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  1. Lots of buffs to sorceries to. As you were playing the game in hard mode if you picked that route
  2. God I don't want to use it but the Bastard's Stars flail is amazing
  3. Where you summoning co-op? Even if you didn't get one it blocks ashes if you're looking. There's something else down there - first a hint then a direction
  4. Call me dumb but I only just realised that all the big bosses are named useing GRRM's initials
  5. Wanna drop me a Bolt of Grandsoux in co op
  6. Main Mage. Tried NG+ him but undid it to pottering around clearing up and for NPC Alt Dex Melee - just got past academy. Need to mop up trophies (as moved from ps4 to ps5 early bosses need repeating) and get other endings
  7. Is Moonveil "better" than Unchanga? I started my alt Samurai with that and haven't looked back...
  8. Anyone got a good vault sorting tool that's updated for Witch Queen? Destiny Recipe hasn't yet and I'm drowning
  9. Well that's all the Legendary stuff for Trophies mopped up. Already had a lot of them or the rest were in locations I'd marked to go back to. Nothing hidden particularly out the way. Which makes the fact 1 of them (out of about 30) can be missed forever with no warning. Between that and needing a trophy from 3 play throughs (unless you save shenannaggin, which I didn't so at least 2 play throughs) a couple of the trophies feel really out of kilter with the rest.
  10. They might as well have not - they're tiny
  11. It becomes unobtainable at a certain point
  12. Missed bolt of Granslax for legendary achievement
  13. No that one seems particularly OP Its what the guy doing the sub 30 min speed runs uses
  14. Doing a NG as melee and absolutely wrecking the place. Godrick (frey? the SV castle one) down at level 20 Thing holding me back (slightly) is not remembering the graveyards for easy runes and smithing stone locations
  15. If you've got magic Night Maiden' Mist shreds them
  16. It's like a black ball as well if that helps
  17. Tbh I adored the game but felt everything after the Capital was downhill (not to say bad just past the peak). The areas, while striking, are less interesting. (HT is great but the CS ground before it was...empty). Plus I'd mostly got all the skills/gear/etc I wanted and levelling was fairly pointless. So less interesting exploration/world building and limited sense of progression. I spent 100 hours on my playthrough and this might be the best game, but I think an 80 hour one would have been even stronger. (Which is a really odd complaint) Edit - Part of the might be "my fault" I did everything I could in all the areas (and side quests) you can get to before going to the Capital. If I'd gone there earlier the pacing might have felt different. But as it was everything post it felt a bit empty
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