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  1. Yeah they want elemental wells builds but it does make the cost of golden bordering a weapon pretty pointless!
  2. Screw you rahdan! I'm going to the pub. I'm sure coming back at 11pm will make the fight easier!
  3. Fast moving thread but covered some pages ago - it means your in an area where you can soul ash summon
  4. The glowing gate means your near a "Rebirth Monument". It's like a pillar with message symbol on top. It's that which allows you to use the ashes - the glowing symbol is just another indicator you're in range. I expect there was lore reason given why the Ashes only work by monuments but I didn't hear it. Radahn is absolutely kicking my ass
  5. There's a lot of garbage spells early on. They give you variety but the damage/FP/time rations are all pretty poor compared to basic stuff. (Especially barrage for instance that also locks you in place.) You do find more as you go on though Swift Shard is my basic attack. With Pebble as a heavier option based on how many shots things are taking to kill for FP efficiency. I've then got Ambush Shard (creates a shard behind the enemy and pulls it towards you) to wreck shielded enemies. Or heavily armored tanks. All while giggling. This is my favourite new spell. Arc is amazing AoE for when more than 1 basic mob. I've then got a massive magic bow I summom for heavy hitting openers. Gravity I've only found one - rip up 3 rocks and throw them at enemies. Seems good for stagger and I guess counts as physical (or at least partly physical) damage as it's good for overcoming magic resistance. Pretty poor FP use though.
  6. Where ever you want! Or...
  7. So Caelid's horrible. Everything murders me
  8. I don't recall anything specific examples where you're talking about but
  9. I do lots of "grace ahead" or "watch out for ambush" types. Mostly if I find a highly rated tip I go 5 foot back and say the same thing
  10. So the raid is Friday right? Assuming it'll unlock some new stuff for everyone once the big boys worlds first it?
  11. I don't think so - you can move from PS4 to PS5 but you can't move back according to their FAQ Oh got just met the And I think I joined a cult!
  12. In case you missed it above
  13. I missed a vendor early on that sold poison/rot resist items and crafting recipes
  14. Level 57, 9 flasks +7 charges. Think I've explored all the Lakes area now. Probably missed a really important vendor or something :fp: Still have the Manor to do entirely. A couple of dungeons I've run from and I'm not going back Had some interesting adventures There's a land to the south west I can't see to get to? End up in a posion swamp instead? Any ide I found some staffs/spells that need 52/58/60 Int to use! Does anyone know if there's a soft cap in this (In spoilers in case anyone else cares)
  15. Lots of time pottering around the lakes areas- level 38 Is it me or are there much less mini-dungeons her (or have I missed loads :P) but a load more overworld stuff. I've opened up the castle but I'm torn between exploring more (or mopping up some of the stuff I noped away from) or pushing on for lovely spell caster loot Has anyone found a poison resist/cure item at all?
  16. Stormveil Castle done. I felt I explored it pretty throughly - even went through the main gate - but there's 2 doors/lifts I can't seem to work out. No longer faffed. Godfrey wasn't too bad, but he's long. I can't be summon buddy as I run out of spells (although I could change classes) Think Limgrove and Weeping Penisula are pretty much done. Gotta decide which way to go next.
  17. Explored most of Limgrave and Weeping Penisula now (level 27). Beat Magrit eventually. Everywhere is starting to feel horrid! I'm running out of easy options!
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