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  1. Online races with strangers is beyond it at the moment. Totally broken.
  2. Everyone that has it seems to like it despite its quirks. No one seems to be shouting about it from the rooftops though. Needs a demo and soon.
  3. I quite like the racing, but the front-end and the structure are horrible.
  4. I asked. Game aren't getting it until tomorrow and Gamestation aren't stocking it at all. Had to pay £45 in Zaavi.
  5. I stuck with it, even though McG is involved. Light weight, but enjoyable. What's with all the Australian actresses playing Americans these days?
  6. It is like they're targeting Wii owners when they should be concentrating on winning over the people who are still buying PS2 games.
  7. You've made me check the prices of the trade paperbacks on the net and they are very expensive. I've got book 1 and 2, but not 3, which of course is ridiculously expensive. I can't remember why I don't have book 3, was it hard to get hold of at the time?
  8. I really like the 360, but I'm not keen on being an early adopter of Microsoft's next machine.
  9. I could imagine supporting older titles with advertising being another risk that publishers are averse to. Nintendo are obviously confident enough to book TV spots in advance and have stock of games in the shops. It would be a terrible waste of money to advertise an older game and not have it in shops.
  10. I'd like to see that on Blu-ray as well. Apart from being a good film, it looks fantastic.
  11. It's a terrible mess. To be fair, my star Trek tolerance had been worn down by the rubbishness of Voyager, but Enterprise seems shamefully bad at times. It can look quite nice and a lot of the cast are quite decent. Just dreadful writing.
  12. I can see the end result being a rather long film that slavishly follows the plot and dialogue, but misses the spirit of the comic entirely. It's possible that Snyder could do some really interesting things with the costumes, sets, photography and editing, but I've not seen anything so far from him that makes me think that's on the cards.
  13. I remembered the Captain being the guy that Terence Stamp throws off the deck in The Limey, but I noticed him playing a goon in Roadhouse the other week, so I'm guessing he's more of a stuntman than an actor. Amazing that a fight in the street between a minor character and a stuntman could have such a powerful impact. I wish that season 3 box set would drop in price, I need to watch this again.
  14. Dan fighting the Captain in Deadwood.
  15. This is something I really notice these days. Dozens of film channels and the variety and quality just isn't there. All the Atari 2600 discussion as well. I'm amazed it took so long for them to go bust, I only ever saw the machine in my mums catalogue. I honestly don't remember anyone actually owning one.
  16. I'm a firm believer that TV was better then than it is now. Not all the sitcoms were great, but at least some of them were. TV drama was driven by the writers rather than ex-soap actors. Intelligent documentaries were part of the prime time schedule.Reality TV hadn't been invented and soaps were strictly rationed. There wasn't anything on during the day apart from Crown Court, but I don't think the stuff on during the day now is an improvement.
  17. Secondspace


    FR were one of the developers that everyone had confidence in though.
  18. Secondspace


    I doubt if getting someone in just to write the dialogue is ever going to get great results, but I'd be interested to see what someone with a decent reputation as a writer could do. I'm struggling to think of examples when the Hollywood writer has been brought in, but I certainly don't remember anyone ever getting a top writer in.
  19. That looks great, but I still wonder about selling it to a wider audience.
  20. Never heard of him, so I checked his IMDB page. He's done a lot of stuff and I didn't like any of it.
  21. I think they're attempting to copy the challenges in Top Gear. That's gone from strength to strength since they abandoned serious reviews.
  22. I've got a lot of time for Berg because of FNL, so this at least interests me. Looks character and plot driven as well, could be great. Two good superhero films in one year!
  23. I liked the way it looks. It seems very slow moving though. The way you can soak up bullets encourages you to abandon any attempt at stealth unfortunately.
  24. MLB 2008:The Show is the demo that's impressed me the most graphically. Game hasn't been released here of course.
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