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  1. Hexx

    Fall Guys

    Matchmaking seems buggered Got a load of delayed rewards when I logged in though
  2. Hexx

    Fall Guys

    Why do people leave? Servers getting hammered so miss loads of rewards but it seems quite stingy
  3. And done. A much more confident outing that season 1 - the basic structure is the same, but that's about it. There's enough moving parts that everyone's always involved somehow - whereas in season 1 there seemed deadends/pointless side quests. Just found it enjoyable to watch. The characters, the world, the cinematography. It's just enjoyably throughout. Puts a few dangling plot threads to bed, opens up a load more questions. Dear god it's confirmed for season 3 right?
  4. Oh didn't mean it wasn't accurate/warranted - just surprised how they didn't shy away from it
  5. Some of the race stuff in this is hard hitting and uncomfortable. Fair play to them not pulling punches
  6. Glad you're ok. Hope the bike is too (but obviously only after knowing you're alright)
  7. I’m still loving it but I can’t help miss the ‘farce of the weekend from Season.1 over the serialised storytelling of pretty much everything since
  8. Well after an on rails start this got really good in Chapter 3 I've just reached the second safe house having explored most place and side signals - am I ok to push on with main mission or are somethings time sensative?
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