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  1. The guy that plays Encino Man was in that sitcom about nerds and appeared to be absolutely massive. I think this is what has caused the problem, in real life he's never going to be mistaken for the guy that plays Captain Patterson, but in close up with a helmet on, it was a bit confusing at first.
  2. He really was on fire back then. Daredevil: Born Again is the less obvious choice to get hold of, but really complements his Batman comics.
  3. I could see Nintendo's slick and relentless advertising saving the uninformed from buying too much shovelware. It seems to be the good stuff that is promoted on TV and that's what the majority of people seem to be buying.
  4. That looks excellent. Stone really doesn't give a fuck.
  5. I saw them promoting this on News 24 yesterday. I always think that when the BBC push something so hard, it's a sign that they know they've spent far too much money on it.
  6. As other people have said, a straight translation of the comic book panels on to the page will miss the point of the comic by a fair bit. A great director might have been able to use the material in a clever enough way that he overcame that problem. I'd quite like to see Watchmen on the screen, but I'd rather have seen what Gilliam, or another top director made of it. I could be wrong and Snyder might make a great job of it, but I'm expecting a pointlessly literal translation of part of the comic book with the focus on spectacle and not confusing anyone.
  7. I was surprised at how good Neeson was to be honest. I know he's a good actor, but he seemed to be giving this 100%, when I thought he might just be taking the money, especially as Besson does have a bit of a reputation for knocking out the action flicks these days. There's not much point picking holes in the plot either, because I can't think of many action films that don't throw logic out the window at times. This carried it off, which is the tricky bit.
  8. Taken has renewed my faith in the action flick. This could work.
  9. It's very good. After a couple of short scenes to establish everything, it's non-stop ruthlessness from Neeson's character. Quite a short film and they don't waste any of the time.
  10. For The Man Who Has Everything was the one I was thinking of. So many ideas and perfectly executed.
  11. Moore and Gibbons Superman story is fantastic. Well worth searching out.
  12. They can always wait for the stage where the high street retailers stop selling second hand PS2 games, then put emulation back in.
  13. Not broadcast, cable or satellite only and a broadcast trial in London.
  14. I can't help thinking that they'll release a new add-on when HD broadcasts start.
  15. This is pretty much what's concerned me. I can't help thinking that at the best a cinema audience is going to leave the cinema thinking that it's been a great spectacle and that Rorschach is cool. It's all the stuff that's going to have to be removed for cinema that made the comic so great.
  16. MS used licensed components for the first Xbox, ruling out shifting millions of cheap consoles at the end of it's lifespan. Then, for the 360, they produce a machine that's famous for its unreliability. They have to stay in, just to see how they do when they don't make such huge mistakes.
  17. This, it wasn't very good at the time. There were masses of cheap flicks starring various members of the brat pack that I've never seen again and don't want to. I can also imagine that there are issues about who actually owns the UK rights to a lot of films these days.
  18. Well worth downloading. A slow moving first episode to begin establishing the characters. A lot of stuff that's familiar from Jarhead, plenty of laughs and machismo, but it's all well done and it looks like it's cost a fortune.
  19. I only just saw it yesterday. I'm pretty sure that the TV adverts for the DVD release have spoiled the ending
  20. I thought it was supposed to be a satellite that fell from space, stirring the deep sea monster up.
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