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  1. On the longsword counters you just make sure the roar hits during the blue flash/invince frames
  2. Got a build done now with all armor and decos and a very decent talisman. Just farming stuff now to try and get even luckier on talisman
  3. Looking at it on list looks like in the last unlock after you beat "final" boss after 7* quests. It's a 3 slot though so good luck finding armor that it'll fit
  4. Warlocks suck! 2 spell slots! Who thought that was a good idea! Missed all 3 attacks! But Hex is fun
  5. And "done" with the storyline in the hub and last urgent 7* done. Last fight was easy (rather than one move) and move of spectacle then encounter. Better to Iceborne, worse that Sifa And then the game just "ends". It's odd to complain about a game that's given XX hours enjoyment to say it feels incomplete, but this doesn't seem to have an endgame (beyond set up gear for upcoming DLC continuation). Gems being craftable is a nice step and makes them targetable, RNG in Talismans seems insance. That variety in power/ability available is bonkers (I got a rank 7, 2xQuick Sheath, 2*Exhaus,
  6. Season 6 was fine but unspectacular. It’s hard to recommend heavily. It’s more Flash mostly with same good/bad you’d expect It had 2 good villains and arcs, rather than 1 stretched out of season. But also had a lot of build up to crisis and actors taking time out, being pregnant etc. And then it stopped due to COVID. The start of this season is the final eps of last season of that should have been.
  7. Credits done. - pretty early too it feels. But then 5* unlocks loads of new monsters. Hope a bit more of a challenge - but then it seems longsword is beastly in this - even if you’re low competency like me.
  8. Silkbind attacks (generally) get you aerial You can then do ‘blue bar’ damage numbers (not blue numbers a blue flash around them) These contribute to staggering the monster into a rideable state - looks stunned and like it’s ‘bound’ to ground by silk bind straps. (Attack and you’ll mount) At least I think that’s it...
  9. Can I be 7 wizards? One for each subclass? Would be easier than choosing.
  10. Dual Blades are pretty easy so far. Demon Mode - press ZR. This is your damage mode. Drain Stamina like balls. Fill Demon Bar (White, Turns red when full) Arch Demon mode - leave Demon mode with Demon Bar full (OR RED but partly full. It only turns white/useless again if if full empties). Demon bar depletes are you spend time in it (but stamina doesn't). Spend most time in this. Basic human mode - don't be in this. Pretty much all combos are same in any more and are all quite good. AXXXA is a nice one. X+A locks you in place and WRECKS. Use when mon
  11. Any way to get button prompts/combos on screen like in world? (You can get in training room)
  12. ZR (or R2 to normal brains) + X = Fire you Kinsect. It will extract Red (Damage), White (Speed) Orange (Knockback Res) depending on where you target. (E.g. legs/wings for white, teeth/claws etc for damage, body for knockback in general) ZE + A = Recall Kinsect and gain the buff. AFAIK the numbers don't matter. they just the order you got them - but you want one of each. The bar under the 3 buffs is your Kinsects Stamina, When it runs outs it'll come back. In previous games you could also "mark" an area for your Kinsect to auto attack. This seems to be ZR but wor
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