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  1. I fell off the hamster cycle last time as I wasn't going to get some of the seasonal challenges, enough to get the big boost. Plus random groups for master content were a disaster.


    Will pop back at least for the early cycle of this - the story was well told last time. Had to laugh at "the beginning of the end"....hasn't that been since Arrival :D


    Hard to judge Solar 3.0 apart from the SASSY WARLOCK FINGER SNAP :omg:

  2. 2 minutes ago, Alex W. said:
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    Way more than that:


    Other Strange.

    Most of the guardians and students of the mystic arts.

    The guards, staff, scientists and board members of the Illuminati

    Nearly Wong


    She’s got a higher body count than the Terminator and Robocop combined. And that’s not counting anything leading up to the movie, or the ones the eye monster would have got if Strange hadn’t intervened. She’s willing to kill anyone and anything that obstructs her, although she gives a few of them a chance to get out of the way.



    Yeah but 



    That's their fault for not getting out way. She tries to be "reasonable" to Strange before that 1st battle.

    She massively escalates during the film sure - but I thought that was meant to be her being corrupted the Darkholdt. Or the Darkhold....temple? rather than she was on murderpages from the start.


  3. There's a huge disconnect between where we leave Wanda at the end of WV and where she is at the start of DS2.

    It's a journey that arguably "makes sense" but we're told not shown



    Her study of the Darkhold "corrupts" her. It's never really explained what this means but it all happens off screen

    She finds out her invented kids are real in other (every?) universe

    She 'dreams' of her invented kids real alternatives every night.


    This pushes her from "can't control an entire town for a fantasy" to "can take one life to have her new reality' (and keep it safe. That's why she wants the power rather than AC's help) - might be 2 lives as its not clear where the Wanda she'll replace will go.


    (Note - I really wasn't a fan of the move from WV where she want's Vision/their future to DS2 where she wants kids. KIDS. A woman wants kids to be happy. KIDS! KIDS! VIsion who? KIDS!)


  4. And done (platiniumed) - enjoyed my time with but glad it's over.


    Definitely needs to learn "less is more" in terms of side quests/collectables/errands/McGuffins. (The fact the trophies need about 1 of each rather than all suggests they know this)


    The amount of weapons, armours and pouches all with upgrades is insane. The variety of upgrade materials is too wide as well, and often RNG related (e.g. I've killed about 8 Slitherfangs and got 1 drop of item I need, and no not key component :P). There's too much choice and all a bit inconsequential. You don't need that sort of variety.

    The combat loops remain largely the same throughout - I barely upgraded anything other than pouches, and I didn't feel to hard done by. It would be another 10 hours or so of farming to upgrade gear in the same combat loop.


    Coupled with the skill tress and Valor stuff. The perk trees upgrading you maybe ok, but all the various abilities and Valor I never really explored other than ones I identified that worked. 


    I'm not sure about the plot - it goes places you really don't expect from the start, but also it also ends up being pretty much all about set up for the next game - and this plot never quite comes together (the heroic charge in the finale come closes but just don't hit the high it should). Same as Alloy - I can't put my finger on it but she's not just as likeable in this. Having said that the base and the interactions therein are a good edition.


    So yeah enjoyed it, could have done with it being 10-15 hours less. Sure I'll still get the tee-uped DLC though.





  5. Not terrible, not great. Some good signs, some bad. It's a pretty solid pilot - although it's so on the nose and heavy handed it's makes it hard to like it





  6. So...it really was all about PIcard 



    Getting his end away?


    Did I miss something or



    Did they not explain where FemaleQ/Q2 are with Q's "dying alone" spiel?


    I don't think that was the worst episode, but it was tired and predictable (other than the set up for next season out of left field). I don't think there was anything in there that wasn't widely predicted, often weeks ago.


    The last scene between Picard/Q was well done...I just with the actors had a better script to work with

  7. 20 hours ago, Bacon Horsemeat said:

    That S2 finale, WOW!


    Episode 9 was so good too - that epilogue 🤣




    2.17 🥰


    Clear action you can follow and understandable stakes. Plot moving along too with 3 distinct ship/plots coming together. Picard and Discovery could earn a lot.



  8. 38 minutes ago, Eighthours said:


    I reckon so. While it's great fun, the main problem with the battle royale online bowling is that if you don't get a strike or a spare every single time you're basically out, and you can be 'out' with no hope of getting back with still a couple of bowls to go in the current round. It's just a teensy bit too easy to get a spare or strike, which is an issue for the longevity of the game - I have little doubt that after a couple of weeks, the top 10k players will be getting pretty much a perfect score every single time. This is why I'm looking forward to playing an online game with obstacles after I've ranked up enough. 


    By the way, @Hexx - was that you I saw at the weekend online getting an insane score while coming first, or just someone with the same name?


    Nothing to do with me - don't have it and no interest

  9. 29 minutes ago, Garibaldi said:

    They really excelled themselves this week. A holographic mobile emitter. Did you hear what the fuck I just said, people? It’s problematic enough that the mobile emitter exists at all in this timeline, but it materialises at the exact same time as Elnor. Meaning the emitter which allows holograms autonomous freedom is also a hologram. 

    They obviously included the EM as a nod to long term Trek fans, but plainly have no idea how the fuck it actually works. Nothing new there, though. All their callbacks and references end up feeling like a troll as they have no understanding of the source material. 


    I was more confused



    How the confederation ship, they'd been on for.....8 minutes managed to scan Elnor and record his personality so utterly completely for the recreation.



  10. Quote

    Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is a battle royale game set in the streets and on the rooftops in Prague, in the World of Darkness.[3] It takes place following a vampire gathering in the city, after which war between the vampire sects broke out and the Second Inquisition became involved.[4] Players take the roles of vampires who try to survive the sect war,[4] battling both each other and an entity who tries to exterminate vampires. They can choose to fight on their own or in a team, and use ranged weapons, melee weapons, and vampiric powers.[3][5] Players also need to conceal their identities as vampires from humans, a practice called the Masquerade.[4]




    Probably not a good sign there's no thread


    Tried this at lunch time - atmospheric and pretty. The city is fun-ish to run around eating humans without being seen, but in the end seemed to end up with in 1v1 shoot outs where you jumped about wildly spraying bullets like another well known Battle Royale. The powers didn't seem to come into it. Early days but not sure it'll breakout.

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