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  1. Wow its back so soon! Hope this season wont be a shocker like last :/ I have renewed my league once again, free to join its: 52534-15156
  2. So is No Mans Sky worth it at £15.99..? Has it got good since it was released? http://store.steampowered.com/app/275850/No_Mans_Sky/
  3. There are a lot of titles I would like, currently Deus EX Mankind Divided and Azbu in my cart. Thinking about Oxenfree, Edith Finch, Scanner Sombre and Little Nightmares. That One Night Stand looks strangely interesting for some reason.
  4. I tried this for a while and it looked ok, but found the performance very hit and miss at this stage. They have introduced full controller support since I last had it, and its a game I will keep an eye on.
  5. I just bought the standard version for £24 from Origin directly, and am going to get stuck in once the download finishes today.
  6. Having just finished Prey, am looking at the next game to buy. Loved ME2 and ME3, From skimming online messageboard, it seems that negative reviews were in a large part down to a poor launch and performance issues, with the latter being less of an issue now is this a game to recommend?
  7. Mrs watched this but I caught the last three episodes, thought it was brilliant to be honest, I am going to go back and watch the remaining three shortly.
  8. marcus


    Finished the season and it was a bit of a letdown, was just dull really. High point by far for me was the robotic cat licking its ass.
  9. Spent about 2 and a half hours trying to find the Red Keycard on Through The Looking Glass mission, was going to give up then decided one more time to have a look outside in space. Didnt notice the keycard was right down next to the scientists foot, I had been in that area about 5 times and not once did I spot it, expected it just to be in the inventory of the deceased body. So have progressed on a bit more and its really starting to open out. Am playing on Hard difficulty, and so far its really been rock hard. Is it me or do the enemies respawn over time - if so, I am really not pleased about that. Enjoying it so far though.
  10. I am about 3 hours in and its starting to click. Playing it on Hard difficulty, and its been pretty rock so far, in particular the (only) Phantom I have met so far which is far more versatile and fast than I am currently. Will see how it goes whether or not to change to Normal, but having just tooled up with a shotgun I feel a bit less exposed now.
  11. Ran through Layers of Fear last night, lights out, wearing headphones with the volume cranked. To say I almost **** myself on at least a dozen occasions is an understatement, I love horror/sinister games, and Steam is such a good platform for that genre.
  12. Dont want to read the thread for fear of spoilers but is Prey worth £24.99 - http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/prey-pc?mw_aref=74dth566 - ?
  13. I enjoy walking simulators a lot, particularly those with an unsettling undertone, such as The Park, Firewatch, Everybody's Gone To Rapture. I really enjoyed Dear Esther as it goes, and the final section was absolutely gorgeous to look at. Ethan Carter was brilliant, and I loved Gone Home also. I have Kholat which again is just gorgeous, but the lack of a map and my terrible sense of direction meant I had to give up with it for the time being. I have been looking at buying Homesick, but looks like I will need to add Edith Finch to the list along with Scanner Sombre.
  14. marcus

    Edge #306

    Outlast 2 only a 5.... whats wrong with it..?
  15. Not the best finale to whats been a good season IMO. I was on edge through the fight though, as I was convinced the tiger was going to get killed, as it was the only thing I cared about. How on earth did a badass like Michonne suffer so badly against that tiny girl, should have been a no-contest. Gun-fights are nearly always boring, this one was no exception and also hard to follow at times. Yet again surely its far from believable that people with automatic weapons miss targets mere meters away. Not that I can speak from personal experience of course.
  16. Heart of Stone expansion is a LOT tougher than the main game I am finding. I am playing on DeathMarch difficulty, and it took me about a dozen goes to beat the Prince, the next battle is also pretty tough. Enjoying it though
  17. I am about 140 hours in and have uncovered and beaten every ? on the map, bar one or two uber-baddies that I cant yet touch despite being level 37. Working though the first DLC, and then onto the second DLC at which time Ill finally put this to bed. Got the Mastercrafted Feline armour, and I have reached the point where my skill tree is maxed to the point where I cant see any way of improving my character with gained points. I do wish the skill tree was extended as gained points seem wasted now. Amazed that some of you have put in 250+ hours, I cant really see what else there is to do having uncovered everything that comes up on the map. I dont read the lore though, perhaps thats the difference as theres so much of it.
  18. One thing I love with this is whale-spotting when out in the sea. Its a shame that the whale itself is rather glitchy in its animation though. First time I saw one whilst underwater, I followed the damn thing for ages. Its such a nice touch.
  19. I have reached a point where I need to go to the Island Of Mists, I have the feeling I am getting near the end. Meanwhile I am mopping up all the points of interest, as much as I love sailing across the sea with its amazing weather and whales, getting each of the smugglers cache's is a real grind. Easily the low point of the game, its just frustrating and so far at least, I never get anything worthwhile out of it.
  20. Is that normal..? To be honest, money is all but useless for me at least as although I earn a lot through selling gear I rarely have any need to buy anything with it. Spent the last few hours on Death March difficulty, makes the game more interesting as you actually have to pay attention to the battles. Even a group of Drowners can catch you out if you are off-guard.
  21. Errr, I had 32000+ crowns yesterday and noticed today that I only have 400 now! Wheres all my money gone...? Only thing I can think I did since then was to up the difficulty to Death March level, and I also accidently picked up some junk in front of a guard who then beat me and arrested me. Would the guard take all my cash?
  22. Its just so beautiful. I am about 100 hours in and still regularly stop to take in the surroundings. Yesterday I was running through woods with dark grey skies and thunder and lightening clapping in the distance, the trees were swaying as they were battered by the swirling winds. All the while, the sun was just going down so Geralt was surrounded by the warm glow of the sun on the ground. I dont recall seeing better weather conditions in a game, and they are so changeable and always keep things interesting. I love climing atop a snow-covered mountain to take in the view. And then sliding down the side of the mountain should be a game in itself.
  23. I watched that a good while back also, for ages I was like 'what the hell is all the fuss about?' until the latter stages and in particular the scene with his wife and child. Really not cool.. Glad Martyrs is getting much love. Did anyone else sit through the butchered US remake?
  24. I am about 50 hours, level 20, and the game keeps on throwing questlines at me, seems like I haven't scratched the surface yet. Playing on B&BB mode as mentioned earlier, the difficulties I faced getting started are long since gone and its really pretty easy to win most battles now tbh. I have a load of potions, bombs and so on that I barely need to use in battle. Pretty much only use swallow and cat. Seems like a whole element of the game which I am missing out on but with no real incentive to use, because most battles are won simply by using physical attacks, IGNI and Quen. Anyone else feel the same way?
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