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  1. Probably not a good sign there's no thread Tried this at lunch time - atmospheric and pretty. The city is fun-ish to run around eating humans without being seen, but in the end seemed to end up with in 1v1 shoot outs where you jumped about wildly spraying bullets like another well known Battle Royale. The powers didn't seem to come into it. Early days but not sure it'll breakout.
  2. https://www.cbr.com/the-batman-sequel-announced-warner-bros-dc/ Sequel announced!
  3. First DLC pack sounds terribly short and terrible value
  4. I can't believe (actually I can believe it, I'm just astounded) we're on episode 8 and no one has any idea what's going on or why
  5. It's really odd though. Certain long time trek fans are almost evangelical about Picard/Discovery. But I can't recall, say, a similar faction of Star Wars fans with the prequels? (Ok there was for The Last Dumpsterfire, but lets not open that can of worms :p) The "origin" of Picard's strength...
  6. I didn’t realise DnD beyond wasn’t linked
  7. DUST and Fomo of free Dust. I've done the Strike and Crucible resets on bonus weeks but good lord Gambit....even double...it hurts my very soul!
  8. In previous seasons you could "skip" two and still get the full reward. So previously I'd skipped (say) the GM one and the Gambit reset one. We don't know if it'll be 2 again (could be 4/6/whatever) but if it's the same they'll be more I want/need (although MIke's possibly thrown a raid bone :D) to skip than possible. Which has made it feel "unachievable" in my head, so became "why bother" so has broken my FOMO doing weekly hamster wheels? If that makes sense.
  9. So another raid weekly objective and a double reset gambit one? That might have killed my motivation to try to go for "full" season. They usually let you skip 1 or 2 but that's 2 raid and 2 rank reset ones
  10. And done quest at level 32. Feeling pretty gosh darn powerful. All the side stuff still to do which I mostly certainly will as it's fun to play (although I could use some new spells). I can't help but feel the original DLC did Fantasy and "Real" story better (when you realise the trauma Tiny is working through). The setting here didn't feel as imaginative as the DLC either (too much under the sea) Still Spellshot/Graveborn is silly fun. There's no New Game+ just Chaos rooms (and boss refights). Possibly makes sense....much more diablo like.
  11. Mainlined MQ amd I got all the way to the Fearamid town and it told me I was too far below recommended level (24 vs 27. It would let me it but suggested not) Time to go back and have some sidequests....or I might try and just do all these Overworld shrine things. Really enjoying it. Between level 20 and 24 my character somehow gained cool looking armor (nothing I've equipped) and the Spellshot Capstone ability is insane. I've immediately respeced away from Int as a result, but feel my starting choice was now sub optimal
  12. A few hours into this after I caved. Having a lovely time (level 10) It's nice enough - the change from BL to an overworld was strange. Spellshot feels utterly powerful already which is nice! Will Arnett and Ashley Burch are doing a lot of heavy lifting (there's something going on I'm sure :D). I'm surprised how poor Andy Samberg is though.
  13. Vox master is a bit bullshit Anyone know if the 4 messages are weekly or can you chain run (normal)
  14. https://www.eurogamer.net/two-point-campus-delayed-until-august Delayed from 17th May to 9th August. Seems an odd/unprepared for move as loads of previews etc had started appearing... It's not a good sign is it?
  15. There's something very odd about the hardcore discovery defenders. Like if you don't like it. It must be because you're against what you perceive as "woke" or you must hate people think are "SJW"s. Basically if you don't like it, it's because you're an alt-right incel troll gamon sterotype and it's just joked about in a smug fashion.
  16. Friday night did 4 set ups for the prison break hiest. These are great! We couldn't get the last one done as the prison team kept getting shot at for no reason they could work out.
  17. You are a genius! And well...I'd have your babies if you asked
  18. Utter pain of a night that makes me want to chuck this Log in. Takes 3 sessions to be a CEO to check on my stuff. Nightclub's lost all it's popularity. Given the fact a mission takes 20 minutes and gives 1 out 5 bars, starting to feel being popular isn't worth it. Although it would stop Tony/Laz harassing me Daily Objective - do a sprint race. Spend 10 minutes working out what that is, where I need to be (In LS meet). Start it. Needs 4. There's 1 other person in here. Doesn't accept. Wait 10-15 minutes. At one point 2 others are in - no one accepts. 5 day objective streak broken. Do some special goods - pick up. No hint it would be 3 packages. I'm solo. Great. Then someone with a missile car chain kills/blows up. 18k and 20 minutes wasted. Do some special goods - pick up. It's just one package and I'm with a co-op buddy. Then someone with a missile car chain kills/blows up. 18k and 10 minutes wasted. Decide to pick up our hiest chain - our duo liked that. Oh you need 4 for the next one. Open it...after about 5 minutes people join. Then I click mission 3 not mission 1 and backing out resets entire thing. (Oh and friend goes back to different session) Repeat. 8 minutes people join, get into picking role. Crash out. (Presume someone one quit?) Tried once more 10 minutes and now joiners. Overall about 30min and 40k wasted. Try and random quick join. Sort of fun but short mission where you have to take out oil tankers across map and then in base. Takes about 10 min. Get reward 6k. Between armor and ammo needed to kill trucks, net loss. Then potter off to my warehouse. 7 crates for 200k! Let's roll!. Oh it's a flying mission. I hate them I wish it had told me. Fly really well! 5/6 drops done. Hit a powerline at night and stop moving. Mission...ends? I'm alive/fine? All crates lost for no reward. Great. A basic pick up mission builds the warehouse back up. Then another one....is on a boat. Surrounded by other boats and men on Jetski. Can't get close without being murdered. Times out. 18k spent and 30 minutes waste. So an evening with nothing "achieved" and some frustration. I can't think of a better description than the game doesn't respect your time. A pretentious way to describe it but I can't come up with better. Too easy for no rewards and when you do get into content it's so inconsistent in risk/reward/complexity.
  19. I'm actually having a good time - a very good time at some points of laughing with friend. I can see how it gets its hooks into you - and the grind is VERY well designed to entice you to just get a bit more and to another hamster wheel. But I'm also utterly amazed and some of the...jank...in the quirks for it.
  20. I have such a weakness for FOMO
  21. YOU can only strengthen to +3 You need to find.....something/someone/someplace...to do more
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