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  1. Yeh I know what you mean, Big Pooh isnt a bad rapper by any means, its just Phonte is just so far ahead it often really shows him up. I dont listen to their first album much anymore, apart from the Listening and Relax Your Mind, but listen to Foreign Exchange a lot, and also the Chittlin Circuit Mixtape which is good but not as good as FE. Im just waiting for the next Common album to drop tbh. Not so keen on the first track Ive heard w/Kanye yet though.
  2. Picked up Talib Kwelis Beautiful Mixtape part 2 today, sounds blinding from first listen.
  3. You could spend your life waiting for a hip-hop album that is 100% tight, accept that amongst the good there will also be a number of weak tracks, and Streets Disciple is no different. The good makes it more than worthy of a purchase however. Das I been singing the praises of 9th for ages now, and also his crew Little Brother. They are at the Jazz Cafe in London in January, being there is a must. Phonte is the tightest rapper Ive heard for time, him and 9th are running hip-hop for me right now.
  4. Probably my most listened to album of recent months is Little Brother/Foreign Exchange - http://music.download.com/i/mdl/media/10/0.../100529996.jpeg - also the new Nas album is really very good.
  5. Really enjoyed the day or so I spent with this, cant recall a game that forces you to make use of cover as much as this for a while.
  6. Afternoon, I thought those who are currently playing WE8 may like to know this, we have added a screen-by-screen menu translation for WE8 here - http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/showthread.php?t=27219 - as well as other new additions and so on. That thread is open, so if anyone has any more information to add feel free and Ill update it into the first post. Rgds
  7. Wasnt one of them called 'Beanpole' or something? Loved the series when I was a nipper, I remember shitting myself in that episode where you actually got to see one of the alien things inside a tripod. Might check this out, thanks for reminding me.
  8. The Eye is probably my favourite. Eye 2 is nothing special though, but nowhere near as bad as the terrible Ju-On 2. Hero ranks for me as the best Japanese movie Ive seen, more so than Crouching Tiger, its beautiful beyond words.
  9. marcus

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    I think Ill stick to my SP on second thoughts. Thanks, we have our uses
  10. marcus

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    Apologies, it just seemed so appropriate at the time
  11. marcus

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    You will probably find that was a minority of less than three people who didnt like it, generally everyone was well accepted into our forum after Edge closed its doors. Lets not tar everyone with the same brush eh
  12. marcus

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    Oh right, didnt read the whole thread tbh. Heres to hoping thats not it then.
  13. marcus

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    Without wanting to gatecrash this thread, but basically we are having big problems with the server/board. We may need to migrate to VBullitin (sp), the options are being looked into at the moment. Im not best pleased its crashed at this time of the year either Back OT, if that really is the design, then Im really disappointed, it looks like some sort of Fisher Price toy, and not half as nice as the SP. Even more so when compared to the rather good looking PSP. Why do Nintendo refuse to grow up with their fans?
  14. Fair enough, I thought that would be the case. I dont come here too often so wouldnt really know (just to browse OT and read Bens Hip-hop threads mainly), and Ive only ever had to once take issue with something that was said here in the past that was downright offensive to me, indeed, rllmuk himself posts on our board too and is as welcome on our site as anyone else here. Ive seen baiting on our side too, but such is the nature of public forums that these things happen from time to time, usually the mods would remove the comments before any hard was done. I dunno though, its just idiots like that who get on my wick at times, yet usually they are the same people who are more than happy to use our Trade forums when it suits them
  15. Nice, and to think how we have supported RLLMUK in the past when the forum has been unavailable, or you have wanted to host your meets. I just hope pricks like this are the exception here, rather than the norm. If this is the general attitude and opinion towards our site here then please can someone let me know.
  16. Midnight Marauders for me Id say. Im still recycling the old, nothing new this month has grabbed me at all. Most played track is 'Koto Chotan'by the Rza. If anyone has any good, new hip-hop then please point me to it before I die of starvation!
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