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  1. You can see some of the arcs dovetailing in as we approach the last episodes, but I still think S1 was better,
  2. Ah ok - feels like unless trying for flawless (lol) then doing 7 again and again even with win/loses is best
  3. Yeah it's a bum if you're even slightly behind On Trials any info on what the increased rewards at 7 wins are? Tempted to reset for quicker rep
  4. Fia/Havock I got pretty early I think as I got onto Afternoon Delight pretty quickly. But I've still go the open lead to go kill her the "normal" way. I want to love this but it just hasn't gelled into anything that grabbed me - which is a huge shame as I love Dishonoured. The most disheartening thing is other than the AD scenario above, I barely even noticed i was killing a visionary. Alekis, Charlie, Frank all just died in quick group shoot outs. Wenji/Harriet are only ones I felt like I assassinated due to their set ups.
  5. If you like it now you're in for a treat. It only gets better when they stop so many jokes.
  6. He did it well on the Legends tv show. But yeah the script was (mostly) what killed any Returns sequels
  7. And done. Not the best finale ever but pretty solid. Lots of call backs and most of the "ongoing" story stuff had already been wrapped up. This season, while comfortable, never felt like it achieved the highs previous episodes had managed. Still really going to miss this and AS trying not to choke up and the end was quite affecting.
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