mystery.
  3. Everybody that I've loaned the DVDs to has absolutely loved it, including my Mum, who hates swearing and violence in her TV. I don't remember Sky promoting it too much, it's a genre that people will dismiss without trying and I don't think the first episode did it too many favours. It really needs to be watched again. I'm glad I stumbled upon Friday Night Lights to replace it.
  4. The range of games is quite narrow and quite a lot of 360 games are on their second or even third version (FIFA). I think internet access means that you're never surprised to see a game on the shelf these days and you'll write off games as not being for you.
  5. I'm quite pleased that they appear to be taking this approach. Everybody seems to have their own idea of what makes GTA and what should have been included in IV. I'd rather have a bit of focus rather than throw everything into the mix.
  6. Switched over to watch this on ITV4 tonight only to see the last five minutes. I'm actually amazed at how gutted I am.
  7. I remember expecting it to be like Spartan, but it really is very bland. Still watching, because there is the occasional moment where it gets a bit risky, but it always steps back from saying anything too deep.
  8. The current model seems to be that the hardware is sold at a loss and this money is recovered through software sales. I can't see the incentive for third parties to go into hardware production.
  9. I never had the chance to play Operation Flashpoint. How similar was it to Hidden And Dangerous? I seem to remember the two being linked somehow.
  10. Spent all afternoon getting these. You can't get a game without them. You can't download them with the 360 connected by VGA. I didn't have any bother paying, but couldn't get them to download. Read a solution that was totally wrong, then read that you have to delete your existing DLC and then get it all again. Tried that and it worked, but really, what a hassle.
  11. When GTA IV appears an awful lot of casual gamers are going to be looking for a console that they can buy pirated software for. DVD could triumph over motion sensing, innovation and high definition films.
  12. If MS did decide to abandon gaming, wouldn't it be at the end of the 360's life anyway. Development costs are over and software sales and Live subscriptions must be a good source of revenue.
  13. "This early failure in the key Japanese market has a compounding negative effect on worldwide console sales, as game developers are less willing to invest in high-risk projects for console platforms that are shaky out-of-the-gates, which makes it less attractive for gamers to buy these consoles, and so on." This isn't what has happened though, is it. Isn't stopping Sony getting their box under everyone's TV part of Microsoft's strategy to keep people buying their operating systems as well.
  14. Anyone remember ITV's attempt to do a Flying Squad show in the 90s. Can't be worse. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115389/
  15. What happened when the fleet found earth was always going to be difficult to write and in my opinion, probably best avoided. Instead of going on an epic journey through the vastness of space, the producers have taken the fleet straight there and as a result, I think they're well and truly stuck. I'm really expecting a series of semi-mystical bollocks as the writers try to avoid going to earth and explain away the 'twist' at the end of series 3.
  16. Ever since they've left New Caprica, series 3 has actually made me think that they've run out of ideas and are working from left over 1970s scripts. The story hasn't moved on, previous character development has gone out the window and we've had a love triangle and a contrived trial. It's sad that a series could go so wrong. I'm not getting my hopes up for a return to form.
  17. I've really enjoyed this series. It's filled the gap left by Deadwood for me. Annoying that it wasn't on last night on ITV4.
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