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  1. This comes together after a few hours. Shift changes the game I've got that (with Airborne and Shift upgrades) and Karnsis now. Worked out how to kill 2 in a love nest too, but don't get the times out of it
  2. Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie
  3. Trials definitely needs stronger penalties for quitters. A freelancer queue would be amazing since their matchmaking is still all to buggery. Not sure what the point of glory ranks are now there’s a trail rep Need to get myself a vex mythoclast
  4. Intellect Devourer mostly just returns items like "5 deadlist DnD monsters" or "How to steal your player characters easily"
  5. New Trials seems pretty well done. Much easier for everyone to get something out of it. Think they said this approach will go to IB as well. Feels like it needs a Freelance queue though!
  6. I adored Tales of Symphonia, but haven't got on with any since. The reviews have really got my interest in this though
  7. The talk of a patch comes from an pre-release FAQ rather than in response to issues I think https://lifeisstrange.square-enix-games.com/en-gb/blog/faq-and-specs/?utm_source=facebook_lifeisstrangegame&utm_campaign=faq_blog_SQEXSOCIAL "Please note: ray-tracing will be enabled on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in a Day 1 patch."
  8. Hopefully they'll put Peter back to his original appearance rather than the plasticine child they made in in MM.
  9. It’s very much Star Trek Quake though - it’s fun and loud and lovely fan service but it’s still an early 2000s shooter Such good memories of the online MP though
  10. They’ll be dated Bridge Commander or Armada though I’d suggest If they do birth of the federation I may never leave the house
  11. https://www.gog.com/partner/startrek Not sure where else to put this for. GOG have put a load of old Star Trek games up - Bridge Commander, Starfleet Command III, Hidden Evil and Away Team all for £8.39 each. Both Armada and Armada II are listed as coming soon as well. Some really gems in there
  12. Not immediately impressed with the Phalanx. The shield is good if aliens come at your from the front, but they often dont (or swarm past you) and a hit to body from side knocks you out of it. Perks might improve. OK for advancing down a corridor. The shock is nice, but you're also limited to CQW. There are better options it feels to thin them at range, although this is a good plan b if that fails the other options feel preferable. Also the update upgraded everyone's weapons to 4* so try out some new stuff
  13. Yeah they’re not interesting they’re just high in quantity Yelloe glyphs can do one too
  14. I’ve never come close to 70 (you don’t get more do as paid do you? That’s as free) I think 35 is my record. Some of the later challenges aren’t hard but just require a high quantity
  15. Against I think it might just be inexperience (on day 1) In a chase he’s ok it’s the passive. I assume you’re meant to pick up the Lament box and only ‘use’ as necessary/when he’s busy or distracted. Letting the chains build up/trigger is horrible - but being revealed and him tping to you as you reset then is nasty too.
  16. Pinhead seems brutally hard
  17. Seems like. A few chums dipped their toe back in with beyond light, but no season pass (yet...maybe) and they have remarkably little to do. The intro/explanation is really not designed for returning players. Confusing as f.
  18. Question So Hunts/Battlegroubds/Overide are here until Witch Queen Is that only if you bought the seasons at the time? If you started D2 could you access them?
  19. Yeah I’m finding the same. it’s hard to place why but it’s really just not ‘clicking’…
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