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  1. Im back in, hoping to get back on form after a torrid season last time. As always the FPL 2021/22 league has rolled over again - https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/bse6f2 Code bse6f2
  2. Around 80 attempts now and still yet to escape, that minotaur and the small guy are a PITA and Ive only beaten them once. Feel like I am not progressing too much anymore, but still loving this.
  3. I enjoyed In The Earth for the most part, but word of warning for anyone who is sensitive to strobes/flashing imagery, the latter part is full of it and even for me was a hard watch on a big screen.
  4. Watched Deerskin last night and had a blast! Its a film about a guy who really, really loves his deerskin jacket. Adèle Haenel is also in the film, which is a major plus in my book.
  5. I always thought that Ben and Holly was brilliant for that, some genuinely funny grown up moments.
  6. Going to try my daughter with Love Monster today, cant say I have seen her watching it. I love a good theme tune, Go Jetters as said already is great, also Waffle the dog and the banging theme to Topsy and Tim
  7. Finally got round to watching The Wailing last night. Its really, really good. Make sure if you do watch this, not to view the English dubbed version as its terrible.
  8. I intended to give The Conjuring a 5* but on reflection dropped it down slightly, yet I've no real reason as to why other than 'well it cant be a 5 star film can it?' Is anyone else afraid to give a film a 5* rating? What does a 5* film mean to you? Is it a level of enjoyment or beyond that? Can a flawed film still be worth 5 stars?
  9. I have been watching a horror movie pretty much each day since the turn of the year. Rewatched an old favourite of mine, REC. One thing I noticed this time round is just how utterly terrified the lead Angela Vidal (played by Manuela Velasco) is throughout most of the movie, so much to say that it looks to be genuine fear. Ill watch REC2 again tonight, but so far as the series goes Ill be stopping there as IIRC the rest were an awful change in direction. Also, I fucking loved The Bay, a found footage film about a parasitic breakout on July 4th within a small coastal town. I know horror tends to review badly but I was surprised by the low scores for this one. Perhaps a little too much for some..?
  10. I watched House (1977) and Violence Voyager over the last two nights, both batshit mental. I preferred Voyager of the two, but can see how House can be of great appeal to some audiences.
  11. Nope but Ive been dying to watch that ever since just missing out its brief cinema run pre-covid. If not that, then Ill b watching a 2008 movie called Splinter as I'm a sucker for a monster horror movie. I've been rewatching a lot of horror movies I saw ages ago, I enjoyed Drag Me To Hell a lot more second time round, and also was still quite fond of the Chernobyl Diaries. Demons is still a good watch, but what's weird for me is that I remember watching Demons 2 when I was *much* younger and its that which I always considered to be the better of the two, yet on re-watching the pair decades later its clear to me that Demons 2 is a only a weak retread of the first IMO. I didn't much like Dog Soldiers back then, and still dont like it too much now though
  12. Think I've added everyone in this thread, any one else using letterboxd?
  13. I always loved Little Miss Sunshine, might be one for your list.
  14. Wow you guys are hardcore! I almost fainted during Saw 3
  15. I have been watching found-footage type movies of late, quick thoughts on each: The Sacrament - Film crew visits a cult-like community led by the enigmatic 'Father' - 7/10 Hellhouse LLC - Details the grisly events on the opening night of a haunted house event - 6/10 Leaving DC - Great so long as you can take the non-ending - 6/10 Exists - Monster hunts group of unlucky teens in the woods - 6/10 Europa Report - Decent-ish space sci-fi about a trip to Jupiters moon - 7/10 Creep / Creep 2 - Magnetic personality of Mark Duplass makes for a good watch - 7/10 - 7/10 Apollo 18 - Enjoyable to a point, sci-fi about ill fated Apollo 18 mission to the moon - 6/10
  16. I watched the first 10 minutes or so then chose to put something else on, I wasn't enjoying the tone of the movie to be honest. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood, Ill give it another go.
  17. I really enjoyed Leaving DC, that is up until the 'ending'. I appreciate that a lot of horror movies like to leave things open-ended (my wife says its because the writers cannot be bothered to explain things) but this really took the piss. Anyone else who has seen it must surely know what I mean..
  18. I have the same two games for my Switch Lite that I bought yesterday. Of the two, Mario is the one I am enjoying a lot more so far. I have the same issues with BOTW as you, I appreciate I have only dipped my toe in but I also get the sense of aimlessness with it. Meanwhile, I bought Skyrim in the sale, along with Inside and Limbo, all games I have played in the past but look forward to revisiting again. I am feeling that Resident Evil for £15 on the store is likely to be another purchase.
  19. Thanks for the replies I am also looking at Skyrim and the Bioshock collection, I have finished them all but would enjoy a revisit. Am hoping the Resident Evil series comes out at some point also. I have a 6 year old daughter, are there any games on the Switch that might be suitable for her also?
  20. On an impulse I have ordered a Switch Lite with BOTW and Mario Odyssey. Over the years (am 46 now) gaming has taken a backseat to other life factors, so much so that I don't own any console or gaming PC anymore. Not sure how much of my purchase was based on a desire to reignite those days where I loved gaming, as realistically I barely have time enough for my other hobbies let alone the time requirements of games like BOTW. That said, I am looking forward to receiving it on the 4th
  21. Watched this having never heard of it until your post, one of the reasons I love this thread. I enjoyed it, there seemed to be a few storyline gaps missing though, but I quite liked the sledgehammer ending. Well acted and suspenseful, worth a look.
  22. Well that was a huge disappointment. Galling as I loved the first film.
  23. Anything For Jackson is well worth a watch
  24. A quick note to say that I really enjoyed Border, a great recommendation, however I did not get on with Ghostland which I felt was a almost incomprehensible mess. I found a thread on Reddit which is recommending 'found footage' horror. For me its a genre within a genre that I particularly enjoy, and as a result I have 30+ FF films lined up to watch over the coming months. I never realised there are so many of them, almost needs a thread of its own. I guess you don't need a huge budget to be able to make a reasonable found footage movie, just a good idea and great execution. Of late, I watched Bad Ben (seems to be very divisive, I really liked it) and Creep, a great one called Afflicted, and a bizarre one Digging up the Marrow which I really enjoyed. I expect most of you have seen Host, a very 'current' film and effective as hell.
  25. Thanks for the recommendations, of those mentioned the ones I have not seen are: Saint Maud (desperate to see this one!) Border Ghostland The Mortuary Collection Have you all watched The Eyes of My Mother? I highly recommend this for those in search of a dark 'true' horror movie.
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