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  1. I really liked this - it’s light weight fun, but it’s fun. James Marsden and the voice of sonic carry it Surprised how comparatively little Carrey was in it - and even how he was mostly toned
  2. Apprantly James’ actor was off doing a movie
  3. You need to watch the last one just so we can read your thoughts! Please? I’m having a rough view days
  4. I’ve been entered into an Xwing tournie! I don’t even own it and last time I played spent the entire time with my TIE Fighter going backward This will be fine....
  5. S3 and S4 were massive steps up. I generally hated Enterprise to start with but was really sad it was ending. Then the finale happened and I'm glad it's gone This is important - Terra Prime is the real finale ok? These are the Voyagers is some wierd transposition from another dimension that you should get absolutely hammered before watching and then never think of again
  6. Can you get everything from each level on the first go through? 2 bits in second level are stumping me
  7. That would be fine...but then you've got Daniels coming back and saying what an important, pivotal, defining character Archer and his actions are. What a great and historic Captain he is.. (I might get some inference wrong it's years). It comes off as completely informed ability we're told about but rarely (if ever) shown.
  8. He's a joke 'forum character' account right? No one can be this lacking in self awareness?
  9. I mean when this is the total of your input to a "discussion" thread on a current episode - maybe you should shut up and stop criticizing others? At least they express thoughts deeper than a slice of lemon.
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