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  1. i made the mistake of convincing the Mrs to watch Martyrs with me when it came out, she still talks about it to this day. If that movie doesn't desensitise you, then nothing will. Not the most wife-friendly film, I should have learnt my lesson by asking her to watch Irreversible... There was a number of films released around the same sort of time that stood out for being particularly nasty. Haute Tension (High Tension) is one of my favourites of all, despite the divisive ending. Inside as mentioned above, Frontieres was an entertaining blend of many horror genres.
  2. I loved the Babadook, so much so that my Mrs bought me my very own beautiful Babadook pop-up replica book (http://discoverthebabadook.com/) which finally arrived last week after about two years of being produced. I wouldn't personally describe it as a horror movie though, perhaps that's why so many were disappointed as expectation was not met.
  3. Not that its a entirely recent thing, but its got worse over time - 2-3 minute trailers showing practically everything notable within the film. Also this apparent need for peoples opinions on a film being available everywhere. My Mrs wont watch a film nowadays unless it has at least 7.5 score on IMDB.
  4. Been watching my horror movies with headphones recently, with the volume cranked up loud. Really makes a difference to 'jump' styled horror movies in particular. Watched Insidious 3 recently, and the final scene almost made me crap myself, even though you can see it coming a mile off. I wasn't expecting to, but really enjoyed that film overall.
  5. Thanks, I am knee-deep in Witcher 3 at the moment but I may pick this up then as £19.99 isnt a bad price, so long as it doesn't drop in price again anytime soon I only spent about 20 mins with the demo, nowhere near long enough to form a proper opinion on it.
  6. As a single player game, is this worth getting (on PC, for £19.99)? The reviews seem to be all over the place on this one.
  7. I hated how much contempt everyone showed David until right near then end when they suddenly decided they actually liked him after all. I found the whole thing pretty depressing really.
  8. As some of you may have read earlier, I began this on Blood and Broken Bones difficulty and to be honest had a really tough time of the repeated deaths. Things are different now, I am level 9 and much more capable in battle, the deaths are much less frequent and usually just the result of fighting enemies much higher level than me or through complacency. I dropped the difficulty briefly to get past the Baron and his Baby questline as the second wave of Wraiths always beat me, but other than that have been on B&BB for the remainder. I am glad I stuck with it as it gives the battles a more strategic and measured approach. Having been able to craft Swallow potion helps massively also, as the game unusually automatically refills all potions upon meditation. 20 hours in now, and the game is rather special. I keep going back to the visuals, but they are lovely at 4K. I dropped shadow to High and Foliage distance also to High, and it runs beautifully with AA disabled. I completely fixed my screen tearing issue by enabling vsync within the Nvidea driver profile for the Witcher, and disabled it ingame. Why that makes a difference I have no idea, but its perfect now
  9. At this stage Alchemy is meaningless to me, I have so many items in my inventory and yet only one of the items is complete enough to make a potion or whatever. Its pretty much the section I ignore. Ill carry on with Blood and Broken Bones but will drop down to Normal if it becomes too frustrating.
  10. I am continuing to play this on Blood and Broken Bones difficulty despite repeated deaths as I read somewhere that its really the mode that the game should be played in. Main issue is that health does not recover upon meditation and as a result I spend most of my time with a slither of heatlh left, but I just read this little nugget online and I think I will make this my aim: "Get qwen to level 5and in addition get sun and stars otherwise your gonna get destroyed sun and stars gives you 10 vitality every second during the day, probably the most important ability"
  11. I have Resident Evil, RE0, RE4, RE5 & RE6 sitting in my cart for £27 but cant decide whether to buy them or not. Have already played, but that RE7 demo really has me itching for some reruns.
  12. In the past you could just 'browse XXXX games', doesn't seem to be there any more. The Witness as £14.99 is quite tempting.
  13. I must be really thick but how do you see the sale games? The main Steam Winter Sale banner isnt clickable for me..?
  14. Bought RE4, 5 and 6 for about £13, span up RE4 and it has been polished up quite nicely for PC. Those controls though... Will pick up the other RE games when they become cheaper. I thought the RE7 teaser demo was rather amazing, if thats the direction the series is going in then I am well onboard.
  15. Thanks guys for the advise, will put this into practise later
  16. I managed to find my way out of that pitch black dungeon (why are there no local maps??) and am back in the open world again. A quest I have which is at my level advises to go and talk to someone, the quest pointer takes me to a fast travel sign. Small issue, I would expect that his location would stow as a quest marker on the map, but other then the one on the sign, there is nothing? In terms of food, is the best thing to do hunt animals for raw meat?
  17. I have Witcher 3 on PC and have played about 10 hours or so, but its not really clicking for me so far. Initally, this was to do with the graphics which whilst they are beautiful especially at 4K, I couldnt get rid of the screen tearing despite any combination of in-game graphic settings. I eventually found that turning on Triple Buffering and Adaptive vSync within the GeForce driver profile for Witcher 3 pretty much solved that problem. Since then I have played the main quest-line up to the point whereby I have to beat a Golem with a rather hot looking witch companion. I have no bread/food and hardly any health, so one hit from this thing kills me. Not really sure how to get health back, thought Meditating would work but it doesn't. Struggling to motivate myself with the continual deaths, but at the same time reluctant to drop the difficulty level. At the moment it all seems so much, the character menu's and options are bewildering and as I rarly get the time to sit down and have a good session with this its a difficult game to drop in and out of at first. I can see how much potential it has though, just wish it would start making more sense to me.
  18. Just started this and am playing 4K on PC at 60hz, I found there was screen tearing which strangely was reduced ingame by disabling vSync, but cutscenes are notably choppy which is a shame as they look so beautiful. Feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment and directionless, but enjoying the game so far.
  19. marcus

    PS4 Pro

    Thinking of getting a PS Pro for Final Fantasy. Cant see any package deals for this online, and it looks like I can get one for £349. Will it come with a HDMI 2.0 lead to allow 4K @ 60HZ?
  20. I am thinking of buying Far Cry 4 on Steam at its sale price. It says "Requires 3rd-Party Account: UPlay (Supports Linking to Steam Account)". Were I to buy this, would it appear like a normal game within Steam, or would I need to install the UPlay platform (something I don't really want to do)?
  21. No member berries in this weeks episode :/
  22. Blonde has been a slow burner for me, but I keep bonding with different songs over time and for me that differentiates the best albums. Siegfried is nothing short of amazing.
  23. Jessica, the bubbly brunette who falls to bits every time she speaks is possibly one of my favourite candidates ever.
  24. Really impressed with the first hour I have spent with this so far. Handling that sits nicely between simulation and arcade, the cars feel as though they have real weight to them, Lovely environments. I am running on Ultra at 3840 x 2160, the only setting I dialled back was MSAA which I turned off. With that removed, framerate generally sits around 60fps, with occasional drops, which isn't bad at all considering the resolution :)
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