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  1. Rose - Awful concept and general story. Pretty rubbish, but with some nice moments New Earth - Pretty "good" story and concepts, let down by a couple of bad ideas (combining liquids to make super vaccine!) and settings (e.g. sliding down the lift cable) S&J - Best of the starters. A "good" episodes, with generally good concepts and settings. Not amazing, but a good (re) introduction to the series. This looks appalling so far...just on the basis of the monsters/fat people story
  2. Wake up at 7am - Start Torrent Back to bed for about an hour. RumpyPumpy or Wank as available Make breakfast (Bacon and Sausage on Crunchy bread)... Watch Galactica (back in bed if possible) The morning of Champions.
  3. After seeing how fatties were handled in VOTD, I'm really worried about this one.
  4. It get's a lot better in season 3, there's far less "angry/shouty Ten". Or just go watch "Blink" and the "Human Nature/Family of Blood" 2 parter. Three brilliant episodes, with no shouty ten! (Have you seen "The Impossible Planet" 2 parter ins eason 2? Well worth a watch too!)
  5. I'd have liked it more it we hadn't the contestants STILL trying to defend.justify themselves, I think Simon was the only one who put his hands up and said "Yeah. Whoops. My bad."
  6. Oh god...I'd forgotten those presentations (music player and calendars!)
  7. Rory was bad...but a worst decision? I think not
  8. Well it might be...I just meant the Radio Times doesn't say Top 10
  9. It doesn't say "top 10". I can see the chickens (one per pizza wasn't it?)...the calenders....(I'm assuming when they did cats for a childrens charity)...the trampoline? Funny...but not really a bad decision/fuck up. I was hoping for fucks up, not "funniest moments" clip show. (I'd forgotten Simon won last year )
  10. They were both pretty bad.....the girls (Season 1 I think) being whores should be on there, even if they still won the task.
  11. Oooo When? The selling cheap cheddar to the French and pork to the Muslims at Ramadan are fairly good (well bad)...I'm trying to think of any bigger ones from the three series, but I can't...
  12. I was going "OMG...There's another male Apprentice I haven't seen until now...oh it's hotel guy" I'm also getting the feeling that Matt Lucas-a-like is a brown nose little toad, who's turn as PM is going be a fuck up of epic fuck-up-erry.
  13. I disagree. I think it's so ingrained in their personality's that they can't even see they did anything wrong - because they're so super fabulous, which they then try to explain to SirA.
  14. Wasn't that the PM in the first task? It looked like Sara (I think) the other Indian/Asian woman (sorry to keep bring it back to race, but I barely know any of their names!) was PM next week talking about the Bangladeshi evening for their pub
  15. The voice over guy said the hotel would normal pay £200 (or he may have said "about"). We agree 100%
  16. That was pretty damn funny...(The "WGA.....World Canadian Bueru") made me laugh every time. Butters is so awesomely unaware "In the butt, sir".
  17. Any news on this? Lilly bloody Allen got a second series...can't this get a full one?
  18. Was Claire last weeks PM, and the one who kept pipping up with "comments" in the BR?
  19. I meant she looked "sharp" in a "good/seemingly intelligent contestant" way - her reactions were canny, but she seemed to keep her gob shut. Anyway I like the boys
  20. "Hello?" "Yes It's Mr A N Other. I just couldn't get to sleep - how are my undercrackers" "Just being foled now sir" "Oh thank god. Thank you miss. I'll sleep safely now...you certainly are worth the extra cost" Also...did I spot a boy apprentice (Simon?) I hadn't seen before? The smoldering one with the facial hair (lee?) is smoking. Alex was cute in his matching Superman jim-jams
  21. Gah. Stop with the management speak. "My error which was done in order to try and deal with the logistical nightmare created by the fact the PM hadn't considered how much we could undertake, and with also done with the PM's blessing, lost us £50. What about teh other £80" SAY THAT A NOT THE GUMPH! Stupid...
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