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  1. I think you've got a couple of bits off... I think this is FROMs worst story. Ignoring all the confusingly very similar names, it's just incomplete. And while Bloodborne is interesting and opening to interpretation due to carefully crafted gaps or conflicting stories, this just straight up doesn't tell you key bits in an attempt to be "mysterious".
  2. Adam West always like to point out Batman was the caped crusader long before he was the dark knight
  3. Try the strike from behind spell for shielded enemies, or the twin spiral - which continues through and keeps hitting things (also killer on slow bosses)
  4. Kiteman is getting a spin off https://www.polygon.com/22989254/harley-quinn-spinoff-kite-man-season-3
  5. And Platiniumed. Did a NG+ run for last bits I needed and then save scummed endings. Surprisingly fast once you know direct route and don’t have to worry about levels/upgrades
  6. Get some Bros into help? There’s another route into the capital if you’ve been following Quest line Edit You also need to have killed
  7. Here’s my kill If there’s any tips you can learn from it
  8. Maybe he hadn’t got to the ‘how to knock people out with a double fisted blow to the back’ class yet
  9. The spell changes are really nice. A lot more stuff feels more viable now with FP/damage ratios changed.
  11. It's a souls game. If you can't easily get somewhere maybe you'll come back to the area from a different route later.
  12. Lots of buffs to sorceries to. As you were playing the game in hard mode if you picked that route
  13. God I don't want to use it but the Bastard's Stars flail is amazing
  14. Where you summoning co-op? Even if you didn't get one it blocks ashes if you're looking. There's something else down there - first a hint then a direction
  15. Call me dumb but I only just realised that all the big bosses are named useing GRRM's initials
  16. Wanna drop me a Bolt of Grandsoux in co op
  17. Main Mage. Tried NG+ him but undid it to pottering around clearing up and for NPC Alt Dex Melee - just got past academy. Need to mop up trophies (as moved from ps4 to ps5 early bosses need repeating) and get other endings
  18. Is Moonveil "better" than Unchanga? I started my alt Samurai with that and haven't looked back...
  19. Anyone got a good vault sorting tool that's updated for Witch Queen? Destiny Recipe hasn't yet and I'm drowning
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