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  1. Unsurprisingly, horror movies suffer from this a lot, especially once-notorious ones like Evil Dead for example.
  2. Anyone know, when racing cars in *real life*, do they enable the assists such as TCM etc that are found in this game?
  3. Thanks for the LB song. I checked their Myspace and a new album is imminent. Theres also this link to a mixtape "And Justus For All" which Im currently downloading (slowly) - http://www.rappersiknow.com/media/littlebrother/And Justus For All.zip http://www.myspace.com/littlebrother
  4. This was golden advice mate. thanks. Its made me realise how much I put myself through needlessly by doing the game in order.
  5. I am indeed, I wanted to go through the game in order and have so far done all buy 1 of Proving Grounds. Ive not looked at the other levels at all yet, and so will check it out tonight. I was getting a bit fed up of racing those same three tracks all the time
  6. Of the Asian 'horror' movies, The Eye still stands out for me even on repeated viewing. I watched Shutter and Uzumaki, but havent seen Two Sisters yet so will check that out. Three Extreme's had its moments, I note that 'Dumplings' was given a full-feature release over here and was on TV not so long ago. The Host was a riot also, but was as much horror as it was a political love-story also. I watched the Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007) last night, it managed to be almost everything I dislike in modern horror movies nicely rounded up into one 90-minute package of total rubbish.
  7. I admit I have found this very hard to get into, at times Ive almost given up because whilst its undoubtably an accomplished game, I sit there wondering if I am actually enjoying playing it or not. Anyways Ill persevere as I hate giving up on games this early. One thing, correct me if Im wrong but there isnt a way of test driving a car before you buy it is there? It would be nice to know how good or badly a car handles before I spend all my money on it.
  8. I find it very hard to win a race by 'good driving', generally I have to spend a lot of money upgrading the car before Im able to properly compete. Id love to be able to win races by using standard cars but it just isnt happening (Im only on the last race in Proving Grounds), so basically I spend all my money on a car in order to win a tournament then find I have to sell it to win the next one, invariably I dont have enough money. At the moment it feels like you have to have the knowlege of a mechanic in order to get half decent performace on a car, I thought that it was just bad luck my buying the Clio which drives like its on ice, but subsequent cars also suffer the same handling. Using manual helps, and I guess its just down to practise but knowing which upgrades to buy and what settings to change to get a car that corners reasonably would be helpful. Ive recently moved off upgrading power, to buying better tyres and reducing weight as someone suggested here earlier which I think has helped a little.
  9. Typical - as Id just spent over 10k upgrading it! You are right about the sliding, even taking the most basic of corners sends it into a skid. Still, its nowhere near as bad as the Jaguar I have won early on, which is near impossible to drive.
  10. Any advice on how to get better grip? Ive a Clio I won which Ive upgraded, Ive stuck sports tyres on it in the hope that Ill be able to take a corner at an even moderate speed without skidding round it sideways but to no avail. Half the time if I go around an even slight bend the car ends up biting the wall as it spins out of control! Im using manual gears, and have the default difficulties except the braking line which I disabled.
  11. Couple more tracks taken from an advance of commons finding forever Black Maybe ft Bilal (nice track) - http://www.sendspace.com/file/eggp42 Southside ft Kanye West - http://www.sendspace.com/file/hhpgev
  12. Any of One Day It Will All Make Sense, Resurrection or Like Water For Chocolate. I was never too keen on Can I Borrow A Dollar myself, and Electric Circus is a change of direction and a somewhat aquired taste (I like it). Ive uploaded 1-9-9-9 with Sadat-X as its a class track thats not found on any of those albums (Soundbombing IIRC). http://www.sendspace.com/file/963n03 I grabbed the reissue of Masta Aces' Take A Look Around, its a 2-cd job - (track listing) http://www.emusic.com/album/Masta-Ace-Take...d/11045151.html - I forgot how incredible I Got Ta sounds daym
  13. Its not too bad but its not Lord Willin, still they are pretty reliable. I went through a phase of playing Mr Me Too all the time but dropped it as quickly as I latched onto it, its strange how the more commercial the track the less time it remains appealing.
