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  1. I started and finished The Park last night, I knew it was short, but I did enjoy it nonetheless. Several actual scare moments, and I liked the way the game progressed near the end, very unnerving. Only criticism I had was that on a 4K 65" screen (albeit playing at 1440P), the text on the notes was tiny to the point of being unreadable from more than a few feet away, I couldnt see any way to zoom in either.
  2. I am also going to buy The Park at £6. Recently I played Firewatch which I adored, more than happy to play a 'walking simulator' if its done well. I also have Everybodys Gone To The Rapture, Dear Esther, Gone Home, Emily Wants To Play, Real Myst, Miasmata and Layers of Fear on my Wishlist which I am keeping an eye on.
  3. I dont read the comics and have avoided that audio spoiler but if i were to bet I would put my money on it being Abraham. Earlier in the episode he was talking about the future and having a family, and that, as always is the case with Walking Dead, is something called nasty called hope which has to quickly be stamped out and eradicated by killing off said character.
  4. please let it be Carl, please let it be Carl, please let it be Carl
  5. Having paid around £40 for MGS TPP on PC a while back its been nearly untouched, I have tried three times to get into the game but it just seems really dull. I reached Mother Base recently and again gave up, it just doesn't grab me in the way I expected it to. Having paid around £40 for MGS TPP on PC a while back its been nearly untouched, I have tried three times to get into the game but it just seems really dull. I reached Mother Base recently and again gave up, it just doesn't grab me in the way I expected it to.
  6. I heard this on Beats 1 this morning. I heard this on Beats 1 this morning.
  7. I loved Ethan Carter, the house portal puzzle was just brilliant. I may go through Redux, which should look pretty nice at 4K res
  8. I played SOMA a while back, and agree it is a great game.
  9. I completed Firewatch last night, what a beautiful and enjoyable game. I seem to be on a phase of playing shorter games of late, having finished the brilliant Life Is Strange before that. There are a number of horror-themed games I am interested in, Layers of Fear looks very interesting. As do walking sims Gone Home and The Park. I bought the Amnesia games but have found them very hard to get into.
  10. Saw the trailer for this earlier and it looks absolutely appalling to me. I have no idea who would want to see the film based on that trailer. Utter tripe.
  11. marcus


    I play this almost exclusively also, have been for years. I did once break 1M on blitz, I was ranked 34 at the time, but have never done it since. On my current Iphone my higest is 844,650. I only play Blitz, have never played Classic or Sequence. This for me is the most brutal game of all.
  12. Just briefly to say that I completed this during the weekend and I thought it was just brilliant, nothing like the sort of game I would ordinarily play but this moved me like no other videogame.
  13. I loved this show, brilliant documentary. Only criticism was did they really have to play loud music in the background whilst replaying the phone conversations with Avery, the call quality was poor and I could barely hear a word he was saying.
  14. These lost bench points are killing me, Ivanovic's 12 points wasted this week, Williams's 15 point haul lost last week. 65 points overall this week, up to 10th in the RLLMUK league
  15. IIRC in Skyrim there was a perk you can get that would show you all undiscovered locations, is there such a thing in FO4? Also, is it not the case the locations you have yet to discover show on the compass as being darker green?
  16. Completed this last night, with 100 hours racked up at level 50, on Survival mode Have many of you carried on after the main questline is finished? I think there is probably a lot more I havent yet seen, but with the game having no real purpose now I may just move onto something else.
  17. Two of my subs got used this GW, but I had Williams as 3rd sub, 15 points wasted on the bench :/ 58 points overall.
  18. I did what I needed to at the start and barely built anything since, other than a few quests you are given where you need to build a radio beacon and generator. I havent notice it to be at the detriment of anything else personally.
  19. I transferred Koscielny (who got a clean sheet) and Sanga in (who didnt play) in my masterstroke move Saturday morning.
  20. 100 hours in and I have worn the power armour about twice, to date nothing I have faced so far (Survival mode) has been difficult enough to warrant its usage. I co-op with Paladin Danse who is an absolute beast, and usually does a decent job of clearing out areas for me to stealth in and pick off the rest.
  21. Thinking of buying Resident Evil 0 on Steam for £15.99, you get a few extra costumes. Loved the HD remake of Resident Evil, I trust this is much the same?
  22. Last night I just reached the Institute, any idea how far I am from the *end* at this point? I am hoping there is a long way to go, I am taking it pretty slowly and have racked up 100 hours, now level 49. Playing on Survivalist mode also, the game is better I think like this.
  23. I always thought the plan was to stick with the original but to have filmed it from someone else's perspective, I quite liked that idea. This looks interesting, although it hardly gives anything away.
  24. I really like the look of The Park, is it worth £6.69 or is it best to wait for it to drop again?
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