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  1. Tbh I adored the game but felt everything after the Capital was downhill (not to say bad just past the peak). The areas, while striking, are less interesting. (HT is great but the CS ground before it was...empty). Plus I'd mostly got all the skills/gear/etc I wanted and levelling was fairly pointless. So less interesting exploration/world building and limited sense of progression. I spent 100 hours on my playthrough and this might be the best game, but I think an 80 hour one would have been even stronger. (Which is a really odd complaint) Edit - Part of the might be "my fault" I did everything I could in all the areas (and side quests) you can get to before going to the Capital. If I'd gone there earlier the pacing might have felt different. But as it was everything post it felt a bit empty
  2. Yeah CFA (is it FCA?) is an absolutely awful zone. One of their worst. Shame it’s likely the climax of the game for most people
  3. Wait she’s a green lantern now? Where’s the embiggan?
  4. The mid game bow spell was great for sniping (damage wise it’s poor, the selling point is range). Night maidens mist was a good send for Crystaline entities. Yeah even as a mage my mimic tear seemed very durable while doing decent damage Edit - Oh yeah and Stars of Ruin for any invaders. It’s bonkers how much love they gave magic in this game and how they fixed even it’s weaker points
  5. @Doctor Shark Team Sensible (Samson and Archie….maybe Glenn) are staying in town to keep an eye of SmurfNibbles. The rest are going trap-sing through the caves, breeding grounds etc back to Saltmarsh to solve the grey hair issue of Gazes. I’m not sure if Barley was on team sensible or team certain death.
  6. I believe so yeah - this was much more forgiving
  7. I mean I can show you but they’re all pretty much this for the last half of game Only the Melenia and last boss made me change it up
  8. What weapon is that? I tried melee Moonviel and it obliterated Margot in about 40s - even with me forgetting I didn't have a shield and just taking a few hits straight to the face.
  9. Have you found the lift to North East? It needs some things to work (one of which is in Mordor :P) or there's a path around...somewhere
  10. I was amazed they didn't get the "Choose to live, friend" line in given how much they seemed so happy with it in season 1
  11. I'm not very good. I already fear everything!
  12. They drop massively more runes too I expect
  13. Genuinely feel at a loose end now this is ‘done’ Have a few minor dungeons to mop up but that’s it. Then tempted by either NG+ or NG a melee build. But…it’s such a immense undertaking and I’m worried I won’t like it without sense of exploration/discovery.(plus how do you access the inevitable dlc) Maybe I’ll just horizon…
  14. Is there some trick/cheese for Vox master I’m not aware of? Got kicked from 2 pug attempts yesterday that seemed like going well (ignoring vehicles, range attacking goliaths)?
  15. And done 162, 110 hours on the clock, Age of Stars ending Magnificent - other than last area or two. High point is the Lakes/AP time period. Everything after capital was downhill.
  16. CFA is a really shit (I'm assuming) close to endgame location. FIrst time I've actively not enjoyed an area an just rushed through.
  17. Another helpful tip I wish I knew much earlier - press L3 to sort inventory by type/weight/stats/order accquired. Helpful if you want to read lore/check new items.
  18. Melania did not fuck about did she. Jesus. I think that was worse than Sister F from Dark Souls 3.
  19. It's different. There's 3-4 of that boss.
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