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  1. Don’t quite understand Nemesis but I’m happily playing as Chris Redfield. Flashbangs are great
  2. i may have misremembered but I don’t think we encountered damage resistance did we (the undead had though) It was just tough as nails and vulnerable to force.
  3. How much did you steal from us in the last campaign? I’m glad olly got what was coming to him
  4. I mean it’d be utterly cruel to subject Caliban to Nathan’s rolling….
  5. Does anyone remember enough about the characters to notice the differences?
  6. It was originally only a 13 episode first season though. I don't know when they got told about the extension, but presumably we're still seeing original paced stuff. Hopefully the second half of season won't be draw down/saggy as a result
  7. So good. I mean it's not outstanding or best thing ever - but it's so consistently solid with an excellent handle on the characters and storytelling
  8. A bit too much exposition still in episode 2 given there's only 6...but that was still good fun to watch.
  9. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-06-15-you-can-now-search-for-and-find-cyberpunk-2077-on-the-playstation-store-but-you-cant-buy-it-yet back on sale 21st June
  10. I've got that until phase 2 when everything seems unblockable I can't find an opening
  11. I think it does some interesting things - and calling it ‘souls like’ feels false advertising. There’s no loss of souls/blood/pc on death you just reset. One to keep and eye on but if the bosses are all ridiculously punishing like Choas I’m out
  12. Have you ever done a Vanguard build? Charging/melee/shotgun fun. I could never do anything but Adept though. Space magic explosions
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