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  1. I'm not very good. I already fear everything!
  2. They drop massively more runes too I expect
  3. Genuinely feel at a loose end now this is ‘done’ Have a few minor dungeons to mop up but that’s it. Then tempted by either NG+ or NG a melee build. But…it’s such a immense undertaking and I’m worried I won’t like it without sense of exploration/discovery.(plus how do you access the inevitable dlc) Maybe I’ll just horizon…
  4. Is there some trick/cheese for Vox master I’m not aware of? Got kicked from 2 pug attempts yesterday that seemed like going well (ignoring vehicles, range attacking goliaths)?
  5. And done 162, 110 hours on the clock, Age of Stars ending Magnificent - other than last area or two. High point is the Lakes/AP time period. Everything after capital was downhill.
  6. CFA is a really shit (I'm assuming) close to endgame location. FIrst time I've actively not enjoyed an area an just rushed through.
  7. Another helpful tip I wish I knew much earlier - press L3 to sort inventory by type/weight/stats/order accquired. Helpful if you want to read lore/check new items.
  8. Melania did not fuck about did she. Jesus. I think that was worse than Sister F from Dark Souls 3.
  9. It's different. There's 3-4 of that boss.
  10. You're both wrong. There's a bit more there. Have to basically give it away but
  11. You need an item - Larvreal Tear. You should have one near the boss. Others you find in the world/vendors. There's one location later on that has them all over the shop. I'm at 10+ although I've never used one
  12. I gave up on those. I met my serial killer buddy (really I've got to stop doing NPC sidequest out of FOMO) and then noped out of there. I didn't know why I was there and not pleasant enough to stick around
  13. I think I might have gone to M's Palace a little early. He gave me 4 levels of Runes at 130
  14. Btw if you’re spending time underground use R3 to change map so you can warp up/down Don’t do what I did and keeping using lifts to go between maps
  15. Doing clean up before pushing forward in Mt of G. I think I might have partnered with a serial killer in my attempts to do every NPC quest. Whoops. The various "Hero's Grave" tombs can chuffin do one! You can parry/counter magic!
  16. Now down into DrD. There's so many huge areas in this game it feels like you could easily miss/ignore.
  17. Lord R of Volcano manor down! Woot woo
  18. The Catalyst booster in the season pass - is that just to unlock the catalyst or to activate it? I've got the Grand Overture's catalyst but no idea if I should do all the kills now with a benefit or not.
  19. 163! im 122 in the mountaintop and no idea what to level. At 80 int so anything else is feeling like incremental padding.
  20. I'd imagine it's the "causes bleed build up" in bottom right of new one. So you do less damage but build up a status effect that causes damage when triggered
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