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  1. I think the first time I saw it was the TV version, but I'm not sure. I remember broadcasters loving mini-series' like Roots and Centennial in the 70s.
  2. The way that the writers reinvented the show for the last two series was very impressive. There was a real risk that The West Wing could have shuffled off with a lame story of the week format, using the old characters, but not really doing anything. Instead we got a huge reshuffle, an ambitious election story and space weapons. Brilliant.
  3. Yes, she was deaf in real life. I think she won an Oscar for Children Of A Lesser God.
  4. I noticed earlier in the week that HMV were selling The Sarah Connor Chronicles in store for thirtysomething pounds, which seemed pretty close to what I'd expect for a DVD release. They've maybe had no success at all selling TV series at the premium prices they get for blu-ray films.
  5. It ended well. Good to see that the sergeant major's dress standard dickishness had a real reason behind it.
  6. The West Wing was very well received by critics here and very enjoyable, it does have a few problems for anyone starting to watch now though. There is a terrible dip in quality in the middle, between Sorkin leaving the show and the producers getting things back in gear for the last two series. As a whole, it really suffers from actors coming and going, especially the various women who are lined up to be Josh's love interest, then disappear with no explanation. It also looks terrible at the beginning, by todays standards anyway, with an awful lot of murky brown interior shots. At times it is a fantastically well done drama, it just doesn't match up to the best of HBO.
  7. I liked the trailer anyway. Not a huge fan of Howard though.
  8. First series of Friday Night Lights. Not the second unfortunately.
  9. I wonder if a lot of people would be better off with a Freeview card for their PC and then using the PS3 to play the recordings. I'd certainly wait for the Freeview HD situation to be decided before buying this, I can see another version being released within two years.
  10. It was the judges decision this week, Fox went to court about this earlier in the year apparently.
  11. They certainly appear that way, but I read a post from an American ex-serviceman on another forum saying that an awful lot of their behaviour can be put down to bravado. Can't deny that some of them really are dicks though. Another thing that I've read is that in Afghanistan the same unit was operating in its intended recon role, which meant much smaller numbers, lead by the NCOs in the field. The TV show isn't explicit enough about that, as it would better explain the lack of respect that the men have for the inexperienced officers.
  12. I'd guess it's because they consider the Blu-ray to have better audio, even though the HD DVD was five star at the time it was released.
  13. I enjoyed this, but there was a huge hole in the plot. The performances and the misdirection carried it to the end, but it was a little bit unsatisfying.
  14. US cinemas have made so much money from family friendly comic book movies recently that I can imagine them sticking with the formula. If you owned a cinema, wouldn't you rather have a crap, but well promoted 12 comic book flick rather than a good 18.
  15. It's just taken a lot longer than it should have for the implications of what they were offering to hit home. Pity.
  16. I could see people being annoyed at paying for a 4:3 Blu-ray in the states, where HD and 16:9 have gone hand in hand, so I wouldn't get your hopes up. It doesn't get mentioned much how good it all actually looks. I've just watched the first episode of season 2 again on DVD and it really is one of the best shot TV shows ever.
  17. It's a very quick read, the subject matter isn't easy going though. Well worth picking up.
  18. It certainly looks promising, but I'm a bit worried that what was quite a grim read could be too bleak when you're forced to sit in the cinema without a break for a couple of hours. The performance of the boy is going to be crucial, as could the casting of
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7539384.stm 12 US troops killed in July.
  20. The alternative would be going on for ever, like the war. An 8 hour miniseries has to be a better way of adapting a book than a 2 hour film.
  21. The fourth episode is excellent. Some of the grimmest stuff so far and also the funniest. A bit like The Wire, it's taken a while to hit it's stride.
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