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  1. I don’t trust ones where some are 15s apart and others nearer a minute
  2. Well this is a lovely slice of nostalgia and still a solid game. Like it tells you a direction but no real hints what to go or specifically where
  3. Both the beam rifle and particle rifle are on Rhom And are amazing
  4. The beam rifle is from Rhom? Unless we mean a different one
  5. Wait it till you need Simulcrums to level gear/guns Its drops from special enemies and you get 3 or 5 from repeat boss kills. The vendor sells some every now and again. You’ll never be overflowing with it though. Platinumed earlier in week / based on mods/guns seen in coop still a fair bit I haven’t seen.
  6. I really like that sorcerer and will be begging Clipper to let me use it if/when we have to make new characters
  7. Another episode that makes me want to scream in frustration at Cad. Everything else was great though - after going back to VM for a free bits, I think I prefer MN. They all seem to be having so much more fun
  8. I like the kettle one I do something similar is someone asks ‘can you put [Person] on the phone’ about how how I’m worried they’ll break it
  9. They’ve patched in Adventure mode so you can reroll and run each of the 3 random worlds in isolation and run them without affecting campaign progress
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