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  1. Butters has been for me one of the best characters in the show, probably second only to Cartman. I think if I could do that voice I would talk like it ALL the time. I got my gf into SP a while back, but she is threatening to boycott it if they dont start being nice to Butters, and thats not going to happen is it.. :/
  2. Great episode loved the ending. Is Jack the magnificent man patchy talked of? I truly dislike Claire, then again I can't stand whiney women which is her to a tee.
  3. Weird to see the criticism of Saw 3, when that was exactly what a Saw movie should be like. Saw 1 and 2 were almost completely tame (1 had the excuse of a low budget at least), whereas Saw 3 actually lived up to its promise, it was pretty much no-holds-barred throughout and all the better for it. Ive seen an awful lot of horror movies in my time, but even for someone who is almost totally desensitized to these things some of the scenes in 3 were hard to watch. I have hopes that Saw 4 raises the bar again, and delivers exactly what a Saw movie should do.
  4. The foot bit was great, as was the geeky guy, towards the end it lost its way a lot for me though.
  5. Uncensored south park on Itunes? How long has this been going on for or is that new?
  6. Dont know if this post qualifies for this thread, but two old skool tracks Im listening to right now are Tragedy Khadafi's 1990 track 'The Intelligent Hoodlum' and Big Daddy Kane's 'Put Your weight On It also from 1990, Tragedys flow is effortlessly tight, and that track was amongst the best of an otherwise disappointing 3rd album by Kane. 17 years old hip-hop, both sound fresh and immense now. I can upload these to my FTP or to anywhere you guys suggest if you cant find them. Also, what would you guys say are the best KRS-One track(s)?
  7. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0910548/ This is based on the bizarre story recently in the news where two people met each other by an advertisement placed on the internet, with the agreement that one person would eat the other. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3286721.stm Im downloading this today out of curiosity more than any expectation of a good movie, the IMDB review emphasises that its pretty grim to say the least. Dont suppose any of you have seen it?
  8. Whats that then, Im up for anything Kane
  9. For me shes the best female MC out there - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z7izjJ0DfI - check Dont Rush Me /edit - this vid was pretty much ruined by the twat rhyming along to her in the crowd :/// A dope rhyme by MC Hammer?? o_O - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=529SU03unUw - You betta believe it!
  10. The creature with eyeballs in its hands, was it meant to be intentionally funny? Im guessing not as the thing eats babies which isnt nice, but visually it was more amusing than anything else. The cinema was full of laughter at that point, for a film that generally takes itself pretty seriously, I wonder of the directors intention at that part.
  11. BW2 was so amazingly bad, the original was good though, I didnt think it was so groundbreaking as something very similar had been done years before with the stupidly violent and disgusting Cannibal Holocaust. That was a film that didnt scare me, more so made me feel sick due to the graphic nature of it (the uncut version). The Omen (original) was pretty scary, largely due to superb use of the musical score.
  12. HoHH was good, until it was totally ruined by that CG-fest at the end. Wolf Creek rocks - wouldnt really call it 'horror' though I also like Scream a lot, I remember taking a date to see that and she shit herself (not literally I hope) over that opening scene, really effective.
  13. Ive been a horror lover all my life, but can also say they dont scare me at all. I know people who shit themselves over things like Saw 2, yet for me thats closer to comedy than scary. There are things that are grotesque, but not scary. The closest I have got in recent memory is probably the superb Descent, the whole scenario and claustrophobic nature of cave-diving builds the atmosphere very nicely, whilst the 2nd half is really very intense. The ending isnt changed, its just shortened for the US version, about a minute or so chopped off so its more of a crowd pleaser. Anyone who has seen the film will know the bit I mean. I would say, that as a kid some things did scare me a bit, and notable was that bastard clown sequence in Poltergeist.
  14. marcus

