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  1. My brain might have switched off - why was she there?
  2. Holy Moly. If you're a sorcerer and struggling with Crystal bosses trys
  3. Sorry it's hard just to hint.
  4. 3 Crystaline bosses when you're mage with rapier is evil. I need to find myself a big club.
  5. Ah. Lands pretty thoroughly explored and I'm a big powerful boy. Time to ride triumphantly into the capital
  6. That might have been me!
  7. Rahdan down! Gave up sniping and just kept unloading hyperbeams on him. Then in post climax shaking skipped the cutscene. Heres my hectic messy kill Also cleared the Shaded Castle
  8. So Volcano Manor is another big legacy dungeon! And a pretty cool one! Although the last boss is wrecking me. Might have to try Shaded Castle or actually go to the capital instead
  9. Oh Yes. You are still a bit of a glass canon. You might be disappointed as some of your earliest spells (Pebble, Swift Shard) are you most dependable and will likely be used to the till. You also rarely get the big knockdowns/counters/criticals of melee, but chip aware (there are some later spells that hit like fucking tanks though) They've also made some changes that make it easier and shore up it's weaknesses from previous games - e.g. you can an easy AoE in Arc. Summon Ashes also give you a distract to on bosses while you line up your big shots.
  10. I did the 1520 version of the weekly matchmade (twice) and there wasn't really any issue. Biggest problem was the dark areas. Haven't tried the 1550 version with group finder etc
  11. Ta - I wasn't sure if it was quick or if there was more puzzle/traverals issues like, say Presage.
  12. The Main UI thing I want is the ability to immediately see details when I pick up a new item rather than going to have to find it in the inventory after Edit- And the ability to compare shop items with what I'm wearing.
  13. Jeepers! Unrelated - Vox Obsurerererer. How hard is it? Soloable?>
  14. How many symbols are we talking about? At least with TLW our group came up with recognisable names/descriptions. God odd when having to put people though
  15. So Phantasmal Killer is more complex that I realised! I might swap it at a level up - think Warlocks can do that, People can't decide when it ends https://www.enworld.org/threads/phantasmal-killer.403865 And how the fear thing works seems to be open to discussion https://www.reddit.com/r/DMAcademy/comments/68c2xb/questions_about_phantasmal_killer_and_the/ https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/137782/does-the-phantasmal-killer-spell-actually-produce-an-image-that-the-target-cant Sage advice is no help! https://twitter.com/jeremyecrawford/status/885973505593954304?lang=en-GB I might swap it at a level up as it's convoluted - think Warlocks can do that,
  16. Sorry I’d love to but tonight is DnD night. Give em hell! Another weekly run and another Ascendent alloy. Rngesus loves me Preservation is easily sociable by the way .
  17. Did we get any new open world stuff with the raid being completed?
  18. If you've got red square it's health debuff you got from unprotected hugging
  19. Reading some World First races it sounds pretty buggy - mostly with disconnect areas. Shout if you need another body for future - I can sometimes be useful! Still no Empirical Evidence drop/pattern so that quest is blocked off
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