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  1. Ive not actually heard MF Doom's stuff, any obvious recommendations? I liked KMD from way back, Mr Hood was a good album. Meanwhile Talib Kweli's 'Eardrum' is rapidly becoming my favourite album of the year so far, possibly eclipsing PMs Desire.
  2. The Perfect Beat (feat. KRS-One) http://www.sendspace.com/file/ukipou
  3. Pulled from Wiki - I only had a 16-track advance, the release date is August 21st Tracklisting 1. Everything Man (feat. Sonia Sanchez) 2. NY Weather Report 3. Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 (Deliver Us) 4. Say Something (feat. Jean Grae) 5. Country Cousins (feat. UGK) 6. Holy Moly 7. Eat To Live 8. In The Mood (feat. Roy Ayers) 9. Soon The New Day (feat. Norah Jones) 10. Give 'Em Hell (feat. Lyfe Jennings) 11. More Or Less (feat. Dion) 12. Stay Around 13. Hot Thing 14. Space Fruit 15. The Perfect Beat (feat. KRS-One) 16. Oh My Stars (feat. Musiq Soulchild) 17. Listen!!! 18. Go With Us 19. Hostile Gospel Pt. 2 (Deliver Me) (feat. Sizzla) 20. The Nature (feat. Justin Timberlake) Producer(s) Hi-Tek Kanye West Battlecat Terrace Martin Kwamé DJ Khalil Madlib will.i.am Pete Rock Just Blaze A Kid Called Roots Sha-La Shakier Nick Speed Swift D
  4. Anyone here feeling Talib Qwelis album EarDrum Its growing on me, there are some bangers on there such as Hot Thing - http://www.sendspace.com/file/l2in31 and Say Something feat Jean Grae - http://www.sendspace.com/file/tl303a
  5. The tune I love of The Roots is What They Do, with Raphael Saadiq (aka THE MAN!!) on chorus vocal, the video is an amusing rip on hip-hop videos in general - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdWOoL31IJc
  6. I always loved You Got Me with Erykah Badu, the high-speed bit at the end is great, I kinda wish that went on a lot longer.
  7. I was hoping this was a thread about one of the best Eddie Murphy films. Seriously, who actually cares about them enough to watch it? Ah..
  8. The character Mos Def played in the movie 16 Blocks (with Bruce Willis) had the most incredibly irritating, annoying voice, enough to put him up near the top of my most disliked movie characters.
  9. marcus


    On the contrary, I found it quite entertaining, and blissfully short in this age of super-long movies. Good rental fodder if you ask me
  10. Yup - "Young MC (born Marvin Young on 10 May 1967 in London, England)" I used to like Bust A Move a lot, but it was that girl dancing about in the video for Principals Office in the black summer dress that did it for me, in fact the video probably made the song seem a lot better than it actually was
  11. And also The Wickedest Sound by the Rebel MC which I just realised I dont have on MP3 ://
  12. Im not the biggest lover of UK hip-hop by any means, but Jump Around by the London Posse still ranks for me as the best UK HH track - http://www.sendspace.com/file/vvq1fe
  13. Really disappointed with this, turning him from an everyday guy into a superhero was always a bad move. It was all so predicatable, despite the improbable and impossible scenarios McClane repeatedly found himself in never once was there going to be any doubt about the outcome. I wasnt expecting it to be as good as the first, but at the same time I didnt expect it to be so run of the mill.
  14. Thinking about going to see ?uestlove at the JC next week, has anyone been to one of his sets? Pete Rock is over in Sepetember also I notice.
  15. Now this one sounds lovely Since I started the thread, Ive still been on the usual ham+cheese Im sorry to say. I buy M&S Oatmeal bread which is gorgeous, and Double Gloucester cheese, anyway I can spruce that up simply by adding a sauce or something? The marmite idea sounds just plain wrong, but how about worcester sauce for instance? Salami was a good suggestion, although I doubt it would work with cheese..?
  16. Yeah, I had that ages back but have since lost it, but If anyone has it and are able to upload it Id be most grateful
  17. I dont want to dilute the thread too much with R&B, but for me Dwele is all about the album Subject, which I listened to religiously for a year or so a while back. Hes good live too and well worth checking out next time hes over. Heres a couple of Dwele tracks; 'Hold On', a mix featuring Kanye West - http://www.sendspace.com/file/4o8err Also a mix of 'I think I love you' feat Styles-P and probably overall the most played track on my Nano right now - http://www.sendspace.com/file/0vjhfb - kinda deserves to be played loud, especially that break near the end.
  18. You like Dwele? Ive seen the guy three times at the Jazz Cafe, I rarely go see someone perform more than once but he's always an exception. Act 2 is a sublime track, in fact the whole damn thing is.
  19. Looking for recommendations as to what to put inside toasted sandwiches, since Im becoming bored of the Ham+Cheese combo Ive been having for months now mostly for lunch at work. Also, anything that can make them a bit more exciting, a girl at work says to put Marmite in one for instance.
  20. Nicolay can do no wrong for me, thanks for the track.
  21. I think hes winding you lot up. I mean, he has to be. We all know that Umbrella is the best song of the year :-)
  22. Nas - Where Are They Now, 2 mixes from a Japan-only limited vinyl 80s Mix http://www.sendspace.com/file/pajer9 90s Mix http://www.sendspace.com/file/6jcqid
  23. Its a shame hes released Stronger, its a pretty useless 'nothing' sort of track. Listened to the Monch album a few times since finally managing to get hold of a version where the sound didnt distort halfway through each track, and pretty much agree with most of you that its a solid album. I am fond of the Terrordome rework. Gemini feat Lupe & Pooh – “We on” !!! http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...b8-8145cda1b7d8
  24. I used to love Tripods, but its another series, like V, which Im scared of watching again as it will no doubt have aged so badly. I prefer to stick with my rose-tinted memories.
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