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  1. It is interesting that during the phone conversation, he tells them that if they let his daughter go, that will be the end of the matter. There is the implication that he sees the friend as expendable. It added to my enjoyment of the film that he really isn't a conventional hero, just a very violent dad.
  2. It's lacking a bad guy at the moment. The security chief character is more annoying than sinister and his concern about Echo seems quite rational, especially when every mission goes badly wrong. I can't help thinking that if they had an amazing reveal that would breathe life into this, they should have used it by now.
  3. I loved this, but it's bizarre to imagine Neeson becoming an action star at his age.
  4. I'm sure that the writers of Lost and BSG would claim that they had the plot entirely mapped out from the beginning and aren't at all making stuff up as they go along.
  5. But he doesn't appear to enjoy the violence he inflicts in the film. If it was a different director, I'd be more willing to give the alley scene the benefit of the doubt, but I'd say that Snyder is the one who revels in violence.
  6. I'd say that the film is pretty faithful to the characters apart from a few exceptions that have been commented on a lot in the thread. They just aren't as interesting in the film.
  7. The important thing that's been lost from the comic is the structure. The reason that it's such a great comic isn't the characters and it certainly isn't the plot, it's the way that the story is told through a mass of material detailing the history of the characters, fed to the reader in fragments that the reader eventually pieces together for themselves. Snyder pretty much tells the story with a few flashbacks thrown in, which is a wise choice, as the comics structure would be a confusing mess whizzing past you in a three hour cinema visit, but it really loses the genius of the comic.
  8. Worth mentioning that it's competing with the third series of Friday Night Lights there. It has never had good ratings, but NBC have just carried on showing it.
  9. This was pretty poor. More using a science fiction premise to do a dull riff on The Bodyguard than actual science fiction. This sort of episode was always going to be the problem with this series. Might be an idea to have Echo carry out a mission flawlessly now as well, things going wrong every week is going to wear thin.
  10. From Hell was on the TV last night. I'd heard bad things about it, so I'd always avoided it. From the couple of minutes I saw last night, it might be the worst film of his work. Genuinely awful, almost a parody.
  11. Big improvement. The FBI agent still seems a bit irrelevant, hopefully he won't spend every episode going over the sets from the last episode. Echo was uninteresting again, but the show doesn't seem to be about her as much as the publicity suggested beforehand. I wonder if they've used Dushku as an easy hook to sell the show.
  12. There's a different guy in charge at Fox now and he stuck with Friday Night Lights on his old network, even though the ratings were terrible. That 4.7 million that was disastrous a couple of years ago isn't quite so bad now and Fox probably need to start thinking about new shows to replace 24, Prison Break and Lost in the long term.
  13. http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2009/02/dollhouse-attra.html 4.7 million viewers in the states. EW are putting a positive spin on those numbers, but I'm sure that this will need Fox to be patient.
  14. Enjoyable enough, but far too early to make a real judgement. I am a bit worried that the story makes it very easy to insert filler episodes.
  15. Even if manufacturing was falling, as long as goods were still being imported, the dockers would have work. They were competing with other East coast ports, not foreign ports, hence the attempts to secure funding to maintain the facilities at the docks. They weren't requesting funding, they were paying bribes to get it.
  16. The docks closing wasn't about outsourcing, it was about the land being worth more as waterfront apartments for Washington commuters and there not being enough investment in the docks by the government. Retraining is obviously possible for these guys, but they're never going to recover the income that they would have working as unionised labour. Their way of life is going to disappear, in part because Frank isn't that good at playing the game, that's the tragedy.
  17. True. They've been outnumbered by people trying to defend his behaviour, just because he's been in films that they've enjoyed though.
  18. Only ITV could fuck up that badly.
  19. Yeah, I watched it on ABC1. Good stuff, great cast.
  20. I used to use N4G as my news site. The comments were always fanboyish, but it was pretty useful for having any news all in one place. They've quite deliberately let it become an all out console warzone now though and it's made the whole thing completely useless.
  21. Sounds different anyway, but I'm getting horrible flashbacks to 1970's TV movies of Old Testament stories.
  22. New trailer. http://screenrant.com/official-trailer-killshot-rob-5017/
  23. I can't imagine anyone putting up money to produce a new movie would be willing to part with their cash for anything but dark and violent at the moment. The best we can hope for is a film with a lot of the mad stuff in the background and Dredd delivering some very deadpan lines.
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