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  1. Are the side missions new? Especially with "Can't progress until X occurs"? Don't recall them Narratively there seem to be a few more earlier hints about what's up I can't recall - do you back track to areas organically or should I be remembering where all this security doors are?
  2. Actual critics? I've seen loads of inluencers deeming it "perfect" etc but not a reputable source
  3. I’ve no idea if mine are ‘strong’ enough. Mostly it’s one’s I’m attached to. Not due to the game/story (which is terrible and light) but due to narrative in my game (eg Diament beastly holding a choke point) has made me attached to them. Also balancing weapons/skills etc to my be overloaded.
  4. I mean if you entirely ignore her transphobia trope laden essay which was her first real escalation point after she received criticism sure. That’s all she’s done and we can go on.
  5. L Evidence please - because everything I’ve read she makes sweeping attack statements as though they apply to a large section. Her ‘essay’ is full of them for instehcrd I’ve never seen her qualify it like you’ve done for her? And your second bit is bollocks. You don’t have to limit it to safe spaces. She’s doesn’t believe trans women are woman full stop. You don’t need to downplay it with unwarranted caveats.
  6. Is there an easy/safe way to level low level characters? Arena training does nothing
  7. No you're right. She also thinks a lot of them are confused children preyed up by Trans Activists making them trans and looking to erase women.
  8. Well should not have gone back to this at 11pm I’ll come back tomorrow in daylight
  9. Well this is excellent 1 chapter in. Best I can say is it plays like you remember DS being
  10. Once you've fixed the switch controls it's fun. Nostalgia ridden and dated fun, but still fun. The first time a guard did the little dodge hop and roll
  11. Oh god the default controls on the pro
  12. On PS store at least subbing to EA for a month also reduced the purchase price of the game by more than the month sub
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