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  1. This ones really been bugging me. On the Soundcloud link below is Game's 300 Bars. Whats the track playing from 12m 10s..? I know it but cant place it. I always loved 300 Bars although I lost my copy of it and its near impossible to find in its entirety now.
  2. Salo is one I am well aware of but so far have not watched. I did make the mistake of watching A Serbian Story, not so much sleaze but bang on the money for dangerous cinema. Another mistake was persuading the Mrs to sit down and watch Irreversible with me a while back. We are still together, but she left the room upset half way through and I felt terrible and stupid. Whilst I think the film is stunning I appreciate from a female viewpoint it could be particularly harrowing. To give it perspective, she was once able to sit through Martyrs, but I do still get occasional grief for convincing her to watch that one also.
  3. I enjoyed this and can see it becoming a cult movie over time. Nicholas Cage elevated the movie considerably for me, his expression in the final scene in the car was especially amazing.
  4. I getting really tired of South Park its almost devoid of laughs now. It went downhill the moment they changed the format to follow a overarching story-line. There is little opportunity for the amazing standalone episodes of the past and feels stale and rigid to me.
  5. marcus


    I finally got to watch Raw (aka Grave) this last night after wanting to for ages, and thought it was brilliant. In particular, the lead actress Garance Marillier's performance which I thought was excellent.
  6. Forgot to join the league this year, so playing catch-up bigtime as I start from 0. Only 438 points behind the leader
  7. I watched each episode this season but didn’t bother with the final. Once Michaela was fired it was all over for me, I know its essentially a TV game show but that decision seemed so flawed to me that it destroyed any interest I had left in the show. I just read that this year both contestants won, which seems to sum the show up this year for me.
  8. Someone mentioned The Creeps earlier in the thread, as I enjoy tower defence games I gave it a try. It’s just so addictive, I am trying to do each level on Hard difficulty but have reached a brick wall with the Boss Blitz classic level. I know a few of you have played this, did you managed to do the levels on Hard or is it too difficult?
  9. Agreed, but imagine how much worse it would be were the contestants just able to Google everything.
  10. This particular task was not too great, but the dark-haired woman with the measuring tape is going to provide many comedy gold moments provided she doesn’t get fired.
  11. Spent 10 minutes trying to reach a point of interest on a planet again, yet the distance to the object increases rather than decreases despite using boost. Probably a basic question but in my starter ship why do some planetbased points of interest seem to be unreachable?
  12. Why does the time to arrive at ? locations actually get further away from you despite using the boost when on planet, I have had to warp up into space to use a momentary hyper-drive and jump back do to the planet to get near them.
  13. I picked this up and am actually quite enjoying it so far, albeit I am only a few hours in. Suppose I need a specific mineral, I know I can scan and it shows me the location of certain items, but what determines what shows up on the scan - is it only the rarer things, or can I choose what is shows so that I dont go wandering aimlessly at risk of death? Lack of inventory is killing me at the moment, has to be one of the first things I work on before I go mad.
  14. I have spent hours tinkering with my team since doors open. By GW3 I fully expect it to be nothing like it is now, if I manage to withhold playing an early season WC I will be amazed.
  15. Well if you come across a long cave where you need to crouch down to negotiate, then find a dead body at the dead-end next to some wood then please tell me how you progress as I am well stuck :-)
  16. Anyone else playing Long Dark? I have just started and am in a pitch black cave that I cant get out of, only 4 matches. The 4 conditions are not in danger yet heartbeat is slow, and vision is blurry enough for me to know I am about to die. I dont understand what is causing my death, I can only assume lack of sleep but all of my conditions are reasonable levels..?
  17. I have SO many TV shows still to watch, and yet all I want to do is a rewatch of P&R.
  18. Completed this in one sitting last night and it was pretty special. I have grown to love this sort of game.
  19. Back in once again as Lemmiwinks United I run a free to enter league also the code is 52534-15156 newcomers welcome.
  20. Wow its back so soon! Hope this season wont be a shocker like last :/ I have renewed my league once again, free to join its: 52534-15156
  21. So is No Mans Sky worth it at £15.99..? Has it got good since it was released? http://store.steampowered.com/app/275850/No_Mans_Sky/
  22. There are a lot of titles I would like, currently Deus EX Mankind Divided and Azbu in my cart. Thinking about Oxenfree, Edith Finch, Scanner Sombre and Little Nightmares. That One Night Stand looks strangely interesting for some reason.
  23. I tried this for a while and it looked ok, but found the performance very hit and miss at this stage. They have introduced full controller support since I last had it, and its a game I will keep an eye on.
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