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  1. Randomly, yesterday the track The Tower popped into my head and I had to play it, immense.
  2. Does anyone know of a website that lists release dates for horror movies? The best I have been able to find so far is - https://www.upcominghorrormovies.com/on-dvd
  3. I enjoyed the Night House but its notable mainly for the stunning performance of Rebecca Hall as widow Beth.
  4. A while ago I posted for recommendations for games to play on the OLED Switch I recently bought, I decided in the end to go back and replay Skyrim and once again I am absolutely loving being immersed in the gameworld. I struggle to think of many better games than this, and it looks just stunning on the OLED. I think this will keep me going for more than a little while.
  5. I loved both Limbo and Inside when I had them on my gaming PC, and I rebought them both for the Switch, along with Resident Evil 1 & 4 when they were in the sale.
  6. Looks interesting, I will have a closer look. I bought also Dead Cells which is largely unplayed which also looks decent. At this stage of life (47 yo family man) games need to quickly grab me, and Hades did that to a huge degree and I would say I became quite addicted to it too, being able to pick it up and instantly be in the thick of things fits well into my lifestyle.
  7. I give up. After what's now my forth attempt at getting into BOTW, I still find it bland, dull and uninteresting and I know its very much against the popular opinion but it even *looks* pretty poor to me visually in particular character design. I really cant see what all the fuss is about. Having levered myself away from the amazing Hades on the other hand, I find myself stuck as to what game I should buy next. I only buy digital downloads these days and as much as I would like to buy Metroid, I am not sure its worth £50. I have Mario Odyssey which was brilliant. I do feel like something new though, any recommendations for single player Switch greatness before I just settle for a replay of Skyrim instead?
  8. Am looking to buy a game for my 7yo daughter (she has Yoshi), and was looking at Animal Crossing. Is that suitable for someone her age?
  9. Yes, I recently watched this and that segment is pretty amazing gruesome and batshit mental. I love horror anthologies, two of my favourites are oldies, the Nightmare at 20000 Feet story from the Twilight Zone Movie, and General the cat vs the breath-stealing troll in Cats Eye.
  10. Thanks, I have seen both of those films and great shouts. One I always mention that I find not too many have seen is The Eyes of My Mother, I wont say anything more than to say just go watch this
  11. Nope, not seen any of those, will take a look thanks!
  12. I am at a point whereby I am struggling to find good-to-decent horror movies that I am yet to see. I might instead go on a spate of re-watching horror movies until something else catches my eye.
  13. I enjoyed COOS but if you want to see some real Cage mayhem you need to watch Mandy.
  14. I also really enjoyed Malignant. Utterly bonkers, and great fun.
  15. Thank you very much, been waiting for this!
  16. I also watched Superhost yesterday, pretty much agree with what you said, entertaining and fun, Gillam was so good. I love the elongated fixed smile she does, proper unnerving. Great to see horror royalty Barbara Crampton pop up once more again too. Entertaining and fun is also how I would describe Mayham, led by Steven Yeun (from Walking Dead) and Samara Weaving (who constantly reminds me of Margot Robbie) about a virus which turns everyone into murderous psychotics inside a big office building. I watched The Reef yesterday as well, I was expecting it to be mediocre but for once the characters were actually likeable and relateable and he movie as a whole was tense and far better than I expected.
  17. I find the game a breeze until I reach Theseus and Asterius, again and again they beat me and after 100+ attempts I have still only escaped once. I have been working to building my Aspect of Chiron and its now at level 4, still struggle beating those two though. You know something, I have never even used Call before, perhaps thats where I am going wrong Is it worth building the relationships, I always use those nectar and ambrosia's to obtain Titan blood?
  18. The acting of the main kid in it Bobby was superb I thought, bright future. Also talking of acting, Anthony Bajon who plays the main role of Teddy in the film Teddy, is electrifying in it. Its one of the better films on Shudder I have seen of late too. Talking of Shudder, I am half way through They Remain but to be honest am struggling with it as it feels incredibly slow. One of those I would need to be in the right mood to watch.
  19. Just watched The Scary Of Sixty First, enjoyed it although its not a horror as such. What it is is very difficult to explain and I think I need to let it digest a bit.
  20. Am on my 4th attempt to properly play BOTW, and am about 10 hours or so in which is considerably more time than I have managed previously. I can see its a good game, but frankly I find it dull and a bit of a chore. I would love to enjoy this as most others seem to, but I find it so difficult to get into this.
  21. I really enjoyed Kindred, not overtly a horror film as such but the tenseness and uncomfortableness builds watching a pregnant woman seemingly held captive. The performances across the board are superb, none more so than Fiona Shaw who is just wonderful. I didnt plan on watching the whole film last night but once it got going it was impossible to pull away from.
  22. From Beyond is for me notable but was never one of my favourites, I recall it being one of the more gory horrors at the time watching it when I was around 15 or so. Fast forward three decades and I re-watched it a few days ago and whilst it still seems to tick most of my boxes for some reason I still have a certain dislike for it. The nudity scenes with horror goddess Barbara Crampton bought back a lot of memories from watching this as a teenager, although its probably best to not go there Talking of Barbara Crampton, I was looking at her filmography on IMDB and realised I have never seen Castle Freak before. I think that may be next on my list. I was looking at my letterboxd profile just now, and so far this year I have watched 171 films, of which 146 are defined as horror. Whilst there is a steady flow of new releases, I am doing my best to mix it up with re-watching older films. To me I find some level of enjoyment from even the most mediocre horror movies (barring a select few). I am surprised there has been no talk of Gaia since my last post, I was expecting you guys to be all over that!
  23. I am getting close to 100 attempts and I am still yet to beat Hades, I have got to his second wind a few times but always die. I also often end at the battle with the two heroes. I read somewhere (maybe here) that someone had escaped after his 11th attempts, I would love to know what I am doing to make this so difficult!
  24. Just watched Gaia, I loved the early parts, showed so much promise but it lost me a little towards the end. Some nice design and effects, and beautiful rainforest scenery. I enjoyed it but I need to let it sink in a little.
  25. Im back in, hoping to get back on form after a torrid season last time. As always the FPL 2021/22 league has rolled over again - https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/bse6f2 Code bse6f2
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