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  1. Isn’t that Nioh price cheaper than its deal of the week last week?
  2. Clank Legacy - Game 1 Quite like this - it's a nice twist on base Clank so far, and the additions to the map in just the first game are interesting. I'm not sure how the co-op but competative thing is going to work out. We did this on TTS due to current conditions. The mod was good - but you definately lose a lot from the experience not actually destroying cards/adding stickers etc
  3. IS the (original...not the season pass new DLC) worth it? I'm ok with it on the switch but wonder if the DLC would make it shine?
  4. If you use a pattern and later overwrite it updates things on the island right? Was going to make a new area in bed but not if I have to move everything to redo floor
  5. The Gay Agenda, The Woke Agenda, benig a SJW rallying cry etc - it got hate on all angles. And there there's the fact RR is outspoken on a lot of the same issues. If you care about the chracters/plots/acting - there's literally no reason to single this one out over the other CW shows. (Ignoring the shame of the reasons behind it) It's a shame as I thought RR had really grown into the role over the year - and I was really liking her in it.
  6. Yeah - it's amazing how much hate it's got. Has it be genre defining A+ TV? Nope. It's been CW Hero standard - and it's actually been pretty good for that. It's not beat Arrow or Flash's best seasons yet - but it's way better their average. Plus it's been improving pretty consistently throughout the year. I'm not sure it's fair to compare anything to the insane energy that is Legends
  7. https://www.cbr.com/batwoman-ruby-rose-exit-series/ Ruby Rose our - they’re going to recast for season 2
  8. Sorry just catching up - end of war campaign Jesus that was bad - even for Blizzard
  9. In another campaign we got a robe of dramatic wind / basically you’re cloak can be triggered to billlow like you’re a hero.
  10. Sorry abotu DIscord issues all night. I blame VIrgin Media Arros when he thought the bracers were 1k
  11. Mage Knight First scenario and paused but I really liked this. Turn order seems to matter a lot (but than might be because we're on recon mission for this) But thematically strong and satisfying to make work. Only realy problem is a the downtime on others turns.
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