  14. I meant to say of the more recent Dre-produced tracks, not overall /slaps forehead 100 Miles and Running is a classic for sure, just listening to the sheer energy and ferocity of their delivery still sends shivers down my spine. Its one of the few remaining 45s I have left actually. Long shot, but ages ago I had an MP3 of Big Daddy Kane's Its Hard Being the Kane, the mix I refer to is the Radio Mix which is found on the Raw '91 EP: I have lost that MP3, but still have the vynal, however no means of transferring it to my PC. If anyone has that mix Id be V grateful.
  15. Jay-Z's 'Lost Ones' is the best Ive heard of a Dre produced track by a country mile, which isnt a bad thing as that track is simply superb. I got a MPG of Common and Will I.AM freestyling over that break recently for BET, if I knew where to upload it for you guys I would x
  16. Has Snoop made a single listenable album since the seminal DoggyStyle? Surely the closest to that has to be Rhythm and Gangsta with its numerous uptempo pop ditties.
  17. I liked the Mermaid one, it was very surreal. As a brief aside, do you consider films like Wolf Creek, High Tension and I Spit to be horror movies at all? I always think of horror movies as being films which, in the least, have some sort of supernatural or 'unreal' (for want of a better word) element which those films do not - although they certainly are horrific, they could (and Im sure do) happen in real life and as such are dramatisations that could be considered as exploitation movies yet not necessarily horror.
  18. Ah sorry, I should of realised Id be interested on his (and others) take on the more notorious Asian horror movies such as the Guinea Pig series. I obtained a boxset of all the films a while back but havent gotton round to watching them all yet, although I have seen Flowers of Flesh and Blood which is pretty much an hour or so of a kidnapped, bound woman being dismembered. Is this horror in its most pure sense? Much like the films squirtle mentioned, its sole purpose is to shock and disgust, there is no story to speak of and very little in the way of dialogue, just a very sadistic hour of macabre that Asian cinema seems so good at.
  19. Whatever you do, avoid the remake of the Fog. So far as remakes go, it must be one of the worst Ive ever seen. Horror is my favourite genre and Ive a handful of modern-day horror movies I love, the Descent being top of the pile, Haute Tension (aka Switchblade Romance aka High Tension), Wolf Creek and the Dawn of the Dead Remake. Whilst I reckon probably in the region of 80% of horror movies I watch these days are shit-to-average at best, I still love the genre, especially the advances being made with regards to gore. Watching Saw 3 recently on a big-screen, in the dark, really made my stomach turn in parts, which is something that rarely happens for me and testament to that movie. It may not be the best movie ever, but it suceeded in achieveing what it set out to do (unlike the previous two which were pathetically tame) and that is to repulse the watching audience. Hostel was another, a throwaway forgettable movie for the most part but one which did at least have several effective moments and for that alone it becomes something worth watching to fans of the genre. When I watch a horror movie I dont expect to see a classic movie anymore, I do expect to be made to feel unsettled, on edge and darkly entertained. Being a horror fan means you have to have a certain tolerance of shit movies, I couldnt begin to tell you some of the diabolical movies Ive sat through but so long as there are standout moments it all (often) becomes worthwhile. By the way good call to the guy who mentioned House on the Cemetary, I rewatched this again recently and its still remarkably effective.
  20. What he said ^^ Ive been onto LBs (and the whole Justus League thing) for several years now, love them. Its a shame 9th has left though.
  21. Whilst I strongly disagree about Phantom Menace being rubbish (I thought it was great fun), Im going to check out the TCM above as that seems like a really interesting idea. I watched Kill Bill 1 and 2 fan edit, basically they merged the US version and the uncut (and much better) Asian version into one, and cut KB2 onto the end of the first. As the film was chaptered anyways it was pretty easy to do but worked very well and for me is the definitive version.
  22. Same here, cant wait for Graduation Day.
  23. marcus

    Viva Piñata

    Ah thanks for that, I totally forgot about the Tower of Sour having an effect on them.
  24. Looks like the Kanye mixtape has been deleted :/ *although I just located it here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2UF6MKN4
  25. marcus

    Viva Piñata

    For those having difficulty with it at the start, I found that also, at first theres a bewildering amount of things to do and you easily lose track, but then the game seems to *click* and it all becomes second nature. Apart from not knowing what the mine does (I have a diggerling, now what?), Im also having trouble trying to get a Mallowolf and Crowla to appear, there arent any appear requirements other than to have one of each resident in the garden - but Im level 60+ now and to date havent seen either - any ideas?
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