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  1. Graham and Ryan leaving in the special If they had any real character I’d be upset but they can just give all their dialogue to Yaz
  2. Damn you Xbox people off having raidy fun
  3. Oh you're such a bad influence. I'd be pissed if I just bought Tasha though!
  4. So on level up - can we use Tasha's book spells? Also dem'bones - how intact are they/is there a skull etc...
  5. Basic Empire hunts you buy from Varijs don’t have them When you later unlock variable difficulty hunts (one each week) from the map heroic difficulty above will have champions Look at nightfall the odeal - you can see it has champions in its modifiers for those difficulties. The hunt will look the same
  6. Oh god I wish I could go back and watch this from the beginning again without any fore knowledge
  7. Jesus tittybanging Christ I don’t think you have to be a Tilly hater to be astounded by that. Is everyone on this ship drunk?
  8. Hexx

    House M.d.

    Doesn't matter if you miss too much - the early seasons didn't have much off an ongoing arc. It gets more as it gets going but you still get case of the week episodes. Worth watching if just for House Head/Wilson's Heart 2 parter
  9. Thanks to whomever got the PS clan the clangrams for the week I’m 1258 but the lost sector still wrecks me. So much can one shot...
  10. Wait what happened with Cas Anvar?
  11. New Darkness mission from the Stranger after the reset (a new aspect I'd assume) The Lament Sword shreds. Insane damage. I'm doing pretty well on the Triumps - except for Brigs from the new Public event. You have to be in a fireteam. That's gonna be a right pain. 10 kills is the first level...and there are 4 levels.
  12. Yeah that's why it's worse. Hated it in Bloodborne and Sekiro to. "Damn I died. Let's try again....oh nope got to spend time farming so I can try again" is nasty gameplay. The penalty for failure should be loss of time trying, not loss of time trying and extra time doing other activity. It also changes exploration from "how far do I push my luck with X charges of healing" to "great I found Full Grass! I can explore even further in this run" Annoyed at being one-shotted...I've lent into the glass cannon. Uped magic damage, lower magic defense. That's show em
  13. Oh really? I wondered why I hadn't got it but I'm the same - bought game for £ and pass for silver. Anyone finding anything odd with Overload champions? Especially in lost sectors? Can stagger them but they seem to recover FAST>
  14. Hopefully that means it’s not so complex and pugs have a chance Does the PS4 clan raid?
  15. Raid done New cutscene when you log in - 3 new quest lines (1 exotic) and dark zones on Europa
  16. Might leave 3-1. It’s one of those times when FromS fuck up really irk as the rest of game design is strong. But 3 different one hit kill mechanics just isn’t fun. Sour taste is really putting me off the game, even though there’s other routes. Was slowly getting a handle on the mindflayers and one hit kills and then Red Mindflayers Really miss the estus flask. Limited consumables (esp for healing) is horrid
  17. 3-1 is kicking my arse. Their magic attacks do so much damage Missing Estus flask. Limited consumable heals is horrid
  18. Oh lots of things related to stasis needed tuning in PvP (but they've focused on warlocks) - but that's smashed the subclass into redundancy. Novawarp over again Warlock Melee definitely needed changing as it was a 1v1 ‘I win’ button. But reducing range, speed and freeze is too much Ice shards seems they’ve reduced speed but not changed time active so distance traveled is much less, and slower. Chances of getting anyone much reduced (and in pve it’s feels same range as shatter...so what’s the point?) 1.75 freeze across the board doesn’t give much time to aim/kil
  19. Warlocks can't have anything nice.
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