    Hip-Hop is dead

    Been rinsing this all week, its immense, Where to start... 'You Cant Kill Me' or 'Black Republican' w/Jay-z both killers, Kanye's infectious, mellow 'Still Dreaming', or the similarly laid back 'Not Going Back', old-school Kane and Rakim beats on 'Where are they Now' and 'Who Killed It' respectively.. Id go so far to say theres not a track I dislike on this set, which for me is very unusual - even my most rated album this year (prior to this) Lupe Fiasco's 'Food & Liquor' had a couple of skippable tracks on it. Superior hip-hop. :-)
  15. I quite enjoyed the remake, so will check this one out, thanks
  16. The trailer didnt help in my case, for ages it looked like it would be the perfect fantasy movie for grownups, and in that respect it was a case of a trailer showing you the majority of the best bits from the movie when in actuality the fantasy was secondplace to the War story when personally were it the other way round it would of been far better. I expect this is one Ill like more on 2nd viewing, as with many films when you have a preconceived notion of what the movie will be like, and its not, its often disappointing. Second viewing is a different story as you can watch the movie and enjoy it in its own right, without expectation.
  17. Agreed, my favourite Khrysis track must be Masta Ace's 'The grind' from A Long Hot Summer (stunning album).
  18. I could talk to you all day about LB and the whole Justus League thing, the majority of Hip-Hop I listen to these days is outta the JL stable, producer 9th Wonder is my God The following albums are all essential - Little Brother: The Listening The Minstrel Show The Chittlin Circuit Mixtape Foreign Exchange (produced by Dutch supremo Nicolay) 9th Wonder: Changing The Game Vol 1 & 2 Murs 3:16 - The 9th Edition Black is Back (Jay-Z remix album) Gods Stepson (Nas remix album)
  19. Re the top 5 albums this year, Im unsure of the date of release but Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor is pretty much head and shoulders above most other albums Ive heard this year.
  20. marcus

    Hip-Hop is dead

    How gutted was I when I bought Streets Disciple only to realise later on Id bought the 14-track version instead, missing the probably one of the best tracks on the 'full' album - 'Disciple'. Seemed totally unfair, to release a shortened version of the same album - who would want to buy that if they knew there was a double-disc version available first? :/ Still didnt get round to listening to this, apart from the track You Cant Kill Me, which sounded decent enough.
  21. marcus

    Hip-Hop is dead

    Tune uses the theifs theme break, sped up a little, works for me. Ive been listening a lot to Lost Tapes recently, its almost vintage Nas.
  22. marcus

    Hip-Hop is dead

    Title track from Nas's newest album out December 18th, and its a belter. If its a taste of things to come then it could eclipse the stunning Streets Disciple
  23. Ive been looking forward to this for months, I left the cinema quite disappointed. Less of the pondering civil war storyline about characters its hard to care about, more of the far more interesting fairytale one would of made the film a lot better for me. Instead, it was ok, but nothing out of the ordinary and a lot less impressive than a number of reviews I have read of it.
  24. I started out on Veteren, completed the first stage, and came up against a bitch of a bit in Island, the second stage. Got fed up with dying continually, so went to Normal, and have been playing it ever since at this level. Feel kinda lame though, as its really easy, so tempted to goto Hard instead. I finished COD2 on veteren, but this one seems harder to me - especially how I seem to be able to plaster the enemy with shots, but they often simply refuse to die. Id love to do this on veteren as its here where COD2 shined, but the frustration levels would make it unbearable methinks. Other than that really impressed, graphically it seems a cut above other 360 games Ive played, and is gorgeous for the most part. Very atmospheric, and lots of attention to detail. Being in the middle of a battle is still bewildering, and its one of those games where I wish I had a 5.1 system to fully appreciate it. Tried multiplayer but didnt like it at all, I find the mix of character types annoying, to be killed instantly by one shot that you have no idea as to where its come from isnt fun to me, I also find it hard to keep track of who is an ally and who isnt etc in the heat of battle. That said, I rarely play online games and when I do its usually a game where everyone is on a level playing field like Halo for example.
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